Friday, May 19, 2017

The Zeo and Turbo Interviews

Well it took much longer than expected,but I was finally granted an Interview with the Power Rangers,themsleves. Many things had changed since I visited last.

And as always,This Interview was to remain confidential.
Time: Mid-Zeo
Place: The Power Chamber

Q - Can You Give Me An Update On What Happened Since The Last Time We Met?

Tommy - It all started when Master Vile showed up and made our lives hell. The main reason he came was to search for the Zeo Crystal.

Zordon - The exact origins of the Zeo Crystal have been lost for a millennium. However, it is known to have been brought to the Earth's moon by an ancient race from the M51 Galaxy. They hid the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception located beneath the Moon Palace. To further protect the Zeo Crystal from anybody who would try to harness its power for evil,the people of the M51 Galaxy surrounded the crystal in a force field that would destroy anybody not purely good who came in to contact with it. Knowing that Master Vile had plans for the crystal, I asked the Rangers to acquire and destroy it. Unfortunatly,Tommy,was the only person who managed to successfully gain the Zeo Crystal and release it from the Caves.

Tommy - I decided that the Zeo Crystal had to be sent to a place where the Forces of Evil could never find it. So,I split the Zeo Crystal into five sub-crystals using Saba. Zordon then teleported the sub-crystals through holes in time and space, sending them to various locations in Earth's history.

Katherine - As an act of revenge,Master Vile de-aged everyone via a time reversal spell. Billy devised a plan to restore our proper ages using The Regenerator,an Age Restoration machine that was powered by the Ninja Coins. Billy restored himself, but Goldar stole the machine, and Zedd and Rita destroyed all six Ninja Coins,causing us to lose our connection to Ninjor's Temple.

Adam - Thankfuly,we had allies: Ninjor's old students the Aquitian Ninja Rangers. They fought Master Vile using their Powers and our Zords. Ninjor even lent them a hand.

Rocky - While this was going on,all of us except Billy,went on a quest to retriever the Zeo Crystal from across time and space. Thank Billy for that latest feature. While We went on our Zeo Quest,Billy was Mission Control.

Tommy - Eventually,Billy,Alpha,and Zordon reversed Master Vile's spell and returned things to normal. We all returned to the Command Center with our mission completed...well,most of us returned.

Tanya - Aisha wanted to stay in Africa to take care of sick Wildlife,so she sent me in her place.

Katherine - Little did anyone know, Rito and Goldar infiltrated the caves underneath the Command Center,while we were on our Zeo Quest through time. They planted a time bomb,which went off as soon as we got back. They stole the Zeo Crystal as the Command Center was about to explode. Thanfully,we escaped with only 15 seconds to spare.

Adam - We lost the Command Center and the Zeo Crystal,and we thought we lost Zordon and Alpha too.

Rocky - Thankfully,that wasn't the case. Goldar and Rito dropped the Zeo Crystal outside the remains of the Command Center. We were then sucked into an underground tunnel,and that tunnel lead us to the Power Chamber,where we found Zordon and Alpha okay.

Tommy - Meanwhile,Rita and Zedd were evicted from their Moon Base by the Machine Empire,who took over for them as our enemies. Zordon feared that this would happen,so he created special Zeo Morphers to work in conjunction with the Zeo Sub-Crystals. We now have fresh new Powers and Zords.

Katherine - Billy decided to temporarily retire from active Ranger duty and serve as Zordon's assistant instead.

Adam - Our Zeo Zords were created using the remains of our old ThunderZords. We also have RP-OH5.5,aka the Red Battle Zord,an original Zord created using the same technology as the Aquitian Ninja Ranger's Battle Borgs. The Zords are stored in brand new bays underneath the Power Chamber.

Tanya - When Trey of Triforia arrived,he brought along the Super Zeo Zords,as well as his own Zord,Pyramidas. Trey was the Gold Ranger,but he couldn't retain that form as long as he was fatigue. We found out that,the Triforians split into 3 people when fatigued. So a new candidate was needed for the Gold Zeo Powers.

Tommy - At first we thought it was gonna be Billy,however,Billy's genetic make-up was incompatible with the powers. We needed someone stronger,and I knew who.

Jason - That's where I come in. Zack,Trini,and Myself had just arrived home from the Geneva Peace Conference. Trini left Angel Grove to start a Mantis Kung-Fu school in Sacramento. Zack and I stayed in Angel Grove,though went our seperate ways. Zack decided to pursue his Carrer as a Dance Instructor,teaching His craft to a new generation. As for me,I was living at home,doing nothing special. That is..until I got a call from Tommy,asking me to be part of the Rangers again. I accepted with no hesitation. The power transfer was a success and I became the Gold Ranger.

Q - Is The Zeo Crystal Independent From The Morphing Grid,Like With The Ninja Coins?

Zordon - Indeed it is. And it was a good thing too,as the Grid hadn't fully recovered from the Crash yet. Now,the Grid has been fully restored,and can be used again.

Q - Who Are The Enemy This Time?

Tommy - The Machine Empire. Lead by King Mondo and Queen Machina. They have 2 sons,Sprocket and Gasket. 2 assistants,Klank and Orbus. As well as a whole army of robotic foot soldiers called Cogs.

Adam - King Mondo was first to challenge us,but we destroyed him with the Super Zeo MegaZord. The Next challenge was Louie Kaboom,a robot created by Finster to help Rita and Zedd control the Empire. Unfortunatly for them,it backfired and Kaboom took control of the Empire for Himself. Soon after,Mondo's oldest Son,Prince Gaskett arrived with his wife Lady Archerina to relaim the Empire. We destroyed Louie Kaboom,leaving Gaskett and Archerina as our current enemies.

Q - Where's Billy At? Haven't Seen Him Since He Graduated Early!

Tommy - Due to the unseen negative side-effects of The Restorator,Billy began aging rapidly. We tried everything,spells,tech,but nothing worked. Thankfully,Zordon remembered that Aquitar's waters had age surpression properties,as well as a fountain of youth. So it was decided that Billy would remain on Aquitar,until a solution is found.

Adam - We miss Billy. Hope we hear from him again.

Rocky - We likely will,after all last week we talked with Kimberly. She'll be coming home next month.

Tanya - I've only known Billy for a short time,but from what I could tell,he's a special guy.

Jason - The guy was like a brother to me and the original team. Hope we can find a permanent cure for his condition soon.

Katherine - We faced tough challenges before and overcame them.

Q - Where Are Ninjor and The Ninja/Shogun Zords Now?

Zordon - Ninjor and the Zords are back in Ninjor's Temple. As we stated earlier,without the Ninja Coins,we have no way of accessing those Zords. We were also unable to keep contact with Ninjor,himself.

Tommy - We could still teleport to the Temple,however. But,that wouldn't be smart,as Prince Gaskett would assault Earth unapposed in our absence.

Rocky - And the last thing we need is more casualties.

The Interview ended there as,I had to go somewhere important. The final interview would take place,months later.

Months Later...
Time: Early-Turbo
Place: The Power Chamber.

Q - You Guys Told Me About Your Adventure In Muiranthias Earlier,as Well As Justin's Induction Into The Power Rangers. But What Else Has Happened?

Tommy - Not much,though King Mondo Did return breifly,but we beat him. Jason was having problems with the Gold Zeo powers. Apparently,the powers had a side effect on Earthlings who used them. If the powers are used by an Earthling too many times,it'll begin to put major strain on the users body,eventually killing them. We found this out recently.

Adam - At the same time,Trey of Triforia returned and was ready to reclaim his Gold Ranger powers. Jason relinquished them and Trey was the Gold Ranger once again. After Trey returned home,we had a few weeks off,then we went on our Big Muiranthian Adventure.

Q - What Happened To The Zeo Crystal?

Zordon - Like with the Gold Ranger Powers,the Zeo Crystal wasn't meant to be used frequently by Earthlings. We only found out about this problem recently. So,after the fall of King Mondo,The Rangers relinquished their Zeo Powers,before they could do them any harm. Trey took the Zeo Crystal back to Triforia,where he has hidden it from evil.

Q - What About The Zeo Zords?

Tommy - Trey took them all back to Triforia,which makes sence,since without the Zeo Powers,we can't use them anymore.

Q - Who Created The Turbo Morphers?

Katherine - Billy. It was one of his secret side projects while he was still on Earth. Billy must've known about the Zeo Crystal's side effects and created replacement powers for us.

Alpha - The Turbo Powers,like with the Power Coins,are powered by the Morphing Grid.,which just recently recovered from the Crash.

Tommy - The Morphing Grid was also used in the construction of the Turbo Zords. Billy created them as well.

Q - But Why Cars?

Tommy - Your gonna have to ask Billy (laughs)

Q - When Exactly Did The Morphing Grid Recover?

Adam - Early on in our Zeo Ranger days. Just before we met the Gold Ranger.

Q - Who Is The Enemy Now?

Tanya - Divatox. After we foiled her,she followed us home,seeking revenge.

Katherine -She's a bit of a baffoon,but a dangerous baffoon,kinda like Rito and Goldar.

Adam - She has 3 minions and an army of fish-like grunts called,Piranatrons. The 3 minions are Rygog,her second in command; Porto,the inventer; and Elgar,her nephew and go-fer.

Tommy - And like Rita,Zedd,and The Machine Empire,Divatox only seems to attack once a week.

Q - Where Are Your Old Enemies Now?

Tommy - After we defeated King Mondo for the second time,the Machine Empire kinda disappeared. Rita and Zedd are also mysteriously missing. We expected them to try to conquer Earth again,once the Machine Empire was taken care of. However,nothing happened. So we assume that Zedd and Rita are taking a vacation somewhere in another Galaxy.

Q - How Do You Like Being A Power Ranger,Justin?

Justin - It's so cool. I've always wanted to be a Ranger ever since I saw the Original Team,lead by Jason. I also love the fact that Morphing makes me grow into an "adult". Jumping is my favorite thing to do while morphed. I also love running very fast. They don't call these the "Turbo" Powers for nothing.

Q - I Here You Guys Plan To Retire From Ranger Duty Soon,That True?

Tommy - It's true. We feel that our time as Rangers is coming to a close,and we thinks it's time to move on. Don't get us wrong we love being Rangers,but we can't do this type of thing forever.

Adam - We still haven't found any suitable replacements yet. So until then,we're gonna continue our Ranger duties.

After that Question,the Klaxxon's blared and on the Viewing Screen was a Monster. I said my good-byes to everyone and Alpha sent me home.

From that point on,I never did another Ranger interview,though I did eventually meet the Rangers replacements: Cassie,Ashley,Carlos,and T.J. I hang out with them from time to time,but that it.

I had a fun time interviewing these guys. It was also cool to have them as friends.

I'll be signing off now. I'd like to thank the Rangers and Zordon for giving me the oppertunity to learn more about them. It was definitely an interesting experience.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mighty Morphin' Power Interviews Part 3

Last year,I interviewed the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Since then,there have been many changes to the Team. From new Zords to a New Power Sorce to a New Ally to a New Member.

Today,I will be talking with The Rangers,Their New Ally Ninjor,and their New Pink Ranger Katherine. And,as always,this interview is confidential.
Time: Mid-Late Season 3
Place: The Command Center.

Q - Great To Be Here Again. So,What's Been Going On?

Tommy - Quite a bit,actually. It all started when Rita's brother Rito Revolto showed up and overpowered us in our Zords. We needed more power to defeat him,but in the prosess caused an overload in the Morphing Grid,which destroyed our Zords and disabled our powers. We couldn't wait for the Grid to reboot,so we asked Zordon about getting new Powers. Zordon told us about a lost Temple on the Deserted Planet,Kaku,where we could get new Power Coins. We went to the Planet and found the temple,that's where we met Ninjor.

Ninjor - I tought them the Power of Ninja and gave them new Coins,called Ninja Coins. Powered by the Temple of Power,which operates independently from the Morphing Grid. I also gave them The Ninja Zords.

Aisha - These New Ninja Powers are far greater than our old ones.

Billy - Though,we still retained our old costumes. As You remember,we told you that our Ranger Suits are stored within our Morphers. Well,we're still using our Old Morphers. I was surprised to find that the Ninja Coins were 100% compatible with our old Power Morphers.

Rocky - As a late wedding Gift,Rito gave Rita and Zedd access to The Tengas,bird grunts,who are more dangerous than the putties. He also gave her access to a whole new batch of Monsters. The Tengas are so tough,we need to fight them using our Ninja Forms,which are Psudo-Morphed modes,granted to us by the Ninja Coins.

Adam - Months later,we met Katherine,an Austrailian Exchange Student,who at the time,was a Double Agent for Zedd and Rita...though we didn't know it at the time. She was brainwashed obviously,but caused us some headaches. She even captured Kimberly,just to get her out of the way and prevent us from forming the Ninja MegaZord.

Tommy - Soon Lord Zedd came upon 5 New Zords,lost Zords,unused for 10,000 years. He needed Pilot so he blackmailed us using Kimberly's safety. While I went on a mission to Rescue Kimberly,the other Rangers reprogramed the Lost Zords,now called the Shogun Zords,and used them against Zedd and Rita.

Billy - We saved Kimberly and gained new Zords. A week later,Kimberly was chosen to participate in the Pan-Global Games. During that time,Katherine broke the spell Rita had over her and became an ally,and soon,the New Pink Ranger.

Tommy - A few weeks ago,a new threat appeared: Master Vile,a space demon,who's also Rita and Rito's father. Master Vile is tough,thankfully,we were given Shiny Matallic Armor to help us out. The Armor increases our attributes greatly,though only for 10 minutes.

Q - You Mentioned Ninja Forms? What Are They?

Tommy - There basically special semi-morphed modes that grant us awesome ninja abilities,but little defense. Let's just say,getting hit while in Ninja Mode hurts much more that getting hit in our Ranger Forms.

Billy - We need those forms to take on the Tengas,because if you try to take them on without Morphing,you can get seriously hurt. Their overall attributes are greater than the Z-Putties. Our friend Richie learned that the hard way,when he tried to fight the Tengas without powers. He's in the hospital right now,thankfully the injuries don't seem to be critical. He was one of the very lucky ones.

Aisha - So remember: If you see the Tengas,beat feet,don't take them on. Trust us,it'll save your life.

Q - Do You Guys Keep Contact With Jason,Trini,and Zack?

Tommy - Absolutly. We get postcards from them once a month. They also call sometimes. All 3 of our friends are doing great and will be returning home next year.

Q - Why Is There Only 5 ShogunZords And Why Isn't There A Pink ShogunZord?

Ninjor - The ShogunZords were designed for the Kaku Ninja Rangers,which only had 5 Rangers,with no Pink Ranger. Those Powers were given to my previous Students,who are Aquitian in Origin. The ShogunZords,at the time,were incompatible with the Powers,so I created Battle Borgs instead. Unfortunately,before I could make the ShogunZords compatible with the Kaku Ninja Powers,I lost them in a teleporting accident. They were lost for centuries,until now that is.

Zordon - At this very moment,Ninjor,Alpha,and Myself are in the prosess of making the ShogunZords compatible with the Kaku Ninja Ranger Powers.

Katherine - I share the White ShogunZord with Tommy. I don't mind though.

Q - Where Are The Zords Stored?

Aisha - The Ninja Zords are stored in the old Dino/ThunderZord Holding Bay. The ShogunZords are stored at Ninjor's Temple,while the Falcon Zord shares a Bay with Tor,who remains inactive,simply because,it's incompatible with the Ninja and ShogunZords.

Ninjor - I created Titanus 2.0 as a replacement for Tor. It's rests at my Temple.

Q - The Ninja Coins? How Are They Different From The Power Coins?

Billy - They are connected To Ninjor's Temple,and are independent from the Morphing Grid. So while the Grid is fixing itself after the Crash,we tap into the Power of Ninjor's Temple.

Ninjor - Should my Temple fall,the Ninja Powers and the Kaku Ninja Powers of the Aquitian's will be rendered powerless.

Q - Aquitians?

Ninjor - People from the planet Aquatar. A race of Humanoids who evolved from Space SeaMonkeys. Their entire planet is made of water,with only few patches of land.

Q - So Kathrine,How Do You Like Being A Ranger?

Katherine - I love it. It's such fun. As a Ranger,I can do things that I've Always wanted to do. Jumping is a Blast. Abilities aside,I just love helping people. As a servant of Rita,those feelings were surpressed.

Ninjor - And unlike the Power Coins,which were powered by the Morphing Grid,The Ninja Coins can just be transfered from one person to another,without creating copies. That's because the Ninja Coins are connected and powered by my Temple.

Q - How Did You Get Mixed Up With Rita,Anyway,Katherine?

Katherine - It began when I first came to Angel Grove from Australia. I developed a crush on Tommy,but was crushed myself to find out he was dating Kimberly. Rita picked that up and offered me Tommy and "The World" if I worked for her. I refused,but that upset her,so she put a spell on my mind. When I was watching Kimberly practice some high dives,my heart and sould reminded me that I was gokd. Suddenly,Kimberly missed the pool and crashed on the Gym floor,unconscious. Concerned,I took her to the hospital right away. From that point on,I never felt evil again. So apperently,the goodness in my heart broke the spell.

At This Point,the interview was cut short by a Monster Attack. But,I returned in a few months to see what was up. And by that time,A lot had changed.

To Be Continued

Mighty Morphin' Power Interviews Part 2

Almost a year ago,I was allowed into the Power Rangers Command Center to interview the Power Rangers themselves. Today,I asked for another interview...and I got it. The stipulations were the same as before,that this interview be kept secret. And,like last time,I will honor that promise. On a related note,I became friends with the Rangers sometime after the previous interview.

And Now....
Time: Mid-Season 2
Place: The Command Center

Q - Thanks for having me back,guys. So What's Happened Since The Last Time.

Billy - I'll go first. After many failures,Rita Repulsa was ousted by Lord Zedd,her master. Zedd's brought along his own brand of well as his Z-Putties,which were as strong as Rita's Super Putties. Anyway,our Zords were too weak to fight Zedd,so Zordon and Alpha upgraded them into Thunderzords. Unfortunatly,Tommy's Dragonzord wasn't abke to be upgraded,due to his failing powers.

Tommy (the White Ranger) - I also lost my Green Ranger powers again...this time for good. However,I got new powers,as well as a new Zord. I'm the White Ranger now and I control the White Tiger Zord. Also,Zordon chose me to be the new Leader of the Power Rangers. Jason didn't mind,though.

Kimberly - Soon after that,Jason,Trini,and Zack were chosen to represent the United States at the Global Peace Confrence. With the 3 of them going,we needed replacement Rangers. Sometime before,we met 3 exchange students from Stone Canyon: Rocky,Aisha,and Adam. We became fast friends soon after.

Billy - The 3 found out our identities by force. Rocky,Adam,and Aisha were kidnapped by Goldar and were being held in a cave. So Tommy Kim,and Myself went to rescue them. Due to a snake bite,my breathing was weak,so we had to remove my helmet,exposing my identity to our new friends. Soon after,Tommy and Kimberly exposed their identities.

Tommy - In order for the safe transfer of power,we needed the Sword of Light,which was on an Abandoned Planet. Long story short: We got the Sword,chose Rocky Adam,and Aisha as the Ranger replacements,and used the Sword to give them copies of the Red,Black,and Yellow Powers respectively.

Kimberly - But things would get worse over time. Rita Repulsa returned,created a love potion and gave it to Zedd. Now the 2 are married and have been giving us major headaches ever since.

Q - Why Make Tommy The Leader?

Zordon - Jason was undergoing some minor stress as a the Leader,so I figured it would be best to create a New Ranger,who would lead the team and take the edge off off Jason. I chose Tommy. In fact,the White Ranger Powers were designed with Tommy in mind.

Tommy - The White Ranger Powers are much more powerful than the Green Ranger Powers. As for being the Leader,I'm doing my best. I wanna make Jason proud.

Q - Who Is Lord Zedd?

Zordon - My Longtime Rival From Eltar. Lord Zedd and I were enemies and rivals since childhood. He was extremely gifted at dark magic and,like myself,could tap into the Morphing Grid. I will admit,back then Zedd would defeat me in all of our encounters,he was considered the Most Powerful Man in the Universe. One day,during one of our battles,Zedd fell into a pit of flame and burned his body. Now any other person would've died,but Zedd survived and was turned into the Cyborg menace we know of today.

Q - What Additions Have You Made To The Command Center?

Billy - Only 1. The Teleportation System. It has been re-calibrated to allow us to travel to other Planets in the Galaxy. We also have completed the Power Satelites and sent them across the Galaxy itself. So now we can check up on what happens on other Worlds.

Kimberly - That's gonna be so cool.

Q - So,Rocky,Adam,Aisha,What Was It Like Being Rangers For The First Time?

Aisha - It felt weird at first,but we eventually got used to to our Ranger forms..and we loved it. These powers are amazing.

Adam - Learning how to be a Ranger wasn't that difficult...especially for me. I guess it's due to all those years of Martial Arts training.

Rocky - Being a Ranger is cool. Love the costumes. Jumping high and far is also awesome.

Adam - Teleporting was definatly a weird experience.

Aisha - Though,ya gotta admit,Adam,it's kinda handy.

Rocky - Yeah especially when you gotta get somewhere in a hurry.

Q - What Happened To Titanus and DragonZord?

Tommy - Well,since the Dragon Power Coin is now completely powerless,the DragonZord is inoperative. Still sleeping at the bottom of Angel Grove Bay. As for Titanus,he's been converted into a Thunderzord. He's now Tor the ShuttleZord.

Billy - The Thunderzords are occupying the holding bays of the DinoZords. Tor is occupying Titanus' bay,and the White Tiger Zord is resting in a cave underneath the Command Center.

Q - Has Anyone Else Found This Place Yet?

Kimberly - Thankfully,no.  At least,not to our knowledge.

Alpha - There have been Hikers and some Archaeologists who found this place,but we wiped their memories and teleported them away.

Rocky - Zordon should really consider adding some sort of cloaking mode for the command center. Make it tougher to find.

Adam - That would be wise. You can't keep erasing the memories of people who find this place. It's kinda unethical.

Q - How Exactly Did You Get Trapped In That Time Warp Anyway,Zordon?

Zordon - It was 10,001 Years Ago,Both Rita Repulsa and Myself were locked in great battle on Planet Nemesis,the 10th planet of our Solar System. I eventually defeated her. Being the sore loser that She is,Rita ripped open a portal to what's called the "Realm Between Time",where I would be trapped seemingly forever. Before I was completely sucked into the vortex,I created a Space Dumpster,where I sealed both Rita and her minions away. Scorpina was the only one who escaped. She fled back to her home planet,Lamie 7.

Q - What Are The Abilities of The White Ranger?

Tommy - The same as the rest,except my powers are greater in terms of attributes. My main weapon is Saba,an enchanted Saber. Saba was kinda annoying at first,constantly telling me stuff I already knew,but he's chilled out since then. My special attack is called the Saba Slash,where I use Saba to create an energy wave by slashing. My Tiger Sheild/Armor is stronger than the Green Ranger's,though it doesn't have the ability to reflect energy blasts.

Q - What Is Serpentera?

Tommy - It's Lord Zedd's Huge Zord. It's so huge,it completely towers over our Zords. It has extremely powerful attacks,and on top of that,It's also extremely tough.

Kimberly - Remember when we told you that there were no casualties in the monster attacks? Well,that streak ended with Serpentera. It attacked with such blinding speed,the people in the area had no chance to escape in time. Thousands had died that day. And what's worse,we couldn't even touch it,it was just so powerful. We all cried for days,not just for the current victims,but for any future victims of that awful thing.

Billy - Our only saving grace against Serpentera,was it's design flaw,it's attacks use up energy,the stronger the attack,the more energy it uses. Thus it runs out of energy quickly.

Zordon - Like with Cyclopsis,Serpentera was created by Zedd himself. He modeled it after Earth Great Dragon God.

Suddenly,the alarm went off.

Tommy - Looks like we've got work to do.

The Team and Myself looked at the Viewing Globe,where a Tombstone Monster,a J-Biker Monster,and a Female Telephone Monster are causing trouble in Angel Grove Park.

Thanks Again For The Interview Guys. And Best Of Luck With Those Monsters.

Billy - No problem. and Thanks.

From there,I was sent home. But I would have one more interview with the Team 1 year later.

To Be Continued

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mighty Morphin' Power Interviews Part 1

I am a citizen of Angel Grove. I'm a reporter-in-training of who attends Angel Grove University. For the past year,I have seen all that has gone on since the Intergalactic Witch,Rita Repulsa,first attacked Earth.

Recently,I've learned of the Power Rangers' identities during a walk through the park,where I breifly caught them morphing. They must've caught me doing so,because after their battle,they pulled me aside and gave me a little talk. They agreed Not to erase my memory,if I kept their identities secret.

I had so many questions I wanted to ask them,so they decided to grant me some private interviews. In return they made me promise to keep these interviews confidential. I've agreed too all of their terms. At this point,I didn't really care about getting rich and famous,I just wanted to learn more about The Power Rangers.

In this short series,I will be interviewing the Power Rangers in their Command Center/Power Chamber. First from the Mighty Morphin' Eras,then the Zeo Era,and finally,the Turbo Era.

Now,with out further delay,here are my interviews with The Power Rangers.
Time: Late Season-1
Place: The Command Center

Thanks again for meeting with me.

Jason (aka the Red Ranger) - Just remember to keep this interview and everything we tell you hush-hush.

Zack (aka the Black Ranger) - Otherwise,we gonna have to erase your memories.

Don't worry,this whole meeting will be kept confidential,as promised. Anyway,first question: Why Are You Called The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?

Zordon (the team mentor) - The origins of the Power Ranger name date back 40,000 years ago,when My very first team on Eltar was in it's planning stages. I wanted a simple name for the team,so I chose Power Rangers.

Tommy (the Green Ranger) - The "Mighty Morphin'" part was added by the media. We don't mind it though.

Q - How Do You Guys Morph?

Billy (the Blue Ranger) - Using our Power Morphers. The Power Morphers are powered by Power Coins. Each Coin is individually powered by the mysterious Morphing Grid. The Power Coins are linked to the Morphing Grid,when we activate the Coins Power,via the Morpher,we transform into Power Rangers and gain access to the Grid itself.

Zordon - Should the Grid fall,The Rangers Powers will be lost.

Kimberly (the Pink Ranger) - When we Morph,the Grid grants us these special suits that allow us to do amazing things.

Q - What Exactly Is The Morphing Grid?

Zordon - The Morphing Grid is an Energy Field locaded in a pocket dimention,which we can tap into for power. We can also access the Grid via our Special Console. In fact,most of the Command Center is powered by the Grid. The Zords too,are powered by the Grid. Should too much power be used at once,the Grid will overload and then crash,leaving the Rangers Powerless.

Billy - Alpha and I created special Grid-powered comunicator watches,which allow us to Teleport. Speaking of which,the Console (points to the console) is able to lock-on to any life-force that we choose and teleport that person here. And,yes,it's all thanks to the Morphing Grid. Our Zords,Weapons,Communicators,Power Coins,and the Command Center are all powered by the Grid.

Kimberly - While morphed we can tap into the Morphing Grid to teleport stuff to us,such as our Power Weapons and Zords.

Q - What Else Does The Command Center Have?

Trini (the Yellow Ranger) - We have the Viewing Globe (points to the viewing globe),which lets us monitor various places around the world,via the Power Satelite. It can also be used as a Television. It's all controlled remotly via the Console.

Billy - There are currently plans to create more Power Satelites and send them across the Galaxy,so that we can watch over it as well. We'll be able to teleport them via the Morphing Grid.

Jason - We also have a Zord Bay underneath the Command Center's Mountain. There,the Zords can rest and recharge. Titanus,the Carrier Zord,is stationed in a seperate bay near here. While the Dragon Zord,which is Hydro-Powered,rests in the waters of Angel Grove Bay.

Zack - There's also the Bathroom,which lacks a shower. Alpha installed it after Zordon recruited us.

Tommy - Then there are the Storage rooms,where our Weapons,sans the Dragon Dagger,and Billy's inventions are stored.

Kimberly - And finally,there's Billy's Mini-Lab.

Q - Where Does All Those Photos Of You Come From? Did You Do Photoshoots On Your Time Off Or Something?

Jason - We least that one time.

Kimberly - After we defeated Scorpina and Goldar,the Media came up to us and asked us to pose for a Photoshoot. We agreed and so,the Media had stock photos to use. One such photo was blown up and used for the "Power Rangers" Day celebration.

Tommy - Thanfully,they caught us Morphed. I would hate to think what would've happened if they saw us Morph or De-Morph. What a Headache.

Q - Well you won't have to worry about that with me. Anyway,When Morphed,What Are Some Of Your Abilities?

Tommy - Well,we can use the Morphing Grid to it's fullest,we can use it to teleport stuff to us,like our Weapons and Zords. While Morphed,we gain Super Speed,Super Strength,Super Agility,Awesome Jumping Power,and Greater Defense. My Dragon Sheild Armor gives me extra protection. It also has a Reflect Mode,which I only used twice.

Jason - We also have individual Special Attacks. Tommy's Special is the Dragon Buster,a Hadouken-esque attack. My Special is the Tyrano-Raiser,which is like the Shoryuken from Street Fighter,using my Power Sword. After Tommy lost his powers for the first time,I inherited the Dragon Coin's remaining powers,and gained new Abilities. I could use the Dragon Sheild-Armor and the Dragon Dagger. I also gained the ability to charge up both My Power Sword and The Dragon Dagger,for a mega powerful combo attack....The Tyranogon Strike. So far,I only used that attack twice.

Zack - My Special Attack is called the Mammoth Tornado,which is a super fast spinning attack using my Power Axe.

Trini - My Special is the Tiger Twist,which launches me forward,with my Power Daggers in front of me.

Jason - It's kinda like Cammy's Cannon Drill from Street Fighter II,only it's head first,instead of feet first.

Zack - Speaking of Street Fighter II,I beat Jason's ass every time at it? (laughs)

Jason - (laughs) Yeah,well,I've been boning up on some stratagies since the last time we played,and I'm ready to beat you down.

Zack - Care to make a wager? Loser pays for Drinks and Snacks for everybody at Ernie's.

Jason - Deal.

Both Jason and Zack shake on it.

Kimberly - Anyway,My Specialty Attack is the Ptera Dive,which is a super strong Diving Kick from the air.

Billy - For My Special Attack,I can shoot forked beams from my Power Lances,in their Twin Mode. I call the attack,The Tricera Beam.

Jason - We also have Team Specials. The most common one we use is called the Power Tower. The 5 Core Rangers form a standing Pyramid,join our Blade Blasters together,and fire a powerful Triangle Blast. Kimberly can also Power Up our Weapons using the Power Bow and launch them using it. The end result is a Powerful strike.

Tommy - Another team attack is the Dragosaurus Beam,where me and Jason cross our main Weapons together and fire a powerful beam of energy.

Zack - We also can combine our core Weapons to form the Power Blaster,which is our finishing move.

Alpha - The Zords have specials too.

Jason - Right,Alpha. Each of our Zords are equipped with Weapons and Attacks. My Tyranosaurus has a Tail Attack and can fire out energy waves from it's mouth.

Zack - My Mastadon can stomp on Monsters,cause tremors by stomping,and fire an Ice Wave from it's trunk.

Billy - The Triceratops can ram enemies and fire missles from its tail. It can also fire out it's top horns,which then become grappling weapons. It's an ability I rarely use.

Trini - The Sabertooth Tiger can pounce on it's foes and fire out laser blasts from it's tail. It can also slash using it's front paws.

Kimberly - My Pteradactyl can fire beams from its wing joints. It also has a very sharp beak.

Tommy - The Dragon Zord can fire missles from it's fingers and use the drill on it's tail.

Jason - The Power Megazord can shoot electricity from it's head,fire an energy burst from it's hand,and use it's Power Sword. The Power Slash is it's finisher and can only be done using the Power Sword.

Q - Are There Any Side Effects From Morphing?

Trini - Thankfully,no. We did experience a strange feeling when we Morphed for the very first time,but other than,Morphing is 100% safe.

Tommy - I did feel dizzy and weak the first time I lost my powers,though it was only for a minute.

Zordon - As long as the Morphing Grid stays active and nominal,The Transformation to and from the Ranger Forms will have no after effects.

Q - What Is Your Favorite Ranger Ability?

All 6 Rangers - Jumping!

Kimberly - Jumping as Power Rangers is so much fun.

Jason - We can,at the very least,jump 3 stories high and 60 yards long.

Zack - Yeah,and the best part is,thanks to our enhenced defence,we don't sustain any injuries while landing.

Billy - We have weekly jumping contests just for fun. Zordon doesn't mind it,thankfully.

Q - How Did You Learn How To Be Rangers So Fast?

Jason - The Morphing Grid installed the knowledge into our brains once we first Morphed,it was really incredible.

Kimberly - Totally,all we had to do was master the powers.

Zack - And trust me,it took us weeks.

Trini - Though,it was kind of fun. And the hard work payed off in the end.

Tommy - Goldar taught me when I worked for Rita.

Billy - I was behind the others at first. You see,being a warrior isn't my strong suit. But thanks to Jason,I caught up in no time.

Q - Who Are The Enemy?

Billy - Well,you are already aware of Rita Repulsa,the Intergalactic Witch. Goldar and Scorpina,Rita's evil warriors. And even the Putty Patrol. But there are 3 more goons who work for Rita. There's Monster Maker,Finster. Baboo the alchemist,and Squatt the go-fer.

Trini - Finster,Squatt,and Baboo never fight,but Squatt and Baboo do cause trouble when on Earth.

Tommy - Rita's home is a Palace on the Moon. We Would go after her,but she might've expected something like that and planned accordingly. Zordon has taught us that the best way to win a battle is to play defensively more. After all,Zordon tried that the otherway around against Rita 10,000 years ago,and it got him trapped in a time-warp.

Kimberly - With evil beings like Rita,it's best to be safe than sorry.

Q - Tommy,You Mentioned That You've Lost Your Powers Once? What Happened?

Tommy - Back when I was working for Rita,she had me touch a Green Candle. I thought it was stupid,but later I found out that the Candle was linked to my Powers. Y'see,Rita got paranoid about my alegence to her,so she made the Green Candle as a precausion. Well,I joined the other Rangers and Rita lit the Candle,which started to drain my Powers. Long story short: The Rangers failed to get the Candle and I lost my Powers. I gave what little Powers I had left to Jason and he used them to fight Rita. Recently,the Rangers needed their 6th Ranger back,so they brought me back and Zordon recharged my Coin. Good news,the Green Ranger was back. Bad news is,My Powers are now limited and will drain each time the Dragon Coin is used.

Q - I've Noticed That Destroyed Buildings Are Rebuilt After A Big Fight. Did You Guys Have Anything To Do With It?

Billy - Very astute of you. Indeed it is. We use the combined power of our Power Coins to restore any damaged property. (sigh) We feel partially responsible for the damage,so it's something we need to do.

Zack -Thankfully,Our Coins don't lose any energy when we do this.

Q - Has Anyone Been Killed In Rita's Attacks?

Kimberly - Thankfully,no fatalities yet. Plenty of injuries,though.

Billy - Indeed,our Powers can restore property with no troubles,but I doubt they can restore life.

Trini - Let's hope the fatalities never come. If they do,I don't knkw what we'd do.

Q - Is There Anything Distinctive About Rita's Attacks?

Kimberly - Funnily enough,she only attacks once a least,for now,she does.

Trini - And she only attacks Angel Grove and Tokyo for some reason.

Zack - I think Rita wants to kill us first,before she takes over the world. Kinda smart actually.

Q - When You Morph,Where Do Your Normal Clothes Go?

Billy - They are stored within the Morpher. When we morph,our clothes are digitaly stkred within the Morpher and they are instantly replaced with our Ranger Suits. The reverse happens when we de-morph.

Q - Who Created Tbe Power Coins and Zords?

Zordon - The Power Coins were forged by a great sage called Ninjor,I haven't seen him in over 10,000 Years. I have no idea if he is still around,as I have not found a way to contact him. The Zords were a collaberation between Ninjor and Myself. We argued for 3 months on what to base the Zords on I wanted Prehistoric Beasts,but Ninjor wanted Mythical Beasts. I won out in the end.

Q - Why Did Rita Have The Green Power Coin?

Zordon - She won it from me in a battle 10,000 years ago. Back then,Rita was the most powerful woman in the Universe.

Q - What Exactly Is Rita's Dark Dimention? I Was Sent There During That "Power Rangers Day" fiasco.

Zordon - It's a pocket dimention that can only be accessed by hyper-advanced technology or magic. Fortunatly for visitors or captives,the atmosphere is similar to Earths.

Q - How Can You Guys See,Hear,or Breath In Those Helmets?

Billy - The Viser on the Helmets may look dark on the outside,but on the inside,our vision is perfect.

Zack - The Helmets,though strong,aren't as thick as they seem. So we can here fine.

Jason - Our voices are altered and amplified a bit,while wearing the Helmets,so there's that.

Trini - As for breathing in the Helmets,there are small breathing holes located under the viser,where the mouth section is.

Q - Why Do You Fight The Putties Unmorphed?

Jason - Because we can,since the Putty Patrol are weaker than tbe Monster Of The Week.

Kimberly - And besides,the Putties usually attack us when other people are nearby. If we morph,our cover would be blown.

Q - Now For Something I Always Needed To Know. Why Does The Yellow Ranger's Costume Lack A Skirt?

Zack - I'd like to know that myself.

Zordon - I made the Yellow Ranger suit with a male in mind. I designed the Costume way before it was normal to have 2 females on a team. Once the Women's Revolution of the 60's and 70's hit,I changed my views on the matter. However it was too late to change the costume,so it was left skirtless.

Q - Last Question For Now. How Long Do You Think You'll Remain Rangers?

Jason - (sighs) What a question. We try not to think about that and just keep on doing our jobs.

Kimberly - The only downside to being a Ranger is that you have little time for a social life because you never know when you'll be on call.

Zack - Kinda like the cops,really.

Billy - Zordon offered us retirement after that whole "Power Ranger Day" fiasco,when we dealt Rita a serious blow. We decided not to take it.

Trini - We're Rangers through and though. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Tommy - As long as evil exists,the Power Rangers will always be needed.

Well that was informative,thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Zordon - It was not a problem. But remember to keep this meeting secret,no one must know.

I will Zordon.

After me and the Ranger Teens said our good-byes,Alpha teleported me back home. However,this was Only the beginning.....

To Be Continued!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mega Man X RS Re-Write!

Just letting everyone know that the Ruby-Spears Mega Man X series will be re-written soon. Trust me when I tell you,it needs one. This re-write will begin soon.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Street Fighter 2017 Ideas and Concepts

As everyone knows,due to "issues",Giga Fiction has decided to cancel our Street Fighter series. Well,I promised I'd give you concepts and ideas for this abandoned series.

Let's start with the story. It's 20XX and much of Humanity has evolved into a race of super-powered people called Ultra Humans. So on Earth there are 2 Master Races: Ultra Human's (called Ultras) and Normal Humans (called Norms). There Are some racial tentions,but they mostly get along.

Anyway,Ryu Hoshi is a 25-year-old Ultra Martial Artist,who wants to be the greatest Fighter he can be. So he travels the globe looking for strong and/or unique opponents to fight,hoping to gain both experience and strength.

On his travels,Ryu meets a host of some of the most unique fighters,all of them Ultras, like himself. Fighters such as Edo Honda,a Sumo Champion from Okinawa,who's living in Kyoto; Chun-Li Xiang,an Interpol Agent originally from China, now living in the US; William Guile,a Colonel in the United States Air Force; Ken Masters,Ryu's Best Friend and Rival from America; and M.Bison,the Satanic Master of Shadowloo,an evil organisation with a hard fetish for money and power. His goal is to enslave the Norms and rule the Earth as the God of all Ultras.

Ryu would've run into M.Bison during his journey.

Now,let's talk more about the characters. Ryu's mission in life would've been mostly the same as it was in the games,however,the early part of his Backstory would've been different. Plus,He would've been an Ultra.

Ryu was brought to Gouken's Dojo in Okinawa by his Mother,who didn't have the means to raise her infant Son. Gouken,being a good friend of the Woman,decided to take the boy in and raise him as his own. Knowing who Ryu's father really is,Gouken decides to keep that part of Ryu's past a secret from him,until he is ready. He also struggled with the Dark Hadou later.

Ken Masters' Backstory is almost the same as Capcom's Universe. The only exceptions being that his Mother was to be 1/4 Japanese (as opposed to be full or half japanese,as in the games) and that Ken himself was an Ultra. His father was the 5th richest man in the World and the 2nd richest in the U.S. As a Kid,Ken was an dilinquent,who had little control of his powers. He was brought to Gouken's Dojo to learn how to control his powers and to learn how to be a better person. He meets and trains with Ryu as Gouken-Sensei's only students. The 2 become rivals,and then later,best friends.

Chun-Li's backstory was mostly the same as Capcom's,except that She would've been tought Tai-Chi by Street Fighter 1's Lee (who,happened to be her uncle,in this universe). She would've learned Kung-Fu from Gen(who is a former assasain). And Yes,she's an Ultra too.

Guile's backstory would've remained the same as his Capcom counterpart's. He's was an Ultra as well.

Dhalsim was once a Bio-Geneticist working for the University of Calcutta. He left the field in protest,when he found out that Shadaloo was funding his research. Trying to distance himself from his past,Dhalsim became a Hindu Monk. Soon after his Temple was taken over by the Indian Government,Dhalsim bought some land,using some inheritence money that he saved up,and created a village for those who were homeless. He lived there with his wife and newborn son. Due to the land being privatly owned,the Govermant couldn't seize it. Dhalsim is an Ultra,as well.

Blanka (known as James Blanka in this series) was a Liutenent in the Brazilian Air Force,and was great friends with Charlie Nash and William Guile. Like Guile and Nash,Blanka is an Ultra Human,who's powers involve electricity. During a routine flight,Blanka's jet experiences technical difficulties and crash-lands into contaminated (by shadaloo's toxic dumping) Brazilian waters. The Toxic chemicals transform Blanka into a Wild ManBeast,with amplified electric powers. Blanka,knowing that he can't live among men,leaves his old life behind and spends therest of his life in the Brazilian Jungle. Soon,Blanka is presumed dead by the Brazilian government. Soon, Blanka meets Dan Hibiki and the 2 become friends.

Honda,Zangeif,and Vega's backstories would've remained the same as Capcom's Universe. All 3 were Ultras. Balrog's full name would've been Mike Balrog. He's an Ultra as well.

Sagat's backstory would've been mostly the same as Capcom's,but he'd be named Viktor Sagat and would've been the youngest son of a Thai Warlord. He would've also been nicknamed "Big Daddy Muay Thai". When Go Hibiki destroyed his eye,Sagat killed him. He's an Ultra too.

M.Bison and Rose were once an Italian Ultra Human called Vin Vega,who sought the position of Pope. The Pope refused him the position,due to the the evil in his soul. Using his soul powers,Vin Vega attempted to eject the evil within,however the action split him into 2 beings: The Evil M.Bison and the one known as Rose. Rose and Bison abandoned their goal of becoming Pope and focused on different goals. Bison wanted to be Overlord of the World and Rose wanted to protect humanity. Both retained their amazing powers,though Bison's soul power was corrupted and renamed Psycho Power. Bison has the ability to transfer his soul into different bodies,Rose doesn't have that ability. The only way to kill Bison completely is to erase his soul.

Dan Hibiki was a Jackie Chan-esque Martial Artist from Hong Kong. He sought revenge against Sagat for killing his father,Go Hibiki,at the 1st Street Fighter's Tournanent (not street fighter 1 in this universe). He was the Master of Saikyo. He befriended Blanka during a tour of Brazil.

Cammy White was an Ex-Shadaloo General,working for M.I.6. Her backstory would've been unchanged from the games. She too was an Ultra.

Ultra Human's Gouken and Gouki were 2 brothers chosen by Goutetsu to be his students after witnessing their tremendous power. Goutetsu also chooses them,because of their personality opposites.

Goutetsu trains them both and encourages them to follow their own path and to use the assasain-based martial art (ansatsuken) however they wished. Gouki struggled with darkness within his soul fkr years,until eventually,he let it consume him. Gouken had no such darkness within his soul. Gouki,renamed Akuma,challenges and kills his Sensei,Gotetsu.

While Gouken is mourning his masters death,Akuma decides to search the Earth for super strong Ultra Humans to fight and kill. The 2 Bros. fight to a standstill. Years later,Gouken decides to continue his Masters tradition and train 2 Ultras of opposite character. Akuma,frustrated at finding the right opponent,hooks up with a besutiful Shrine Maiden in Tokyo. They have a Son,who is born as an Ultra. Akuma senses his newborn son's power and is not impressed. Disappointed in his Son and angry at the time he wasted,Akuma leaves the woman and child's life forever. Years later,Gouken trains Ryu and Ken. Gouken is killed by Akuma after the 2nd Street Fighter Tournament (street fighter 1 in this continuity).

Other characters such as Charlie Nash,Adon,Birdie,Sakura Kasugano,Gen,R.Mika,Karin Kansuki,Fei-Long,Dee Jay,T-Hawk,The Shadaloo Dolls,and The Final Fight guys would've been part of this series as well. In fact,Most existing Street Fighter characters would've made apperences.

Not only that,but this series would've introduced new characters exclusive to this Continuity. Most of the special moves,super combos,character personalities and looks,would've been retained from the games.

Anyway,let's talk more about the show itself. Street Fighter was planned to have 6 seasons,with 26 episodes/chapters per season. Each season would've been known as 'Rounds',while the episodes/chapters would've been known as 'Fights'. And there would've been atleast 1 fight per episode.

Each Season was to be comprised of Story Arcs. Season 1 would've had 5 Arcs. Here's what we could've seen. The 1st Arc of Season 1 was to star Sagat and would've followed him on his journey to the Street Fighter Championship. The Arc concludes with him losing to Ryu at the 2nd Street Fighter Tournament (again,that's street fighter 1 in this continuity). Stories for the other characters would've also been told. An adaption of Final Fight would've been part of this Arc too.

The next Arc of Season 1 would've been the 'Alpha Games' Arc and would've been adaption of Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

The next Season 1 Arc would've starred Ryu on his globe trotting journey,meeting and fighting interesting and powerful people. He also has run-ins with Shadaloo. Stories for other characters would've also been told.

The next Arc would've been an adaption of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper. BTW,the 'Alpha Series' Tournaments were to be called "The Alpha Games".

The final Arc of season 1 would've had Ryu begin his struggles with the Dark Hadou. He'd also fight Akuma for the 1st time since the 1st Alpha Game. At the end of the final episode of season 1,Akuma would've revealed that he was Ryu's father.

The 2nd season (or 2nd round)'s first Arc would've seen Ryu's struggle with the Dark Hadou continue. He would've had another match with Akuma. Near the end of the Arc,Ryu expells the Dark Hadou from his body,which becomes a new entity. The Dark Hadou becomes an evil copy of Ryu,called Akuryuu. Akuryuu disappears after creation. Due to their connection,Ryu could sense Akuryuu spiritualy.

The next Arc would've been an adaption of the Street Fighter II Animated Movie. The Arc after that is another adaption. This time adapting Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

The 4th Arc of Season 2 would've seen Ryu continue his journey to become the best fighter he can be. Other characters would've had their own episodes,as well. Ken's Wedding would've also been part of this Arc. Shadaloo and Akuryuu would've served as the main villains for this Arc.

The final Arc of Season 2,would've seen the deaths of many at Akuryuu's hands..including Guile's family. M.Bison tries to recruit him. Akuma is also interested in Akuryuu. Ryu eventually finds Akuryuu and it would've been revealed that if Akuryuu dies,Ryu will die too. Akuryuu escapes,leaving Ryu alone. This would've ended Season 2.

Season 3's first Arc would've had Ryu go to Italy to consult Rose on how to kill Akuryuu without killing himself. The answer: He Can't. So Rose teaches him a Soul Power technique called the 'Demon Soul Capture Wave',which can be used to entrap evil spirits for all eternity. It's the Only technique that Rose hasn't been able to master. After getting a 'Sacred Urn' from Rose,Ryu searches for Akuryuu.

The end of the Arc has Ryu using the 'Demon Soul Capture Wave' on Akuryuu seals him away in the Sacred Urn. He then buries the Urn deep within the earth,where no one would find it.

The Next Arc introduces The Street Fighter 3 cast,as well as some of the guys from Street Fighter 4. Darkstalkers appear too.

The 3rd Season's next Arc would've been a Special Darkstalkers v Street Fighter arc.

Arc 4 of Season 3 would've been seen Ryu and Ken reminice about their roots and recall events of their past. This Arc would've also had an adaption of Street Fighter 1.

The Final Arc of Season 3 would've involved Ryu and Ken traveling the World together,seeking strong people to fight.

That's all we've got. Season 4 would've had a loose adaption of Ultra Street Fighter 4. There would've also been an Arc dealt with Anti-Ultra/Anti-Norm attitudes,leading up to the 'Norm vs Ultra' war,which would've been the focus of the following Arc.

Late Season 4/Early Season 5,would've introduced some of the Street Fighter 5 characters. And the first arc of Season 6 would've loosely adapted Street Fighter 5. The next-to-final arc would've been an adaption of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

The Series would've ended with Ryu walking off into the sunset.

And so there you have it,'Street Fighter 2017',or what would've been 'Street Fighter 2017'.

So,what now? Well,I'll be abandoning all original works based on famous franchises and just do straight-up adaptions,instead. Ruby-Spears Mega Man will be the Only exception to this rule. Also,I wanna put more focus into my own IPs (ie original works). I'm so looking forward to building my Universe.

Well,that's it. Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ask Ruby Spears Dr.Light 5

RS Dr.Light: Greetings,I am Dr.Light of an Alternate Rockman Universe. Ask me anything? Silly or Trivial,it doesn't matter,I'll answer it to the best of my abilities. Today,I will be focusing mainly on Questions reguarding my Universe.

Dr.Light. What do you like to do on your breaks or after a long day?

RS Dr.Light: I like watching TV. Believe it or not,I find a viewing of Dragon Ball quite nice. I really love that series. When I told Roll that I wanted to master the Kamehameha and the Kaio-Ken,she burst out laughing. I also like to relax by listening to classical music.
Advanced Androids in your Universe look so human,how do people distinguish one from the other? Especially when they're not wearing their armor.

RS Dr.Light: It's true that All Advanced Androids in my Universe can remove their armor,but the thing that seperates them from looking too human outside of their armor is their Synthetic Skin.

The Synthetic Skin [or synthskin] looks somewhat smooth and rubbery. The faces are also doll-esque. Because of this,Androids can be creepy at first glance,but that creepy feeling subsides after a while,once the Human and Android begin to know each other.
What are the differences between Advanced Androids and Robot Masters?

RS Dr.Light: Plenty. For one,Robot Master's can't remove their armor like Advanced Androids,though they can transform their limbs into various tools and weapons. Example: Splash Woman can turn her Mermaid Tail into bare legs and bare feet,similar to how Rock and Blues can transform their armored right arms into Plasma Busters. Or like how Rush can transform into various vehicles and tools.

Other things that separates them,is that Robot Masters have lower A.I and RAM capacity and are bound by the 3 Laws. Advanced Androids have a more Human-like mind and are not Completely bound by the 3 Laws.

As you can see,Advanced Androids do not have any of the limitations that Robot Masters have.
You mentioned in a previous 'Ask RS Dr.Light',that you were a champion Robot-Battler in your youth? How many Championships did you win?

RS Dr.Light: 10. I partook in 11 tournaments and lost one. My entered robot for all 11 of those tournaments was,Rokkumon. Rokkumon was a treaded robot,equipped with a laser buster. Each robot of that era were either controlled by remote or by voice command. Independent Operating Robots were still years away.

Rokkumon was named after an Anime,I used to enjoy in my childhood. That Robot won me 10 of the 11 tournanents. Over time,Rokkumon became more than just a battle robot to me,it became my beloved pet.

At the 11th Tournament,I lost to Dr.Wily's Devil-series prototype,Zello. Zello was an amazing machine. It's was a giant mechanical Eye that formed its body out of red ooze. The eye controlled the ooze electromagnetically,the same way it's successors control their clay and mud bodies.

However,Zello was an untested creation and went beserk after destroying Rokkumon. Albert was disqualified and no one won that tournament. After that Tournament,I sunk into depression for a few weeks over the loss of Rokkumon. Thankfully,Albert convinced me to move on and from that point on,I retired from the Robot-Battle Tournament Circuit to focus on my carrer as a roboticist.

Sorry for the "Life Story",but,I didn't feel like giving a simpler answer. Thank you for the question.
Now that your Universe has been rebooted,Do you think Capcom will give it chance?

RS Dr.Light: Unfortunatly,no. Capcom will forever look down upon this Universe,rebooted or no. Though,I wish they'd altleast give it a chance.
Besides Dragon Ball,What other Animes do you enjoy?

RS Dr.Light: Sailor Moon is always a favorite franchise,Roll likes that one too. I also used to watch a lot of different Robot animes,such as Astroboy and the Gundam series.
Ok Doc,enough secrets. What Is Project Zenkai?

RS Dr.Light: You people will never leave me be about that will you? Fine,I'll give you some information. Project Zenkai is something special that I'm working on. That's all I'm going to divulge for now.
Who created Lady Vocal,The 7th Uprising Robot Masters,and the 8th Uprising Robot Masters?

RS Dr.Light: Ok,here's what I know. Rider Man was the leader of a fallen Robo-Biker gang; Hyena Man was created to guard the African Pridelands against poachers;Splash Man was created for Deep Sea Exploration; Wing Man was a Co-Manager of a Bird Sanctuary; Sniper Man was a Los Angeles Police Robot Master,turned Hitman for hire; Vanish Man was an Experimental British spy Robot Master;Ton Man was a Trash Crusher;and Warrior Man was a freelancer on the Robot Master Battle Circuit.

As for the 8th Uprising Robot Masters (aka the Next Generation Numbers): Ant Man was created to observe the nature of Ants,as well as to lift heavy objects; Polar Man was an Arctic Rescuer;Burning Man was an Incinerator;Gigabolt Man was used to power-up Power Plants;Terra Man is an Earth Excavator; Panda Man was COO of the Chinese National Zoo; Sunflower Woman was a Botanical Nurse; And Scythe seems to be a horror themed warrior.

Lady Vocal once worked for the Robo-Guardians as a Navigator,who had a deep seeded hatred for Humans. When the Robo-Guardians were decommissioned,Vocal founded the ASL,that's the Android Supremacy League.

Now,as for who created them? I have no idea,sorry.
If you were a Dragon Ball Character,What would your special moves be?

RS Dr.Light: A strange question,but a fun one,nonetheless. Well one move I'd have is either the Kamehameha or a variation of it,I'd like to call,The Hikarihariha Wave.

Another move I'd have would be the Kaio-Ken...or atleast,something just like it (hikari-ken,perhaps?). And finally,The Janken Fist,I've always liked that move.

Hikari is Japanese for Light,btw.

Well that's all for now,Keep those questions coming,I really enjoy answering them in my free time.