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Organizing The Classic Mega Man Era

The Mega Man Timeline can be a confusing one. So to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Mega Man Franchise even more,I'm gonna try to connect most of the games in the Robot Timeline's Classic Era,in a less confusing manner.

I'll also be explaining how they all fit within said Timeline.

The Following Games Will Not be Counted:
- Fan Games and Crossover they are Far from being considered Canon. No exceptions,not even Street Fighter X Mega Man.
- The Tiger Handhelds.
- All but 1 of the Asian PC Titles
- All but 1 Compilation Titles.
- All but 1 of the Mobile Titles.

Also,No Alternate Continuities,such as Mega Man Powered Up,Ariga Rockman,and the Archie Mega Man.

Also note that this is just a theory on my part,so please take this with a grain of salt. Now,let's get things started!
20,000 Years Ago,the Forces of Good wage war against Evil Energy. Ra-Moon creates Sunstar and the Stardroids. Ra-Moon and his Creations land on Earth,with intentions of conquering it. They are found by an Ancient Civilization and Ra-Moon is treated like a God.

Ra-Moon grew tired of the Human's ultra-violent tendencies and decided to delay his plans. Why? Ask Capcom! Anyway,Ra-Moon seals himself away underground,along with the Temple the Humans made for him. The Stardroids do the same at Ra-Moon's Request,though they seal themselves away in a different part of the area.

An Undisclosed Number of Years later,Duo was created. His main purpose was to eliminate Evil Energy. A rogue Space Robot crashlands somewhere on Earth.

Sometime in the Modern Era,Thomas Light Graduates from Robotics Institute of Technology,a Robotics University,with high honers. Thomas' best friend,and sometimes rival,Albert Wily grows jealous and a bit bitter.

10 Years Later,Thomas Light,now a roboticist,establishes a Robotics Lab. Albert Wily,also now a roboticist himself,establishes one too. However,his works are constantly ignored in favor of Thomas Light's. But when Dr.Light wins the Nobel Prize in physics,Dr.Wily snaps and goes in to hiding,planning global conquest.

In 200X,Dr.Light creates Blues,an Android Prototype. Just months after his activation,Blues gets lost in a teleportation accident. 1 Year later,Dr.Light creates 2 more Androids Rock,a lab assistant and Roll,a housekeeper. He then gets to work on 6 Industrial Robots,called Robot Masters.

1 Month later,the events of Mega Man 1 take place. Explanation: It's the first major event of the timeline.

At the end of Mega Man 1,Mega Man let's Dr.Wily go out of pity. Blues ends up in the middle of nowhere and is dying due to a defect in his core. He is soon found and taken in by Dr.Wily. Dr.Wily begins work on a repeat of his previous plan,this time using his own Robot Masters. E-Cans are invented,but are in limited supply.

2-4 months later,the events of Mega Man 2 take place. Explanation: It's the follow up to Mega Man 1. E-Cans are introduced.

Mega Man sends Dr.Wily to prison after the 2nd robot rebellion,this time around. However weeks later,Wily escapes prison and plans to cause major havoc.

The events of Mega Man: Dr.Wily's Revenge take place. Explanation: The use of only the Mega Man 1 and 2 Robot Masters,plus the lack of Sliding,easily puts this game in-between Mega Man 2 and 3.

After escaping from custody,Dr.Wily finds out about a Super Computer named Crorq and a new line of Prototype Robot Masters. Wily schemes again.

The events of Mega Man 1 PC take place. Explanation: Unknown. Needed to place this game somewhere,plus the lack of Slide and Basic Robots,would put this ugly puppy between Mega Man 2 and 3.

After,Mega Man recovers the Super Computer Crorq. Dr.Wily tries his plan again.

The events of Mega Man 3 PC take place. Explanation: It would make sense that these PC titles would take place one after the other.

After Crorq was destroyed,Mega Man returns home to find out that Dr.Light is planning to create a special Peace Keeping Robot,called Gamma. Days later,Rush is created as a pet companion for Mega Man. Mega Man also gains the ability to slide. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily unearths that rogue Space Robot,who he remodels into Shadow Man. E-Can supplies increase.

Dr.Wily appears at Dr.Light's Lab,claiming to be sane again. He volunteers to help Dr.Light with Gamma. Dr.Light agrees and the 2 Friends/Rivals are reunited. The 2 co-create 7 Robot Masters,who are sent to mine for special Energy Crystals for Gamma. Dr.Wily sends Shadow Man to mine as well.

The Events of Mega Man 3 take place. Explanation: Mega Man now has the Slide. Rush and Protoman are introduced. And Roll is named.

After the Events of Mega Man 3,Mega Man reminisces about the previous 3 rebellions. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily steals an experimental Time Machine (the time skimmer) from the Chrono Institute to travel into the far future,where he recruits 3 Reploids to help him destroy Mega Man. Dr.Wily heads back to the present with his 3 new well as some tech from the future.

The events of Mega Man: The Wily Wars - Wily Tower take place. Explanation: Capcom explained that in Wily Wars, Dr.Wily,tired of having his plans foiled every time by Mega Man,goes back in time to change things. He restores his defeated robots and starts causing chaos. In order to stop Dr. Wily, Mega Man was sent into the past in a time machine hastily crafted by Dr. Light to relive his earlier adventures. I think that story is both convoluted and stupid. Instead of Wily going back in time,I just count the first 3 games in Wily Wars as just Mega Man recalling his previous battles. Much less confusing that way. And it also made sense for the events of Wily Tower to take place after Mega Man 3..for obvious reasons.

As for My "Dr.Wily going forward in time" theory, C'mon,it's obvious Why I made this assumption. Just look at the Genesis Unit. They look as if they'd fit right in with the other Animaloid Reploids during the Early Mega Man X Era. So,I theorized that Wily wanted to get ahold of some Future Bots to destroy Mega Man. However,my theory does have a small hole in it....Mega Man can Destroy these guys,when by some rights,he shouldn't be able too,since Reploids are supposed to be more advanced. But the argument can be made,that Maybe Reploids aren't as Powerful as the fandom might think Or that the Genesis Unit were just weak. Ok,this is getting too long. Explanation Over!

After that debacle,Mega returns the Time Skimmer to the Chronos Institute. A few weeks later,Wily steals the Chrono Institute's Time Skimmer again,this time with hopes of conquering the past,before the creation of Mega Man. The Time Skimmer malfunctions and sends Dr.Wily into the Future instead.

After bringing Quint back to the Future and returning to the Present,Mega Man destroys the Time Skimmer and sends Wily packing. Wily retreats to his 4th Fortress and begins to scheme.

Wily soon decides to test his cruelty. He kidnaps Kalinka Cossack,daughter of Russian Robotisist,Dr. Sergei Cossack,and forces him into doing his bidding. Meanwhile,Dr.Light creates Eddie,the robotic suitcase.

The events of Mega Man 4 take place. Explanation: Eddie and the Cossacks are introduced. The Charged Shot is also introduced. Protoman returns.

After the events of Mega Man 4,Dr.Cossack gets his sentence reduced,thanks to Mega Man. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily takes over the Worlds Off-Shore Oil Platforms.

The events of Mega Man III GB take place. Expanation: Mega can both Slide and use the Charged Shot. Plus,the use of both Mega Man 3 and 4 Robot Masters.

Mega Man hosts RockBoard,a Giant Man-Sized,Open Invitational Board Game,with Cash Prizes. Dr.Light,Roll,Dr.Cossack,Kalinka,and Dr.Wily participate.

The events of RockBoard take place. Expanation: The Cossacks return,as does Eddie. Plus,Dr.Wily's seldom seen pet bird,Reggae,debuts.

After losing to Dr.Light at RockBoard,an angry and frustrated Dr.Wily starts his next plan - Revenge on the Light Family,with Protoman being his first target. Meanwhile,Dr.Cossack and Dr.Light start working together on a secret project.

The events of Mega Man 5 take place. Explanation: Dr.Cossack makes his 3rd appearance. Protoman is the center of the plot. Eddie's back. The Charged Shot is upgraded. Mega has the Slide. And Beat debuts.

After clearing his brother's name,Mega Man takes some time off. A month later,he visits the annual Robotics Expo.

The events of Mega Man IV GB take place. Explanation: Beat is included,as is the upgraded Charged Shot. Plus,4 of the Mega Man 5 Robot Masters are used. The Energy Balancer is introduced,as is the Item Shop.

After foiling Wily once again,Mega Man and his family decide to watch the All-Star Soccer Tournament.

The events of Mega Man Soccer take place. Explanation: I have little to no idea. I just had to put this somewhere and After Mega Man 5 was the most logical choice. As for the lack of Mega Man 5 Robot Masters,my theory is that they either weren't repaired yet,or were deemed horrible Soccer Players by Dr.Wily after a practice game.

Sometime after the Soccer Incident,an Electromagnetic disturbance start ups in the Landfront Ruins. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily convinces Mega Man and Dr.Light that he's changed for real this time. The Light's,being totally gullible,buy into Wily's crap and allow him to work with Dr. Light again.

Dr.Wily goes to investigate the Electromagnetic disturbance at the Landfort Ruins. Meanwhile,Dr.Light has rebuilt his original 6 Robot Masters.

The events of Super Adventure Rockman soon take place. Explanation: Beat makes an appearance,as do enemies from the first 5 rebellions. Protoman is there as well. Plus,some sources put this game in between Mega Man 5 and Mega Man V GB,so I'm going with that placement.

After a humiliating defeat,Dr. Wily returns to the Landfront Ruins to find more ancient robots. He finds Sunstar and the Stardroids. Sometime later,The Original 6 Light Bots are shut down due to their expiration dates and put into the Robot Museum (the only explanation I can come up with regarding the original 6 not working for dr.light in future games,as the whole "wily reprograms them" excuse can get cliche.)

The events of Mega Man V GB take place. Explanation: Protoman appears. The debut of Tango,who is never seen again after this.

Sometime after the events of V,Mega Man's Mega Arm malfunctions and is replaced with a stronger Mega Buster.

To make some extra money,Dr.Wily donates some of his old Robots to the Robot Museum (they're past their expiration date,anyway). Soon after,Dr.Wily gets to work on Bass and Treble. Mysterious Billionaire,Mr.X sponsors The World Robot Tournament,which Mega Man attends. Dr.Wily secretly kills Mr.X and takes his place.

The events of Mega Man 6 take place. Explanation: The debut of the Rush armors,which Dr.Light will combined into 1 suit in Mega Man 7. Plus,Dr.Wily is jailed at the end.

Light creates a special Action Simulator for Mega Man to help keep his skills sharp. Light programs the Simulator to feature old Enemies and Stages from the past.

The events of Mega Man Game Gear take place. Explanation: Mega Man fights Robot Masters from Mega Man 4 and 5. As for the Simulation theory,I think makes sense. Mega visits Cossacks Citadel and battle through Wave Man and Toad Man's levels,which makes no sense. Then at Skull Castle 4 Mega goes through Quick Man's stage...and that's it. After that,Mega Man battles Dr. Wily in his Capsule (there is no Wily Machine in this game). Mega Man Kills Dr.Wily (when his capsule explodes,he doesn't escape). After beating (killing) Wily,Cossack's Citadel explodes,which also makes no sense. All of this stuff would only make logical sense if the entire game was a simulation.

6 Months Later,the events of Mega Man 7 take place. Explanation: Dr.Wily is broken out of Prison,months after he was arrested back in Mega Man 6. And the Rush Armors from 6 are combined into a single Super Adapter. Bass,Treble,and Auto are introduced. Bass' Treble Boost is also introduced.

Immediately after the 7th Rebellion,Mega Man finds Protoman and gives him back his Shield. The Armor Transformations start to cause Rush pain,so the Super Adapter isn't used again. Dr.Wily raids the Robot Museum again and plots a World Wide Chaos Spree.

The events of Mega Man: The Power Battles take place. Explanation: Mainly use of the Mega Man 7 Robot Masters. And Bass makes his well as playable debut.

Weeks after that debacle,Mega Man takes swimming lessons. Due to a Robo-Energy crisis,Dr.Light and Auto are unable to create E-Cans. Dr.Wily studies the special plans that Bass stole from Dr.Light back in Mega Man 7. Weeks later,out in space,2 Beings (one good,one evil) battle throughout our Solar System.

The events of Mega Man 8 take place. Explanation: Duo debuts. Cut Man and Wood Man are fought again. Roll debuts a new look and Bass still has his Treble Boost from 7. I added a Robo-Energy crisis to explain the game's lack of E-Cans.

Dr.Wily preserves some of the Evil Energy and plans on using it for future rebellions. He then begins working on the blueprints for his Ultimate Creation. Duo returns to Earth,searching for more Evil Energy. And Dr.Wily decides to do 3 evil schemes at once.

The events of Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters take place. Explanation: Duo returns. And his ending states that the events of this game take place after 8. The lack of Mega Man 8 Robot Masters can be easily be explained,they simply weren't fully repaired yet.

Weeks later,the Battle and Chase Cart Race is held; The Heroes and Villains enter it.

The events of Mega Man: Battle and Chase take place. Explanation: Duo makes his 3rd appearance. Bass starts rebelling against Dr.Wily.

Mega Man wins Battle and Chase,Duo returns to space,and Wily completes Tengu Man and Astro Man's repairs. Wily soon creates 6 New Robot Masters and King. King turns disloyal.

The events of Mega Man and Bass take place. Explanation: Tengu Man and Astro Man do the enemies from Mega Man 8. Bass uses his Treble Boost for the 3rd time. King's debut. The Robo-Energy crisis continues,thus explaining the lack of E-Cans in this game and the next.

King turns Good,but is never seen again. Symphony City is established. Dr.Wily builds a lab near there.

Months later,the events of Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future aka Rockman and Forte Wonderswan take place. Explanation: The game is sometimes referred to as Rockman and Forte 2. Rockman Shadow comes from the future,where he was built and then abandoned by Dr.Wily during the events of Mega Man II GB.

After the Rockman Shadow is dealt with,Dr.Wily spends his time secretly creating fortresses all over the world. Duo establishes a Space Station near Earth.

The events of Rockman Stratagy take place. Explanation: The bases that Dr.Wily is secretly building are likely the fortresses he uses in future games. Robot Masters from Mega Mans 1-8 appear. The lack of Mega Man and Bass Robot Masters should be obvious by now. Plus,according to Capcom,there was a big period of peace prior to the events of Mega Man 9,so It just gives me another good reason to place this game here. And finally,Duo returns yet again.

Years have passed since the confrontation with the Contellation Droids and Fan disappeared as quickly as he came. Plus,the Robo-Energy crisis ends.

Dr.Light creates 8 New Robot Masters. The chip that allows Mega Man to Slide burns out. Mega Man decides not to have it replaced just yet. Near the same time,Mega Man's Buster brakes and is forced to use an older model,for now.

Meanwhile,Dr.Wily cooks up his latest scheme. Bass,sick of Wily's schemes,excuses himself from this mission and goes on vacation instead. And That's how I explain the lack of Mega Man's Slide,Charged Shot,and Rival in Mega Man 9.

The events of Mega Man 9 take place. Explanation: Bass exists,Auto exists,and Mega Man and Bass is referenced in the ending.

Soon after the events of 9,Dr.Wily decides to make the Oceans a crappy place to live. Mega Man and Rush team up to stop him.

The events of Mega Man: Rush Marine take place. Explanation: Hey,someone needed to add this game into the timeline. I placed it between Mega Man 9 and 10,because...Just Because!

After thwarting Dr.Wily's Deap Sea terrorism,Mega Man gets a New Buster,and per his request,lacks a Charge-Up feature. He also gets a new Sliding Chip,but the new chip malfunctions and is removed immediately. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily creates Roboenza using the Evil Energy he aquired during the events of Mega Man 8.

As punishment for his rebellious attitude towards him,Dr.Wily removes one of Bass' Abilities,the Double Jump. As an act of Revenge,Bass plans to stop Wily's scheme himself. And That's how I explain the lack of Mega Man's Slide and Charge Shot,and Bass' lack of a Double Jump in Mega Man 10.

The events of Mega Man 10 take place. Explanation: Takes place sometime after Mega Man 9,according to the Word of God. Bass uses the Treble Boost once again. And Reggae returns.

After the Roboenza outbreak is dealt with,Dr.Wily continues his evil ways and construction of his Ultimate Creation. Meanwhile,Dr.Light begins construction of his own Ultimate Creation.

After a final 10 year struggle,Dr.Wily Finally surrenders and is jailed..this time forever. Bass gives up evil and just disappears with Treble. Protoman eventually dies of a faulty core. With peace restored,Mega Man is converted back into Rock again.

Dr.Wily from the Present comes to the future and quickly finds out that his future self has surrendered and that Mega Man had been converted back into Rock,Wily gets a nasty idea. He heads to his Future self's Lab to create a futuristic Robot that can help him Kill Mega Man. He creates a Mega Man clone to help him,but abandons him after a programming error.

So,instead of fixing up the Mega Man clone,Dr.Wily just finds and reprograms the Mega Man of that time period. Dr.Wily captures Future Rock and turns him into Quint. After Dr.Wily fixes the Time Skimmer,both he and Quint return to the Present.

The events of Mega Man II GB take place. Explanation: Mega Man 2 and 3 Robot Masters are used and Mega Man has his Slide,but no Charged Shot or Eddie. So,it makes sense that Dr.Wily and Mega Man's departure for the future takes place between Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4.

Yeah,I know,Crapcom Japan explicitly said that in this Game that Dr.Wily conspired with his Future self. Well,Screw That! Cuz,I don't see that happening! Plus,it was said that Present Wily made Rockman Shadow,not Future Wily.

Though,there is a slight chance that the events of this game never take place at all,considering that Rockman Shadow,a Mega Man clone from Quint's time,vaguely warned Mega about the future. Mega Man may have heeded R-Shadows words and planned accordingly when the time came.

Anyway,after Quint returns to his time,a few things happen: First off,Quint,himself,mysteriously disappears,unknown if he Ever returns to Dr.Light's lab.

Next,the abandoned Android comes to life and is angry and self loathing. He rebuilds himself into a Super Fighting Robot known as Rockman Shadow. He then recruits 7 Prototype Robot Masters that Future Dr.Wily had created,but never used.

Looking for a battle challenge,Rockman Shadow seeks out Mega Man. He fails to find him,so he seeks out Bass instead.

Without anyone to up-keep his systems,Bass is weaker than he ever was. Rockman Shadow kills him quickly and easily. Pissed off at the lack of strong opponents,Rockman Shadow takes his anger out on the Planet. He decimates it with aid of his Robot Masters,now known as The Dimensions.

Soon after the near-destruction of Earth,Rockman Shadow decides to go back in time to fight Mega Man and Bass,who were the worlds strongest at the time. After stealing an experimental time portal creator from the Chronos Institute,Rockman Shadow and his Minions head into the Past (our present). This leads into the events of Rockman and Forte: Challanger from the Future.

And Thus,Ends the Classic Series Era. Yup,the Final Canon game of the Classic Era is what many consider to be one of the Weakest of the Series. Though,this isn't set in stone.

And what's worse,we never really find out what happened to Quint. Did he return to Dr.Light? Does Dr.Light find him? Did Rockman Shadow Kill him? Was he killed in Rockman Shadow's rampage? We Really don't know.

There's also a chance that this Future may or may not still exist after Rockman Shadow's trip into the past.


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Dear Dentsu Entertainment,DHX,Man-of-Action,Cartoon Network,20th Century Fox,and Chernin Entertainment.....

......Challenge Accepted!

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Rockman/Mega Man Universes

And Now For your enjoyment. Here is a list of various Mega Man/Rockman Universe’s

Universe #0 (The Concept Universe): This universe is where all of the Rockman Concept characters live. This also includes the Ruby-Spears Concept caracters created by Capcom. Bond Man lives here too :D.

Universe #1 (The Rockman Universe): This is the Rockman Universe. This Univese is the home of Mega Man’s Japanese Counterpart,Rockman. This Universe is also the Prime one. Without this Universe,the others woudn’t exist.

Universe #2 (The Bad Box Art Universe): This Universe is populated by the various Bad Box Art Mega Men. This Universe also includes the SFxT Megaman,who consider a Rockman,not a Mega Man.

Universe #3 (The Mega Man Universe): This Universe is basically the Rockman Universe only with some major and minor differences. The City of Monsteropolis also exists here. It’s in North America.

Universe #4 (The Captain N Universe #1): This is where that green squatty Mega Man lives.

Universe #5 (The Nintendo Power Universe): This is the Universe where Nintendo Power’s renditions of Mega Man Live. Also known as The NP Universe.

Universe #6 (The OVA Universe): The Universe of the Rockman OVA: Wishing Upon a Star.

Universe #7 (The Ruby-Spears Universe #1): This is the Universe of the Ruby-Spears Cartoon Series.

Universe #8 (The Mega Man PC Universe): Home of the Mega Man PC games.

Universe #9 (The Ariga Universe): A Universe based on Hitoshi Ariga’s Mangas. Gigamix exists here too.

Universe #10 (The Crossover Universe): Home to the various Capcom VS. Games. not nessessarily a Mega Man or a Rockman Universe,but Mega Man/Rockman characters reside here.

Universe #11: (The Rockman PC Universe): Home of those Asian PC games. This includes Rockman Online.

Universe #12 (The Manga Universe #1): A Universe Based on Official Rockman Manga that isn’t done by Hitoshi Ariga.

Universe #13 (The Manga Universe #2): A Universe that’s based on more of the various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #14 (The Manga Universe #3): A Universe that’s based on even more of the various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #15 (The Manga Universe #4): A Universe that’s based on even more of the various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #16 (The Doujinshi Universe): A Universe that’s based on the various Rockman fan Manga’s.

Universe #17 (The Cataclysm Universe): In this Universe,Zero kills everyone in the Classic Timeline and destroys the world. Based on that Ultra Lame ‘Cataclysm’ theory…a theory that Keiji Inafune himself debunked.

Universe #18 (The Legacy of Metal Universe): A Rockman Universe created by a fan fic writers,Maelgrim,Erico,and Magnus523.

Universe #19 (The Novas Aventuras Universe): The Universe of the Brazilian Comic.

Universe #20 (The EXE Universe): It’s the Rockman.EXE Universe basically.

Universe #21 (The Battle Network Universe): An alternate version of the EXE Universe. Most Names and Character personalities are Different. It’s basicaly another Mega Man version of a Rockman Universe.

Universe #22 (The EXE Anime Universe): The Universe of the Rockman EXE Anime. Ryuusei No Rockman Anime exists here as well,just in the future.

Universe #23 (The NT Warrior Universe): The Universe of Mega Man NT Warrior,the Rockman EXE Anime Dub. Lots of differences. In the future,this Universe will be the home of The crappy Mega Man Starforce Dub.

Universe #24 (The EXE Manga Universe): The Universe of the Rockman EXE Manga. The Ryuusei No Rockman Manga exists here as well,just in the future.

Universe #25 (The Dreamwave Universe): The Universe of the Dreamwave Comic.

Universe #26 (The Radix Universe): A Mega Man Universe created by General-Radix. In this Universe,both Mega Man and non-Mega Man characters live together.

Universe #27 (The SD Universe): The Universe of Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up.

Universe #28 (The Mega Man Universe #2) This Mega Man Universe is another version of the Mega Man Universe. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X takes place in this Universe’s future. Other than this,not much is known about this Universe.

Universe #29 (The V Universe): Home of Mega Man V,a fan series created by me.

Universe #30 (The Eddie Lebron Universe): A Universe based on Eddie Lebron’s fan films. Not a Mega Man Universe per-se,but Lebron’s version of Mega Man resides here. Created by Eddie Lebron.

Universe #31 (The Ruby-Spears Universe #2): The Universe of Mega Man Recut,a fan fic series that’s a reboot of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man show. This is a fanmade Universe created by BlackRussian.

Universe #32 (The Ruby-Spears Universe #3): The Universe of Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race,another fan fic series that’s a reboot of the Ruby-Spears Cartoon. This is a fanmade Universe created by MegaBauer. Commonly known as the Defender-verse

Universe #33 (The Megarchie Universe): The Universe of the Archie Mega Man Comic.

Universe #34 (The Roll-Chan Universe): A What-If Universe Roll becomes the Super Fighting Robot rather than Rock.

Universe #35 (The Giga Man Universe #1): A Universe that’s almost a reverse of the Mega Man Universe. The Universe contains an evil red Mega Man called Giga Man,who battles against Dr. Vladmir Asmov,a good scientist and his good Robots. Another Universe created by me.

Universe #36 (The Giga Man Universe #2): A Ruby-Spears version of The Giga Man Universe. Giga Man is stronger and more nasty here. Yet another Universe created by me.

Universe #37 (The XOver Universe): The Continuity of the Game Rockman XOver.

Universe #38 (The Mega Man Universe #3): This is the Rebooted version of the original Mega Man/Rockman Universe.

Universe #39 (The Captain N Universe #2): This Universe is a Universe I created for my Captain N reboot. Mega Man is blue,but still has some yellow to his costume. he’s a bit taller,lacks the “Mega” speach impediment,and looks a bit more like his Official Counterpart. Again,this is not a Mega Man Universe,per-se,but Mega Man is in it.

Universe #40 (The Ruby-Spears Universe #4) My own rebooted version of The Ruby-Spears Universe. Created by me.

Universe #41 (The Ruby-Spears Universe #5) A Universe based on SailorSaiyan93's Mega Man Ruby Spears: The Missing Episodes.

Universe #42 (Mega Knight Universe): Same as the Various Mega Man Universes,except there are no Robots and it takes place in the 1700's.

Universe #43 (Nega Man Universe): A What-If Universe. Dr.Wily succesfully reprograms Mega Man during thier first meeting,turning him Evil. Roll is converted into a warrior robot to Combat Wily and to bring Rock back to Light’s lab. Created by Me.

Universe #44 (The Ruby-Spears Universe #6): Same as my Rebooted RSMM Universe,except with Roll as the hero. Created by me.

Universe #45 (The Ruby-Spears EXE Universe): A Ruby-Spears-ised/Americanized version of the EXE Universes.

Universe #46 (The Mega Mirror Universe): Everything’s the opposite in this Universe. Unlike the Giga Man Universe,this Universe has the same characters as the Mega Man Universe. Mega Man and Dr.Light are evil and Dr.Wily is good. Created by me.

Universe #47 (The Mega Girl Universe): Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #48 (Ruby-Spears Universe #7): An RS Mega Man Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #49 (The Mega Pooch Universe): Everyone’s an Anthropomorphic Animal in this Universe. Mega Man is a German Shepard and Dr.Wily is a Buzzard. Created by me.

Universe #50 (Dr.Wily Universe): A What-If Universe,where Dr.Wily Wins.

Universe #51 (The Mega Rush Universe #3): In this Universe Rush becomes a Super Fighting Robot Dog and battles Dr.Wily. Created by me.

Universe #52 (The Mega Soldier Universe): This Universe is home to a Military version of Mega Man. Think of this Universe as Mega Man meets G.I.Joe. Created by me.

Universe #53 (The Man of Action Universe): The Continuity of the Man of Action Animated Series.

Universe #54 (The Mega Galaxy Universe): A Universe where the Mega Man series takes place in Space. And Mega Man is a Cosmic hero.

Universe A (The Rokko-Chan Universe): The Continuity of Rokko-Chan. Not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but it's very similar.

Universe B (The Mighty Universe): The Continuity of Mighty No. 9 and Red Ash. Again not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but close enough to be counted. Gunvolt might exist here too.

There will be more Universes in the future,most of which will be made by the Fans

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Mega Man RS CD Database 7


The Plum-Haired Reporter

An ace reporter created by a roboticist of unknown origins.

Good Point: She’s sweet; She persistant on a story.

Bad Point: She’s somewhat nosey.

Likes: Being a reporter; a hot scoop/news story.

Dislikes: Other reporters getting news story’s that she’s interested in.

“A Hot Scoop Awaits!”

Chatterbox Camera-bot

Plum’s little robot sidekick and ace cameraman. He’s also a color commentator for various sports events.

Good Point: He’s Very Astute.

Bad Point: He’s often a motor-mouth.

Likes: Calling Sports Events; Camera work.

Dislikes: People talking over him; Bad Camera Angles 

“We Are Live,Live,All The Way Live!!”

Legless Anchor

A robot news anchor that resembles a bust. Has dreams of hosting a talk Show.

Good Point: He’s Unbias In His Work.    

Bad Point: He’s Boring.

Likes: Doing The Daily News.

Dislikes: Office Politics; His Lack of Legs. 

“This Just In…!”
A Robot tournament is held where the strongest robotic warriors proove their worth and gain prize money. Mega,Proto,and Bass enter to see how they match up. Unknown to the tournaments participants,Its only a ploy by Lady Lorr to absorb the data of the fallen participants and become stronger,so powerful that she can can conquer the universe.
Lady Lorr (Dr. Dark/Wrong Number 1b)

Dark Mind of Another Universe

Roll’s alternate Universe Counterpart. The Master mind behind the tournament. She plans on using the data of the fallen to become ruler of both universes. She,along with her brother,were built by Dr.Dark (dr. wrong in most countries). Originally a prostitute,Lorr came into her own as an evil mastermind and genius.

Good Point: She’s knows what she wants in life; She’s astute; She’s an ace inventor.

Bad Point: She’s Manipulative; She’s a Backstabber; A radical feminist.

Likes: Manipulating Men; Inventing; Power.

Dislikes: People getting in her way; The narrow Minded.

“All Universes Will Be Mine!”
Giga Man aka Giga (Dr. Dark/Wrong Number 1a)

The Crimson Crusher

Mega Man’s evil alternate universe Counterpart. He’s helping his sis,Lorr with her plans. He’s a big guy in red armor and is as powerful as Broly from DBZ. Y'see Dr.Dark (aka dr.wrong) had a hard fetish for power and he made his creations ungodly powerful. In his Universe,Giga Man is a chaos bringer and battles the forces of good led by Dr. Asmov and his vast army or robotic peacekeepers and guardians.

Good Point: None.

Bad Point: He’s Loud,He’s Psychotic; Has a short Temper.

Likes: Destruction;Death;Chaos

Dislikes: Everything Peaceful; The Good and Just; Mega Man.

“Monster?! No! I Am The Devil!!”
Hercules Man (number unknown)

Robot Demi-God Of Super Strength

The Strongest Robot Alive! He joins the tournament to get money for his down-on-her-luck creator/mother. He’s always there to fight for what’s right.

Good Point: Honest; Trustworthy.

Bad Point: Overzealous at times; Has a bit of a temper.

Likes: Being a Hero.

Dislikes: Evil people.

“Evil Will Feel The Might Of Hercules Man!”
Mountie Man (number unknown)

Law,Order,and Justice of Canada

Sent by the Canadian government to investigate the tournament,which they see as suspicious. Mountie Man is considered the greatest mountie,because of his unbreakable record and passion for his job. He has a robotic horse called,Luke.

Good Point: He’s dedicated to his job; He’s honorable.

Bad Point: He has issues of trust.

Likes: Horse riding; Being a Mountie

Dislikes: Criminals; Failing.

“I Always Get My Man or Bot!”
Pepper aka Officer Woman (number unknown)

The Naive Officer

Pepper enters the tournament to improve her skills as a fighter,so that she can be a better cop. She became officer woman after being inspired by Roll. She has a Swat mode.

Good Point: Persistant;Serious about her Work.

Bad Point: She’s a bit Naive.

Likes: Being a Cop; Roll

Dislikes: Criminals.

“Stop In The Name Of The Law!”
Captain Shantee

The Honarable Pirate

An Android Pirate Captain with an eye patch and a plasma hook for a left hand. She can turn the hook into a sword. She is always looking for valuable treasure and after hearing about the great riches rewarded to the winner,Shantee enters the tournament. Unlike most pirates,she is honorable and has never killed. She’s also fluent in Spanish.

Good Point: She’s honorable; She’s playful; She has never killed.

Bad Point: She’s has a Greedy side; She ignores the Law.

Likes: Sailing The Seas; Adventure; Treasure.

Dislikes: The Law; Being told What To Do; Being Called Pirate Woman.

“Adventure And Treasure Is What Life Is All About!”
Dragoon Man (NWN - 001)

High Jumpin' Terror

Prior to his death,Dr. Wily studied the New Generation numbers and created 6 New Wily Numbers. Dragoon Man is a Dragon Knight based Robot Master and the 1st of the New Wily Numbers. He and his siblings enter the Tournament to Destroy Mega Man, Proto Man,and Bass (the latter 2 for betrayl). Dragoon Man has a spear and awesome agility.

Good Point: A Strong Fighting spirit; Can jump extremely high.

Bad Point: Get’s Jealous easily; Has a Smug Attitude.

Likes: Fighting; Womanizing.

Dislikes: Mega Man; Traditional Knights

“I’m Dragoon Man The Dragon Knight!”
Kabuki Man (NWN - 002)

Kabuki Performer of The Modern Era

A Kabuki themed Robot Master who’s the 2nd of Wily’s New Numbers. Has a feminine look,but is 100% male(a not to kabuki theater,where most,if not all,female parts are played by men).

Good Point: Flamboyant.

Bad Point: A Show boat.

Likes: Performing Kabuki; The Japanese Arts.

Dislikes: Mega Man; His Critics.

“Yosh! Kabuki Man! Stage On!”
Elemental Man (NWN - 003)

God of the 4 Elements

A Master of All 4 Elements and the 3rd of Wily’s New Numbers.

Good Point: He has a good sense of humor.

Bad Point: He has a God Complex.

Likes: Being Powerful; Nature.

Dislikes: Pollution; Mega Man.

“I Am Elemental Man The Element God!”
Pollution Man (NWN - 004)

The Pollution Superpower

A Pollution Robot Master and 4th of Wily’s New Numbers. He is the master of all types of Pollution. He talks and looks like a psychotic surfer/valley dude.

Good Point: He’s Amusing

Bad Point: Terrible sense of Humor;He’s nuts; He’s Sloppy.

Likes: Polution; Poluting.

Dislikes: Nature; Tree Huggers; Mega Man

“I’m Polution Man,Dude! Master Of Killing The Earth! Hahahahaha!”
Scorpion Man (NWN - 005)

Tricky Terror of the Deserts

A Scorpion themed Robot Master. Has scorpion themed attacks. Has scorpion drones too.

Good Point: Cunning   

Bad Point: Untrustworthy.

Likes: Desert Life; Stinging Foes.

Dislikes: Mega Man

“I Am Scorpion Man! King Of Sting!”
Sentai Woman (NWN - 006)

Pretty Warrior of Hate and Injustice

A female Sailor Senshi themed Robot Master and the 6th and last of the Wily’s New Numbers. Her main ability is making 4 multi-colored holographic clones of herself. She can also fire beams.

Good Point: She’s a Team Player; She’s energetic.

Bad Point: She cheats at everything.

Likes: Cheating; Posing 

Dislikes: Losing; Mega Man.

“I Am Sentai Woman,Champion Of Injustice!”
Brain Bot aka Nerd Man (Number Unknown)

The Walking Super Computer

A nerd robot created by Dr. Light. He has a super computer brain and is a genius at everything. He’s also a proud Nerd. Despite being a genius,he has his flaws…and boy,does he have them. He recently upgraded himself as the Robot Master Nerd Man.
He also enters the Tournament to test out his new invention, the Ride Armor.

Good Point: He’s Intelegent; A Tech wiz.

Bad Point: He’s Clumsy; He Gets in the Way;He Talks Too Much.

Likes: Science and Math; Helping people; Trivia.

Dislikes: Easy Problems and Tasks; Being Yelled At.

“I Am Nerd Man,aka Brain Bot,At Your Service!”
Doris The Robo-Maid

The Housekeeping Goddess

She is Dr.Light’s personal cleaning service. She’s quite beautiful,but has a bad attitude. She has a Russian accent. She decides to Enter The Tournament for the Money.

Good Point: She’s efficient.

Bad Point: She’s rude; She’s nasty at times.

Likes: Cleaning; Vacation Time.

Dislikes: People Getting In Her Way;Animals.

“I Am Working! Stay Out Of My Way!”

The Mysterious Ultimate Fighter of Legend

A Mysterious Anthropromorphic Dog Robot with Amazing Power and skill. No one knows Where he came from or who created him,but he has a thirst for battle and seeks out the strongest opponents to fight. He considers Mega Man to be the Strongest and intends to fight him at the Tournament.

Good Point: Focused On His Goals.

Bad Point: Cares Nothing For Humans or Other Robots.

Likes: Fighting Strong opponents; Testing His Limits.

Dislikes: Weak Fighters; Heroes

“I Am Arcanine! Don’t Disappoint Me!"
Zero (OWN - 000)

The Most Powerful Being In Existance

The radically powerful Zero is the 1st of Wily’s Omega Series and the prototype to a line that will be revealed later. Zero’s main purpous was to help Dr.Wily conquer the world through Death and Destruction. He’s equiped with a Plasma Buster and a Plasma Sabre,both of which he is an expert at.

Zero was disobedient and killed his creator,deciding to do things his own way. He planned to usher in the Zero Era,an era of Violence,Death,and Destruction.He was barely defeated by the Light Siblings during his 1st encounter with them. He was eventually defeated by Mega Man..though it was a draw in reality. Zero was soon sealed up by,a recently ressurected,Dr.Wily to be re-programmed at a later date. Unfortunatly Wily died before he had a chance.

The crystal in Zero’s head contains a mega virus that will be unleashed if it’s ever broken. The virus contains toxins that can kill humans and increase negative emotions of Advanced Androids 40 fold.

Zero also has a Super Mode,which turns his armor black.

Good Point: Eye Candy for the Ladies.

Bad Point: He’s Cocky and Arrogant; Ultra-Violent; Very Conceited

Likes: Womanizing; Himself; Destruction and Death

Dislikes: Old Technology;Dr.Light’s Creations;Humanity.

“The Zero Era Is Here And No One Can End It!!”
Xavier aka Mega Man X aka X (ILN - 001)

Unlimited Hidden Potential

The Final creation of Dr. Thomas Light and the Only one in his Infinity Numbers line. He was created to test out new AI that Light Created. X has unlimited potential and is destined for great things. Like with most Advanced Androids,X can make his own decisions. However,his RAM capacity is far greater than any Android before him. He's also much much more powerful.

X is immune to viruses and is equipped with the fully finished version of Dr.Light’s Zenkai Chip.

He Has Yet To Be Activated. Light sealed him away due to fear that humanity woudn’t be ready for such advanced form of Advanced Android…that and that upcoming Anti-Android Law.

Good Point: He’s Immune To Viruses; Can Get Stronger Over Time;Awesome RAM Capacity

Bad Point: Nothing Yet

Likes: Nothing Yet

Dislikes: Nothing Yet.
Super Android Mega Man

The Legendary Android Warrior

Mega Man became so enraged by Zero killing Rush,he transformed into a Golden (green eyed) Warrior. This was possible thanks to the Zenkai Chip,which was installed prior to the Zero Uprising.  The form is called simply "Super Android".

Good Point: Proud Android; Cares About Family

Bad Point: Stubbern

Likes: Fighting Strong Opponents

Dislikes: Zero; the Wily Legacy.

"So you still haven't figured what I am yet,huh!? I am a Warrior of Legend,the kind that only exists in works of fiction! A proud Android who calls a Human his Father! Destined to end the Wily Legacy! I AM SUPER ANDROID,ROCK LIGHT!!!"
That's all for now. Might cover the rest of the Rebooted RS Mega Man Universe in the future.

Mega Man RS CD Database 6


The Cop of the Cosmos

A Super Robot with a huge heart and a fist to match. His fist can generate heavy amounts of Light Energy. Duo can also turn into a Light Energy Comet. His Job is to travel the Universe and eliminate the Evil Energy that inhabits it. It’s also worth noting that RS-Duo has a Russian Accent.

Good Point: He’s one of Nicest Robots Ever; He’s dedicated to his Job.

Bad Point: He’s Sometimes too Serious.

Likes: His Friends; Justice; Destroying Evil Energy.

Dislikes: Evil Energy; Good Guys Becoming Evil; Deceivers.

“Evil Energy Should Not Be Allowed To Exist!”

The Sun God of Justice

A Full-On Good Guy in The RS Universe. Sunstar is a Warrior Robot and Arch Enemy of Ra Moon. Sunstar gets power from the Sun (any sun). The stronger the sun, the stronger He becomes. Sunstar can fire Solar projectiles of all sizes and shapes. Nighttime weakens His powers a bit. Has a bitter rivalry with Terra and Ra-Moon

Good Point: He’s dedicated to his Job; He’s An Early Worker.

Bad Point: He Sometimes Let’s His Hate For Ra Moon Get The Best Of His Judgement; Not A Night Person.

Likes: Sunshine; Fighting Bad Guys; Order.

Dislikes: Ra Moon and His Followers; Nighttime.  

“The Sun Will Set On Your Reign,Ra Moon!"
Ra Moon

Super Computer of The Devil

A Pure Evil Super computer shaped like a sphere. Ra Moon’s origins date back 2,000 Years Ago,when an evil alien King (king mayhem) wanted to conquer the Universe. He created Ra Moon to help him do just that. But before the King had a chance to activate his creation,he and his minions were killed by The Light Empire lead by King Metalion. Ra Moon was left alone, due to King Metalion not seeing a threat. He was stupid in doing so,because many years later, Ra Moon self activated and declared his Conquest of the Universe. He created Ra Thor and The Stardroid Soldiers to help him in his Conquest. His first act was destroying the Light Empire. Soon after he and his Stardroids fought and destroyed many Good factions throughout the Universe. Because of this The Guardian of Light, Ultra Cosmos, created a team of Heroes to stop Ra Moon and his evil. Ra Moon can transform into a humanoid form.        

Good Point: He Can Create Robots Quickly and Easily; He’s Very Focused On His Goals.

Bad Point: He’s Genocidal; He’s Got a God Complex; Treats his Stardroid Soldiers like Minions.

Likes: Conquest; Murder; Chaos.

Dislikes: The Forces of Good; Being Opposed.

“I Am God! You Will Bow Down To Me, Or Be Destroyed!”
Ra Thor

Shadow Lord of Herolds

The Herold of Ra Moon. He’s Very powerful and can use Electro Magnetic attacks.         

Good Point: He’s Loyal To His Master; Good Judge of Character.

Bad Point: He’s Ruthless.

Likes: Killing Everyone Weaker Than He is; Serving His Master, Ra Moon.

Dislikes: Everyone opposed to Ra Moon.

“Oppose My Master and Die!”

The Queen and Defender of Evil

Female in The RS Universe. She’s the Leader of the Stardroid Soldiers and Ra Moon’s lover. Like her Original Counterpart, Terra’s main weapon is the Spark Chaser. She saves the Stardroids whenever they are in trouble.

Good Point: She’s Loyal To Her Team; She’s Cool Headed.

Bad Point: He’s Arrogant; She’s Cocky.  

Likes: Being With Ra Moon; Conquest; Killing Inferior Species.

Dislikes: Getting Her Hair Messed With; Enemies Of Ra Moon; The Good Guys Winning.

“Those Who Fight For Justice and Truth will Suffer At Terra’s Hands!”

Enemy To Whatever

The 1st of the Stardroid Soldiers. He can turn into liquid. His Attack is the Grab Buster.           

Good Point: He’s Athletic; He’s A Good Shot.

Bad Point:He’s A Jerk; He’s Rude; He’s Slightly Stupid.

Likes: Bulling; Simplistic Things.

Dislikes: Complicated Things; Math; Science.   

“Ha! You’re Gonna Loose,‘Cuz You Suck!”

The Cool Headed War Machine

The 2nd of the Stardroid Soldiers. Despite Being Designed Like War Machine,Mars is Healthy Tempered. His Main Attack Is Photon Missile. Secretly hates Ra-Moon and Terra  

Good Point: He’s Good Tempered; He’s A Tech Wiz.

Bad Point: He’s A Very Bad Friend.      

Likes: The Latest Technology;Playing Video Games.

Dislikes: Spirituality; Humankind.

“Humanity Will End At Ra Moon’s Will!”

The Masculine Sky Warrior of Insincerety

The 3rd of The Stardroid Soldiers. Despite his Feminine look, Jupiter is quite masculine. His Main Attack is Electric Beam.         

Good Point: He Never Gives Into Rage.

Bad Point: Worst.Cook.Ever.; He Has No respect for Anybody; He’s the master of insincerety.

Likes: Flying; Electrocuting Enemies; Mocking People.

Dislikes: Girly Stuff;Cleaning.  

“Shocking, Ain’t I?!”

The Ugly Machine of Hate

The 4th of The Stardroid Soldiers. He resembles Toad Man. His Main Attack Is Bubble Bomb.         

Good Point: He’s Very Astute; He’s Very Knowledgeable.

Bad Point: He’s Filled With Hate; He’s Almost Never Happy; He’s a Downer.

Likes: Hating Others; Complex Problems.

Dislikes: Beauty; Celebrities; Cheerful People

“I Am The Ultimate Soldier Of Hate And Ugliness!”

The Grounded God of Close Combat

The 5th of The Stardroid Soldiers. Despite being Big and Bull-esque,Uranus is quite in touch with his feminine side. He’s Still very strong though and can lift 5x as much as Guts Man.        

Good Point: He’s Slightly Polite; Never Shows Off.

Bad Point: Hot Headed; Slow physically; Has Problems With Women.

Likes: Wrestling.   

Dislikes: Fast People; Snobbish Remarks. 

“Surrender,You Can’t Win!”

The Rough and Tough God of the Seas

The 6th of The Stardroid Soldiers. He is an Aquatic-based Robot who’s Main attack is Salt Water. He’s very masculine and tough and the Partner of Uranus.

Good Point:He’s A Good Swimmer.

Bad Point: He’s Loud; He’s Obnoxious; He’s Got A Sailor Mouth.

Likes: Manly Activities; Swimming; Sports.

Dislikes: Women’s Things; Girly Males.

“It’s Time To Deep Six You, Hero!”

The Loud Beast God of Darkness

The 7th of The Stardroid Soldiers.His appearance is cat-like. His Main attack is the Break Dash.

Good Point: He’s Easily Excitable; He’s Sociable.

Bad Point: He’s Loud; He’s Violent; He’s Not Very Book Smart. 

Likes: A Good Fight; Working With Others.

Dislikes: Quiet; Small Creatures; Science. 

“Let’s Rumble!”

The Space-Born Black Hole Maker

The 8th and Final of The Stardroid Soldiers. Saturn’s main attack is his ring,which can also create Black Holes. He also has a special ability that can erode metal.

Good Point: He’s Bold; He’s Very Athletic.

Bad Point: He’s Not Very Friendly; He’s Overconfident; He’s Very Impolite.

Likes: Sports; Destroying Things; Mocking Fallen Foes. 

Dislikes: Friendship; Weaklings.

“You Think You Can Me?! Ha! You’re Living In A Fairy Tale!"
Bond Man (SWN - 001)

The Legendary Super Gluer

The 1st in Wily’s Special Numbers. Bond Man was created by Dr. Wily to aid in the repairs of damaged vehicles and fortresses. His Glue Shot can hold anything together. He speaks like Sean Connery.

Good Point: He’s Handy; He’s Great at His Job.

Bad Point: His Constant Glue Related Puns.

Likes: Gluing Stuff Together;Working.

Dislikes: Mega Man; Being Forgotten.

“Prepare To Be In A Sticky Situation!”
Punk (4CE - 001)

The Raging Spike

The 1st of Wily’s 4 Chaos Emperors. Punk Is A Spikey Red Robot With Attitude. He Can Turn Into A Buzz Saw and attack with a Weapon known as the Screw Crasher. Punk Is Also A Master Of Boxing. He Has A Thick British accent. 

Good Point: He’s Tough; He Has Great Hand Eye Coordination.

Bad Point: Rarely Listens To Anybody; Crazy; Easily Angered.

Likes: Boxing; Doing As He Pleases; Extreme Violence.

Dislikes: Authority;Fair Fighting; Rules.

“I Don’t Believe In Fair Fighting!”
Enker aka Encore (4CE - 002)

The Blood Thursty Prince

The 2nd of Wily’s 4 Chaos Emperors. Enker Is A Psychotic, Vain,Blood Thirsty Knight Who Can Reflect Energy With His Spear (Known As The Mirror Buster). He Is Great At Close Range Combat and is a Master of The Samurai Arts.

Good Point: He’s A Very Formitable Opponent; Great Lance Skills.

Bad Point: He’s Vain; He’s Blood Thirsty; He’s Easily Enraged.

Likes: Showing Off; Killing His Opponents; Drinking A Fallen Foes Blood (or battery fluid if they are Androids).

Dislikes: People Touching Him (especially his face); Those Who Dare Get In His Way.

“Once I Kill You and Drink Your Bodily Fluids, I Will Mount Your Head In My Trophy Room!”
Lyric (4CE - 003)

The Sonic Beauty

The 3rd of Wily’s 4 Chaos Emperors and the Sole Female Killer. This Beautiful Android Warrior Wearing Blue and Green Armor.Her main weapon is The Lyric Whip, a whip which can generate sonic sounds when cracked. She can also emit sonic sounds from her mouth. She’s A Master of Judo too. Lyric Is the Killer’s 2nd-In-Command and the 2nd Strongest. She’s Usually The Voice Of Reason when the Other Mega Man Killers are Arguing. 

Good Point: She’s A Judo Master; She’s Dependable; She’s A Good Speaker. 

Bad Point: She’s Merciless; She’s A Sore Loser. 

Likes: Judo; Singing; Dominating Male Opponents.

Dislikes: Losing A Battle; Failing A Mission.

“If You Go Easy On Me Just Because I’m A Woman, You’ll End Up In The Scrap Yard Before You Know It!”
Ballade (4CE - 004)

The Honorable Leader

The 4th and Final of Wily’s 4 Chaos Emperors. Ballade is the Leader of the Killers and is the Most Powerful and Most Skilled. His Ballade Craker Bomb can Blow up even the toughest Steel and his Muay Thai Kick Boxing skills are awesome. Nobody Fights and Kills Mega Man but Him.

Good Point: He’s Honorable; He’s Skilled At What He Does; His Warriors Pride.

Bad Point: Prefers Working Alone; Often Let’s His Pride Get In The Way Of Everything.

Likes: Muay Thai; Fighting Fair Fights; Testing His Skills.

Dislikes: Others Fighting and Destroying Mega Man; Dirty Fighting.

“We Will Fight On Equal Ground Mega Man!"
King (SWN - 003)

The Vile Liberator of Androids and Robots

Africain American in the RS-Universe. This Gold armor Android was created by Wily to be a personal adviser. Soon after King rebelled and started his own anti-human revolution.Armed with a lase spewing Shield,A Broad Sword,and a Plasma Blaster that shoots out gold Plasma. King is the 3rd of Wily’s special Numbers. 

Good Point: He’s a good speaker; Has a sense of humor.

Bad Point: He’s a Womanizer; His Anti-Human attitude;Will Kill his own Ally if Need Be.

Likes: Killing Humans;A Robot-Only World Where He Is God; Sexy Lady Bots.

Dislikes: Humans; Those Who oppose Him;The Idea Of a World Where Humans and Robots Live in Peace.

“I Hate Human People! All of Them! I Can’t Stand The Look Of Humans! I Can’t Stand The Smell Of Humans! The Fleshies Need To Die!”
Silver Knight

The Royal Knight of King

A Silver armored knight made by Wily and reprogrammed by King. Silver Knight is Kings 2nd in command. He is equipped with a Plasma shooting sword and sheild.

Good Point: He’s Honoable; Loyal To King.

Bad Point: Anti-Human Attitude.

Likes: Fighting Strong Opponents; Serving King.

Dislikes: Humans; Weak Fighters.

“I Will Do You Proud, Mighty King!”
Bronze Wizard

The Royal Wizard of King

A Bronze armored Wizard made by Wily and reprogrammed by King. Bronze Wizard is an Android who resembles Merlin. He is equipped with electromagnetic powers. And a Gravity changing Wand. 

Good Point: Loyal To King; Good at Magic.

Bad Point: Anti-Human Attitude;Greedy.

Likes: Magic;Cheating; Serving King.

Dislikes: Humans; Lame Magic Tricks;Not Getting What He Wants.

“My Tricks Are No Treats For You, Mega Man!”
General Stereo

The Massive General

The Commanding Officer of The Robo-Guardians. Reprogrammed by Dr.Wily,Gen. Stereo had his 5 best commandes occupy terratories for D.Wily,though they were told to keep thei affiliation with Wily a secret for unknown reasons..maybe to make the US Government (who built the guardians) look criminal. One of the biggest tasks he was given by Dr.Wily was to deliver top secret plans for a space laser canon to the mad doctor. These plans were only accessable to The US Government and General Stereo. Wily’s plan was to build a universal Protocol Disruptor using the blueprints as a base. From his space Lair,Wily will fire the weapon at Earth,brainwashing every human and robot. Thankfully,General Stereo comes to his senses and Sabotages Wily’s new weapon. Unfortunatly,he had to self-destruct to do this. General Stereo’s weaponry include a saber,detachable fists,and plasma orbs.

Good Point: He’s a humble leader;He cares about his soldiers;He’s focused on his job.

Bad Point: He’s too serious;Untrustful of Humans.

Likes: Military Life;Smart Soldiers.

Dislikes: Human’s who are critical of a Robot Military;Weak and Lazy Soldiers.

“Well Done, Soldier!”
Lt. Mono

The Hardass Liutenent

Sister of General Stereo. Mono believes that the Robo Guardians are a force of great good,even after they were reprogrammed..which she was unaware of. Mono herself was thanfuly not reprogrammed,but she does become Mega Man’s nemesis When he makes it his mission to stop the Robo-Guardian’s illegal occupations and operations. Despite all of this Mono is a very dedicated member of the Robo-Guardians and loyal to her country. In the looks department she looks like Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat…with some of Sonya’s special moves.

Good Point: She’s dedicated to Robo-Guardians;She’s a Good Sister to Stereo.

Bad Point: She Can Be Too Tough;Jumps to Conclusions;Believes all Humans must be policed by Robots.

Likes: Her Brother; Military Life; Policing Humans

Dislikes: Those Who Interfere with The Robo-Guardians;Complete uman Freedom

“Interference With The Robo-Guardians Will Not Be Tolorated!”
Doc Man aka Doc Robot (SWN - 002)

The Multi-Abilitied Face of Death

This Huge Skull-Headed robot is The 2nd in Wily’s Special Numbers. Doc Man was created by Dr. Wily to do the jobs that his other robots were too incompetent to do. Doc Man has a veriaty of attacks from various Robot Masters. The biggest task of Doc Man was to lead a 2nd attack against the world to split up Roll and Mega Man. Roll ends the Uprising and defeats Doc Man while Mega Man tackles the Robo Guardians. Doc Man is a creepy guy with his Skull Head,evil eyes,and and fixed grin. His laugh doesn’t help matters either. Despite his creepiness,Doc Robot is a capable fighter.

Good Point: He can Use All Of The Weapons of Dr.Wily’s Robots;A Capable Fighter.

Bad Point: He’s Psychotic;Has A Habit of Laughing Evily At Random.

Likes: Killing; Using His Many Abilities; Death and Destruction.

Dislikes: Those Who Ruin His Fun.

“Hehehahahahahaha!!!! You Will Die Tonight! Hahahahahahaha!!!”
Princessa Roberto-Pereira

That Crazed Brazilian Chick

A Brazilian Robotisist that is ignored by the community. Mainly because she Sucks at her Job. Instead of bettering herself,Princessa has made it her  lives work to kill the competition so that she will be the only robotisist in the world. Like Wily, this psycho also reprograms robots. Her father is legendary disgraced roboticist, Jose Roberto-Pereira

Good Point: She Never Gives Up; She’s a Huge Brazilian Patriot

Bad Point: Sucks At Advanced Robotics; Ax Crazy; Spoiled.

Likes: Killing Other Roboticists;Getting What She Wants.

Dislikes: Other Roboticists; Not Getting Her Way.

“I Will Win In The End! Ahahahahahaha!!”
Dr. Sergeyevich “Sergei” Mikhail Cossack

Russian Intellect

A Brilliant Russian scientist who had a run of bad luck in his debut. He had his Robot Master Blueprints stolen by Wily. He was brainwashed by Wily to aid the mad doctor in building Gamma. And his Daughter was kidnapped by Wily’s Robots to keep Roll busy while Mega Man delt with the Reprogrammed Robo-Gaurdians. After all of that Dr.Cossack became a grood friend and great ally to the heroes.

Good Point: He’s A Russian Patriot; He’s Great at making Robot Blueprints;He’s a Loyal Friend.

Bad Point: He Takes Things Too Seriously.

Likes: His Daughter,Kalinka;His Friends the Light Family; Robotics.

Dislikes: Kalinka in Danger;Hypocrites.

“I Build For Friends, Family,and Mother Russia!”
Kalinka Nastasia Cossack

Beautiful Dreamer

The 17-Year-Old Daughter of Dr. Cossack. She Was Kidnapped by Wily in an attempt to keep oll from joining Her Brother in battle AND to keep the world thinking that the Robo-Guardians were working on their own. Despite this, Kalinka remains a cheerful Girl,who also dreams of a World where Humans and Robots of all kinds exist in harmony.

Good Point: She’s Cheerful; She’s Book Smart. 

Bad Point: She’s Idealistic.

Likes: Her Father; Playing The Piano; Ballet Dancing.

Dislikes: Her Loved Ones Getting Hurt.

“Nyet! A World Where Humanity And Machines Exist In Peace Is Not A Fairy Tale!”

The War Titan

A Mech That Wily Built With A Brainwashed Dr.Cossacks Help.

Good Point: It Takes Orders Well.

Bad Point: It Has No Personality.

Likes: Nothing.

Dislikes: Nothing.

“Gamma Smash!”
Dark Man (SWN - 004)

The Laid Back Warrior of Illusions.

Dark Man was built and designed by Dr.Wily. Dark Man is the 4th of Wily’s Special Numbers. Dark Man possesses electromagnetic abilities. His main attack is The Electromagnetic Net. He also has the ability to make holographic doubles of himself and his enemies. While he has been on many of Wily’s missions, Dark Man’s biggest job was interrupting the Light siblings,mainly Roll,during Dr.Wily’s doomsday plan. Despite being loyal to Wily, Dark Man isn’t that bad of a guy.  

Good Point: He’s Laid Back; Has A Cool Head

Bad Point: Doesn’t take things Seriously; His Slight Surfer Accent.

Likes: Fighting;Having Fun On His Missions.

Dislikes: Losing; People With No Spirit.

“You Light Bots Should Live A little!"
Rhythm (DLN - 000b)

The Purple Problem

The 2nd Prototype by Dr Light and Twin Sister of Blues. She was activated after Wily left and established a small bond with Light. She was thought lost in a Teleporter accident,but when she returned,she saw Light with Rock and Roll and saw this as an act of Replacement. Angry,Rhythm swore vengeance. She went into hiding to train herself and upgrade herself Into a fighter. Years Later,Rhythm returns and after hijacking Dr.Wily’s Skull Labs,she’s ready for revenge Against Dr.Light and His Family. She’s Kunoichi-like in appearance. She wears Purple Armor,with a scarf that covers the bottom half of her face. She’s equipped with a Plasma Bo Staff and a Buster.

Good Point: She’s Persistent; She’s Intelligent   

Bad Point: She Holds Grudges; She Misjudges Situations    

Likes: Fighting;Robotics.   

Dislikes: Old Technology Being Neglected For Newer Technology; The Light Family. 

“Those Who Replace Old Technology With New Tech,Will Suffer!”
Lo-Min (SWN - 005)

The Beautiful Quickster

A Qipao wearing chinese fighter created by Dr.Wily as the 5th number in his Special Wily Numbers (even though Dark Man was considered to be the final). Lo-Min is a master of Kung-Fu and is faster than Mega Man’s shots thanks to her amazing speed and agility. She was reprogrammed by Rythem when she took over Dr.Wily’s Skull Lab.  

Good Point: She’s Quiet; She’s Playful;She’s Persistent.

Bad Point: She’s Got A Bit Of An Ego;She’s A Sore Loser

Likes: Fighting; Proving Herself to be The Best Of Wily’s Special Numbers. 

Dislikes: Losing; Mega Man.

“I Am The Ultimate In Robotic Fighters! No One Can Hit Me"
The Android Supremacy League, once a group that had hard times since it’s founding,has now come into big bucks..thanks to a mysterious benefactor. The ASL’s goal is to terminate Human life and to let robots and androids rule in their place.
Lady Vocal

The Human's Android Nightmare

The Leader of the Android Supremacy League and Ex-Navigator for The Robo-Guardians. She sent out her 8 Robot Masters on a world wide killing spree and dares to stop her. She is equipped with a machine Gun Plasma Buster and impenetrable barrier. In the looks department she looks like Pokemon Champ Cynthia,only with black hair and blue armor. She’s an Advanced android too.

Good Point: Ambitious;Heathy Tempered. 

Bad Point: Arrogant;Human Hating

Likes: A Machine Dominated Planet; Humankind suffering.

Dislikes: Humankind; Pro-Human Androids

“Long Live The ASL!”
Warrior Man (ASLN - 001)

The Multi-Weaponed Barbarian

A barbarian warrior robot with a Gutsman/Stoneman/Concreateman-esque face. He is huge and is equipped with a huge Axe (the war axe) and shield (fighters shield). He also has a sword (war blade). Before joining the ASL,Warrior Man was the champion of the Robot Fighting Circuit. He left because he was sick of the lack of competition and joined ASL to fight Mega Man.

Good Point: He’s humble;He’s Respectful towards fellow Robots.

Bad Point: He’s too focused on Fighting;Kills humans when bored.

Likes: Fighting challenging foes

Dislikes: Humankind;Weak Fighters

“I’m Sick Of Weak Warriors! Mega Man,I Challenge You!”
Ton Man (ASLN - 002)

The Heaviest Sumo In The World

A Sumo robot with a Hardman-esque body. He is huge and can crush anything. He can create small aftershocks just by stomping hard. His body is very tough and can withstand light attacks. He can convert his left arm into a cannon that can fire heavy steel balls (called the ton ball). He has a japanese theme and an accent to match. He Before joining the ASL,Ton Man was a Trash Crusher. He left because he thought that he was being mistreated by his Human employers.

Good Point: He’s a dedicated worker

Bad Point: He’s loner;He’s too big and heavy to fit in most places.

Likes: Crushing Things;Sumo Wrestling

Dislikes: Being Made Fun Of; Humans Mistreating Robots.

“I,Ton Man Will Smash You To Pieces! BANZAIIIII!”
Vanish Man (ASLN - 003)

Vanishing Agent Double 0 3

A spy robot equipped with the latest cloaking technology. He’s also speedy. His weapons and abilities include:  Swift Boomerang (a modified version of the quick boomerang) and machine ability disabling. Before joining the ASL,Vanish Man was an experimental Spy-Recon Robot made by the British Government. He left because he was bored with spy life and hated serving his human creators,who he deemed boring. To this day the British Government has put out a “seek and destroy” order on the rogue robot. He has a british accent.

Good Point: He’s Sopisticated;Has a Good sence of Humor;Lady-Bots Love him.

Bad Point: Dirty Fighter; Cheats at Everthing.     

Likes: Getting The Advantage On His Foes;Tea Time; Using his Power of Invisibility.

Dislikes: Humankind;Homing Weapons. 

“Can You See Me?! Hohoho! I Think Not,Old Boy!”
Sniper Man (ASLN - 004)

The Hidden Master Assassain

An assassin robot with a Sniper Rifle on his right arm,a Target Scope on his left eye,and a Long Coat. He has near perfect aim and His main weapon is the Lock-on Bullet,the ultimate in homing projectiles. Sniper Man also has awesome hearing and sight. Before joining the ASL,Sniper Man was an ex-cop and hitman for hire. He was hired by Lady Vocal to Kill Mega Man.

Good Point: He’s an efficient Worker; Cool Headed.

Bad Point: He’s a Cheapshot Artist; He’ll do Anything for Money;He Has A Bit Of an Ego. 

Likes: Killing;Making Money;Womanizing.

Dislikes: People Who Interfere With Him; Low Paying Jobs;Fighting Fair.

Wing Man (ASLN - 005)

King of The Wing

A Winged warrior robot with Wing shaped pieces all over his body (his arms,ankles,and helmet). He has a long nose that resembles a beak. He can fly at great heights and speed. His main weapons are the Wing Slash and The Power Gust(both preformed using his wings). Before joining the ASL,Wing Man was the co-manager of a Bird Sanctuary. He left for unknown reasons.

Good Point: Free Spirited.

Bad Point: Spends too Much Time In The Air.  

Likes: Flight;Birds; Living Free

Dislikes: Grounded Robots;Heavy Objects;Thunder Storms.

“The Sky Is Limitless,You Ground Dwellers Will Never Understand True Freedom!”
Splash Man (ASLN - 006)

Deep-Sea Greed

A Scuba-Diver robot with a harpoon. He is an expert in underwater navigation and can finda anything under the sea. His weapon is the Plasma Harpoon (that can shoot out plasma spikes) and his main attack is the Hydro Vulcan (a water-based machine gun). Before joining the ASL,Splash Man was a deep sea exploration robot,who would find lost treasure for anyone who acquired his services. He quit his carrer because he never got to keep any of the treasure he found.

Good Point: A Expert Swimmer.

Bad Point: He’s Very Greedy;He’s Distrustful.

Likes: Treasure;Swimming; Underwater Combat.

Dislikes: Sharing; Other Deep Sea Treasure Hunters.

“The Seas Are Riddled With Riches,Riches That Belong Only To Me!”
Hyena Man (ASLN - 007)

The Laughing Murderous Beast

A Hyena themed robot with a killer instinct and a hunger for flesh. His Ripper Claws and Scavenger Barrier (an energy force field) are his main attacks. He can also create holographic copies of himself. What Hyena Man's original purpose was Guarding the African Pridelands from Poachers. He joined because He wanted Human’s to eat.

Good Point: He’s Fast; He’s A Great Hunter.

Bad Point: Extremely Savage; Sadistic.

Likes: Hunting And Killing Humans And other Robots; Eating Human Flesh.

Dislikes: Lions; Those Who Interfere With His Hunt.

“Whoop! Whoop! Hahahahaha!! It’s Meal Time!”
Rider Man (ASLN - 008)

Biker Lord of Destruction

A motorcycle hybrid robot,who’s lower half is a motorcycle (complete with handlebars on his lower back). His helmet resembles that of a biker helmet. He is very fast and very skilled at road racing. His special weapons are Speed Wheel and Exhaust Blast (a small fire based attack that he fores from his exhaust pipe). Before joining the ASL,Rider Man was the leader of an all-robot Motorcycle gang,which Mega Man destroyed. He wants revenge and will get it by beating him in a race.

Good Point: A Strong Competitive Spirit.

Bad Point: Rude;Destructive.

Likes: Racing;Competition;Causing Havoc.

Dislikes: Mega Man; Pedestrians.

“Let’s Ride!”
Doc The Metool

The Good Metool

A Metool created by Dr.Light to assist him in various repair jobs. When Wily’s 1st Robot Uprising began,he became Roll’s assist robot.

Good Point: Cheery;Helpful

Bad Point: absentminded at times; Can’t speak.

Likes: Helping Dr. Light.

Dislikes: Dr. Wily using his fellow Metools as weapons of war.

Note: The 8 Robot Masters original creators are Unknown.After the fall of ASL,the 8 were fixed up and reprogrammed by Dr.Wily..who just happened to be the mysterious beneficiary.
8 Renegade Robot Master with Advanced minds and Power started Causing Havoc through out the globe..all to get the attention of,their hero,Dr.Wily,so that he will bring them into his ranks. Unlike other Robots,These guys do this reprogramming was done. Their Creators and Numbers are unknown. But,The Media calls them the Next Generation Numbers.
Ant Man (NGN - 001)

The Irritable Ant God

Created to study the evolution of ants as well as to move heavy objects. Ant Man can life 10x his own weight and fire out ant drones (his main weapon). He can also shoot out an explosive energy ball called the Bug Bomb.

Good Point: He’s a worker;He’s intelligent.  

Bad Point: He gets irritated easily.  

Likes: Human Food; Picnics;  

Dislikes: Ant Eaters;Bug Spray. 

“Ant Drones! Attack!!!”
Polar Man (NGN - 002)

The IceSnow Gigas

The Ultimate Arctic investigator and rescuer. He’s big and strong and has lots of ice power. He attacks with Wild Blizzard,Heavy Snow,and Ice Slider (main attack). 

Good Point: He’s Punctual; He’s Astute       

Bad Point: He’s vicious; He’s Mean    

Likes: Hurting Humans; Heavy Winter Storms;Ice Sculptures  

Dislikes: Saving Humans; Hot Weather; Fire Based Robots

“I Will Freeze You and Then Smash You To Pieces!”
Burning Man (NGN - 003)

Assassain of the Raging Flame

Created as an incineration robot. His Burning Ray (main weapon) can melt anything. His Blazing Burst is the Nova Strike in fire form and His Raging Flame is a raging current of fire. 

Good Point: He’s an efficient worker      

Bad Point: He’s a hot head; He’s an arsonist    

Likes: Burning things to the ground;Hot weather  

Dislikes: Cooling off;Rain;Snow

“Burnin’ Makes Me Feel Good!”
Gigabolt Man (NGN - 004)

The Childish Lord Of Electricity

A Robot Master created to power various plants though out the globe. His Gigavolt storm (main weapon)is deadly,as is his Electo Barrier. He also has an Electrocution attack. He thinks he is superior to all Electric based Robot Masters.

Good Point: He’s Energetic  

Bad Point: He’s Childish; He’s Boastful    

Likes: Proving he’s superior to other electric-based robot masters; Causing trouble.  

Dislikes: People ruining his fun; Other electric robots. 

“I Am The Greatest Elec Bot!”
Terra Man (NGN - 005)

Digging God of the Modern Age

An Earth excavation Robot Master who grew tired of his human bosses. Like many Robot Masters,He lacks normal hands,as they are a Drill and a big Shovel-claw. He can dig through the ground better than Ground Man and can create Massive holes. His attacks are Terra Wall (his main weapon)and Rock Wave.

Good Point: He’s Persistent 

Bad Point: He’s loud; He’s nasty   

Likes: Digging;Burying people alive   

Dislikes: Humans;Robots of the previous generation;Those who get in his way  

“You Waste Of Scrap!”
Panda Man (NGN - 006)

The Slow Witted Panda Powerhouse

A Huge Robot who was once created as a Zoo Keeper for China’s National Zoo in Beijing. He carries a Bamboo spear (his main weapon) and has a powerful shot. He can also smash enemies with his Sumo moves. He’s Quick and Agile for a Big Guy.

Good Point: He’s quiet      

Bad Point: He’s slow witted      

Likes: Animals; Dr.Wily

Dislikes: Humans; Mega Man 

“Dr.Wily Is The Correct Man To Rule Over Earth!”
Sunflower Woman (NGN - 007)

Nature Beauty of Healing

The Only Female of the Group. She was once the premier Plant and flower nurse before going maverick. She converted her Shining Beam,a healing technique,into a deadly weapon. She also can control plant life. Her secondary attack is called The Sunshine Flash,an attack that can blind foes. She can also create doubles of herself.
Good Point: She’s health conscious   

Bad Point: She’s very Vain 

Likes: Her Beauty; Plant life; Sunshine   

Dislikes: Humans; Ugliness in things   

“I Am Pure Beauty In Titanium Form!”
Scythe Man (NGN - 006)

Death in Robot Form

A (legless and floating) Grim Reaper Robot. No one knows what his job was. It is rumored that he was created by Dr.Wily. He has a Scythe grafted on his left arm (the death scythe) that can kill in one stroke when charged up. He can also teleport and revive dead machines (robots too). 

Good Point: Unknown 

Bad Point: He’s Creepy;He’s Unpredictable; His Dark Humor 

Likes: Death; Horror;Killing  

Dislikes: Mega Man 

Note: Wily eventually fixes them up after their initial battle with the Light siblings and joined Wily’s ranks..before they were ultimatly destroyed.

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Mega Man RS CD Database 5

Dr. Albert William Wily.

The God of Twisted Geniuses

Ever since he was a boy he’s been looked down upon. In his High School, Collage,and Robotics University Days his work has been shunned. The Teachers and Professors telling Al that his work isn’t good enough.But when he was told that by his former academic rival and friend, Thomas Light, Wily Snapped and decided that in order to get recognized as a God of Robotics is to become Supreme Dictator of the World. He also holds the Worlds Leaders in no regard.

Good Point: He’s Good at Robotics;He’s Very Smart.

Bad Point: His Mental Health.

Likes: World Domination; Damning His Enemies; Creating Evil Robots.

Dislikes: Losing; Insubordination; The World Leaders

“….And I’ll…..Take Over The World!!!!!!”
Dr. Thomas Xavier Light.

The Mastermind Of Innovation

Ever since he was a boy he’s been fascinated with Robotics. During his time in the BTUR (big tokyo university of robotics) in New York State, Thomas Light became the #1 student and soon made a rival in the form of Albert Wily. After the rivalry had ended (in which thomas won), the 2 became good friends. Later in life,Wily became Thomas’ assistant. Thomas was saddened when Wily went Psycho and stole Blues (his first android). Years later when Wily reprogrammed his first set of Robot Masters, Thomas turned Rock His 2nd android) into Mega Man.

Good Point: He’s Smart; He’s Great At Robotics; He Loves His Work

Bad Point: He’s Absent Minded At Times.

Likes: Creating Good Robots To Help Mankind; A World Where Robots And Androids Co-Exist with Humans in Peace; Competition

Dislikes: Evil Scientists; Robot’s Used For Death and Destruction; Weak Competition.

“To Those Who Use Technology To Spread Chaos,Your Challenger Is Here!”

The Pooch of a Hundred Forms

Rush is a Dog Robot designed and built by Dr. Light. He’s Mega Man’s canine Companion and Transportation. He can transform into over 40 different Vehicles.Unlike in the show, Rush does NOT talk like Scooby-Doo. He does act silly however.

Good Point: He’s Most Useful;He’s Very Loyal To The Light Family; A good Guard Dog.

Bad Point: At Times He Acts Silly; Rushes Into Things;Chews On Things.

Likes: Helping Mega Man; Playing; His Family.

Dislikes: Dr. Wily; Cats; His Family Being Threatened

“Woof! Woof! Mega! Mega!”

The Beak of Justice

Beat’s blueprints were given to Dr. Light by Dr.Cossack. Dr. Light built Beat To help Roll Handle Household Chores,but soon discovered that he had other uses: like caring 10x his own weight and attacking intruders to the lab. With that in mind, Dr. Light assigned Beat to be Roll’s battle companion.

Good Point: He’s Friendly;He’s an Eager Helper.

Bad Point: Gets In The Way At Times.

Likes: Helping His Family; Battling Bad Bots; His Family.

Dislikes: Dr. Wily; Cats.

Eddie (Fliptop Model S)

Little Green Helper of Surprises

Eddie is a Carrier robot Created by Dr.Light. Eddie is a member of Dr.Light’s Fliptop Carrier Robot Family. He’s an S Model (S for small), A model built for carrying drinks and snacks. Eddie oftentimes carries Energy Cans,which he gives to Mega Man and Roll when they need them. He also carries smoke bombs.

Good Point: He’s Very Helpful; Eager.

Bad Point: Talkative.

Likes: Helping Mega Man and Roll.

Dislikes: Dr. Wily; Being Out Of Energy Cans.

“Eddie’s Ready To Help!”

Mega Cat

Created by Dr. Cossack as a gift for Mega Man. Tango is a lovable Cat who can turn into a buzzsaw.

Good Point: He’s Playful; He’s Handy.

Bad Point: Meows A Lot; Digs Through Trash; Has A Habit Of Scratching

Likes: His Adopted Family; Playing.

Dislikes: Dogs; Dr. Wily’s Robots.


The Absentminded Lab Assistant

Auto was created to replace Rock as a Lab assistant. He’s handy with tools, but Absentminded.

Good Point: He’s Handy With Tools.

Bad Point: He’s Slightly Clumsy; He’s Absentminded.

Likes: Helping Dr.Light; Working With Tools.

Dislikes: Evil Robots; Being Made Fun Of.

“I’m Ready To Give You Assistance, Dr. Light!”

Wily's Death Bird

A Nasty Crow Robot Who Aided Dr.Wily in His 1st World Domination Bid..until he Was Destroyed By Mega Man.

Good Point: He’s Powerful.

Bad Point: He’s The Biggest Loudmouth Ever;Mocking.

Likes: Killing; Mocking People.

Dislikes: Being Told To Shut Up.

“Caw!! Kill The Blue Loose! Caw! Caw!!”

Purple Viciousness

Built By Wily, Treble is Bass’s Wolf Companion and Transportation. Like Rush,Treble can Transform into Vehicles. Not only that,but Treble can also transform into Battle Armor for Bass.

Good Point: He’s Strong; He’s Tough; He’s Loyal To Bass and Dr.Wily.

Bad Point: He’s Nasty; Bites All Of The Time.

Likes: Helping Bass; Killing Animals; Fighting

Dislikes: Rush; Dr.Wily’s Enemies.

Rokkumon XYZ

The 1st One

The 1st Independent Operation Robot created by Dr.Light. Adapted for combat to fight Crorq.

Good Point: Takes Orders

Bad Point: None.

Likes: Nothing. It's not that scient

Dislikes: Nothing. It's not that scient.


Mad Super Computer

A Super Computer gone Mad, He can control Every electronic devise and Mechanoid. He wants a World where he is God. One of his creators was an American-Born Russian Scientist named Dimitri Vladmir Cossack, Cousin of Dr. Sergei Cossack.

Good Point: He’s Extremely Intellegent; Can Create His Own Robot Masters.

Bad Point: He wants Everyone To Obey Him; His Ego.

Likes: World Domination; Destroying Opposition; Being Worshipped.

Dislikes: Losing; Insubordination; Being Told He’s Wrong.

“I Am Crorq! Crorq is Your Master Forevermore!”
Sonic Man (CN - 001)

Sonic Sound Master

The First of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Sonic Man Generates Strong Sonic Waves and Vibrations from his “fork” Weapon.

Good Point: He’s A Good Listener.

Bad Point: He’s Not Very Intelligent.

Likes: Causing Aftershocks.

Dislikes: Bombs; Explosions.

“I’m Sonic Man! Master Of Sound!”
Dynamite Man (CN - 002)

Explosion Master

The Second of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Dynamite Man’s Main thing is his Super Dynamite, Timed Explosives with the Power of a Warhead.

Good Point: He’s Enthusiastic.

Bad Point: He’s Not Very Tactful.

Likes: Bombing Things; Explosions.

Dislikes: High Voltage.

“I’m Dynamite Man! Master Of Explosions!”
Volt Man (CN - 003)

Electric Master

The Third of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Volt Man Generates Strong Electrical Currents. He also Can generate a Barrier of Electricity.

Good Point: He’s Unselfish.

Bad Point: He’s Not A Very Good Fighter.

Likes: Regenerating Through Power lines.

Dislikes: Ultrasonic Sound.

“I’m Volt Man! Master Of Electricity!”
Shark Man (CN - 004)

Fish Master

The Forth of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Shark Man is a feirce opponent. His Shark Fin Boomerang,called the sharkarang, can smash through anything.

Good Point: He’s A Good Swimmer.

Bad Point: He’s Aggressive.

Likes: Biting People; Stalking.

Dislikes: Oil;Shark Hunters.

“I’m Shark Man! Master Of The Seas!”
Bit Man (CN - 005)

Plasma Master

The Fifth of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Bit Man is a Plasma Generation Robot,who can Generate More Plasma than even Mega Man.

Good Point: He’s Dedicated To His Work.

Bad Point: He Way Too Serious.

Likes: Plasma.

Dislikes: Being Cut.

“I’m Bit Man! Master Of Plasma!”
Slicer Man (CN - 006)

Blade Master

The Sixth of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Slicer Man is a Master of Bladed Weapons. His Main Attack Is The Slicer Blade, a Circular Saw that can be fired.

Good Point: He’s A Good Fighter.

Bad Point: He’s Crazy.

Likes: Slicing Things; Blades.

Dislikes: Plasma Blasts

“I’m Slicer Man! Master Of Blades!”
Slick Man (CN - 007)

Oil Master

The Seventh of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Slick Man’s main thing is shooting oil, perfect for blinding and slipping up enemies. His Attack is called The Oil Stream. He’s the 1st African American Robot Master and Tag Partner of Torch Woman.

Good Point: He Has A Loose Personality.

Bad Point: He’s A Cheap Fighter.

Likes: Fighting Dirty.

Dislikes: Fire; Oil Man.

“I’m Slick Man! 'Da Real Master Of Oil..So Up Yo’ Ass, Oil Man!”
Torch Woman (CN - 008)

Flame Mistress

The Eighth of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Partner of Slick Man. Torch Woman is equipped with a powerful Torch,called the Hyper Torch. Not Only Is Torch Woman An African American Robot Master, But She’s Also One Of The Rare Female Robot Masters. She Has A Cool Flame Pony Tail.

Good Point: She’s A Hot Fighter.

Bad Point: She’s An Arsonist.

Likes: Arson; Combining Her Attack With Slick Man’s

Dislikes: Water; Getting Wet.

“I’m Torch Woman! Mistress Of Flame!”
Water Man (CN - 009)

Water Master

The Ninth and Final of Crorq’s Robot Masters. Water Man looks like Air Man, except he has Water Jets instead of a Fan. His Water Jets can produce high Pressure Water Blasts.

Good Point: He’s A Realist.

Bad Point: He’s Lazy.

Likes: Not Doing Hard Work.

Dislikes: Boomerangs.

“I’m Water Man! Master Of Water!”
Note: As You Can See, These Robot Masters Lack Personality. That’s Because Crorq,their Creator,found it unnecessary to Give them extensive personalities.
Buster Rod G (Goku)

Simian Warrior Hero

A Monkey Warrior Robot Created and Designed by Dr. Wily. His Attacks include his Power Rod,Energy Bomb,Energy Waves,and A Super Mode. He is the Leader of Dr. Wily’s Zed Team, due to him being the strongest.

Good Point: He’s a Great Fighter; Is Kind To His Fellow Wily Robots; He’s Loyal.

Bad Point: He’s Not Very Smart Book wise; He Eats Too Much.

Likes: Fighting; Fishing;Strong Fighters.

Dislikes: Weak Fighters; Those Who Fight Dr.Wily.

“I’m Not Monkeying Around This Time!”
Strike Wolf Y (Yamcha)

Cunning Wolf Bandit

A Wolf Warrior Robot Created and Designed by Dr. Wily. His Attacks include his Barrage Strike,Homing Energy Ball,and Power Sabre. He is The Team Strategist and Master Of Disguise.

Good Point: He’s A Good Strategist; He’s Cunning.

Bad Point: He’s Easily Angered; He Rushes Into Things In Rage; Arrogant.

Likes: Fighting; Stealing.

Dislikes: Losing; His Plans Being Foiled.

“My Tactics Are Fool Proof!”
Psychic God T (Tien)

The Honarable Warrior God

A 3-Eyed,4-Armed Warrior Robot Created and Built By Dr.Wily. He is a Master of Electro Magnetism. His attacks are: The Psy-Gun,Psy-Barrier,and The Tri Buster. He can paralyze circuitry in Robots and make Deadly holographic Copies of Himself. He Can Also Fly.

Good Point: He’s Honorable..Even To His Enemies; He’s A Great Martial artist; He’s Humble.

Bad Point: He’s Distant.

Likes: Fighting; Meditation.

Dislikes: Dishonorable Warriors.

“I Will Give You A Fair Fight!”
Ultra Alien P (Piccolo)

The Wise Alien Warrior

A Green Alien-esque Warrior Robot Created and Designed by Dr. Wily. His Attacks include Beam Cannon,Destructive Blast,and Teleportation. He has the ability to stretch out his arms. He can also Fly. He’s Buster Rod G’s Rival and 2nd Strongest of the Zed Team.

Good Point: He’s Wise.

Bad Point: He’s Too Serious About Things;Irritable.

Likes: Aiding Wily In His Conquest of Earth.

Dislikes: Foolishness.

“Surrender Or Be Destroyed!”
Brainy Chic B (Bulma)

Sexy Intellectual

A Female Blue Armored Robot Created and Designed by Dr. Wily. She doesn’t have any attacks, but she can reflect Blasts. She is the Brains of the Tram. She’s almost as Smart as Wily.

Good Point: She’s Very Intelligent; She’s Good With Gadgets.

Bad Point: She’s Prone To Whining; She’s Not A Good Fighter; Spoiled.

Likes: Getting Pampered;Being Praised.

Dislikes: Not Getting Her Way.

“You Won’t Win!”
Villian Support K (Krillin)

Professional Toady

A Chestnut Robot Created and Designed by Dr. Wily. He is the smallest of the team and Buster Rod G’s sidekick. Outside the team,he’s a toady to Wily and his Bots. He attacks with Slicing Disks and Energy Waves. He can also blind his Foes with a flash attack.

Good Point: He’s A Good Fighter; He’s Resourceful

Bad Point: He’s Unappreciated.

Likes: The Simple Things In Life.

Dislikes: Being A Toady; Being Made Fun Of; Being Abused.

“I Hate My Job!"
Note: The Genesis Unit doesn’t exist in the RS Universe. So in there place are these guys.