Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Street Fighter 2017 Ideas and Concepts

As everyone knows,due to "issues",Giga Fiction has decided to cancel our Street Fighter series. Well,I promised I'd give you concepts and ideas for this abandoned series.

Let's start with the story. It's 20XX and much of Humanity has evolved into a race of super-powered people called Ultra Humans. So on Earth there are 2 Master Races: Ultra Human's (called Ultras) and Normal Humans (called Norms). There Are some racial tentions,but they mostly get along.

Anyway,Ryu Hoshi is a 25-year-old Ultra Martial Artist,who wants to be the greatest Fighter he can be. So he travels the globe looking for strong and/or unique opponents to fight,hoping to gain both experience and strength.

On his travels,Ryu meets a host of some of the most unique fighters,all of them Ultras, like himself. Fighters such as Edo Honda,a Sumo Champion from Okinawa,who's living in Kyoto; Chun-Li Xiang,an Interpol Agent originally from China, now living in the US; William Guile,a Colonel in the United States Air Force; Ken Masters,Ryu's Best Friend and Rival from America; and M.Bison,the Satanic Master of Shadowloo,an evil organisation with a hard fetish for money and power. His goal is to enslave the Norms and rule the Earth as the God of all Ultras.

Ryu would've run into M.Bison during his journey.

Now,let's talk more about the characters. Ryu's mission in life would've been mostly the same as it was in the games,however,the early part of his Backstory would've been different. Plus,He would've been an Ultra.

Ryu was brought to Gouken's Dojo in Okinawa by his Mother,who didn't have the means to raise her infant Son. Gouken,being a good friend of the Woman,decided to take the boy in and raise him as his own. Knowing who Ryu's father really is,Gouken decides to keep that part of Ryu's past a secret from him,until he is ready. He also struggled with the Dark Hadou later.

Ken Masters' Backstory is almost the same as Capcom's Universe. The only exceptions being that his Mother was to be 1/4 Japanese (as opposed to be full or half japanese,as in the games) and that Ken himself was an Ultra. His father was the 5th richest man in the World and the 2nd richest in the U.S. As a Kid,Ken was an dilinquent,who had little control of his powers. He was brought to Gouken's Dojo to learn how to control his powers and to learn how to be a better person. He meets and trains with Ryu as Gouken-Sensei's only students. The 2 become rivals,and then later,best friends.

Chun-Li's backstory was mostly the same as Capcom's,except that She would've been tought Tai-Chi by Street Fighter 1's Lee (who,happened to be her uncle,in this universe). She would've learned Kung-Fu from Gen(who is a former assasain). And Yes,she's an Ultra too.

Guile's backstory would've remained the same as his Capcom counterpart's. He's was an Ultra as well.

Dhalsim was once a Bio-Geneticist working for the University of Calcutta. He left the field in protest,when he found out that Shadaloo was funding his research. Trying to distance himself from his past,Dhalsim became a Hindu Monk. Soon after his Temple was taken over by the Indian Government,Dhalsim bought some land,using some inheritence money that he saved up,and created a village for those who were homeless. He lived there with his wife and newborn son. Due to the land being privatly owned,the Govermant couldn't seize it. Dhalsim is an Ultra,as well.

Blanka (known as James Blanka in this series) was a Liutenent in the Brazilian Air Force,and was great friends with Charlie Nash and William Guile. Like Guile and Nash,Blanka is an Ultra Human,who's powers involve electricity. During a routine flight,Blanka's jet experiences technical difficulties and crash-lands into contaminated (by shadaloo's toxic dumping) Brazilian waters. The Toxic chemicals transform Blanka into a Wild ManBeast,with amplified electric powers. Blanka,knowing that he can't live among men,leaves his old life behind and spends therest of his life in the Brazilian Jungle. Soon,Blanka is presumed dead by the Brazilian government. Soon, Blanka meets Dan Hibiki and the 2 become friends.

Honda,Zangeif,and Vega's backstories would've remained the same as Capcom's Universe. All 3 were Ultras. Balrog's full name would've been Mike Balrog. He's an Ultra as well.

Sagat's backstory would've been mostly the same as Capcom's,but he'd be named Viktor Sagat and would've been the youngest son of a Thai Warlord. He would've also been nicknamed "Big Daddy Muay Thai". When Go Hibiki destroyed his eye,Sagat killed him. He's an Ultra too.

M.Bison and Rose were once an Italian Ultra Human called Vin Vega,who sought the position of Pope. The Pope refused him the position,due to the the evil in his soul. Using his soul powers,Vin Vega attempted to eject the evil within,however the action split him into 2 beings: The Evil M.Bison and the one known as Rose. Rose and Bison abandoned their goal of becoming Pope and focused on different goals. Bison wanted to be Overlord of the World and Rose wanted to protect humanity. Both retained their amazing powers,though Bison's soul power was corrupted and renamed Psycho Power. Bison has the ability to transfer his soul into different bodies,Rose doesn't have that ability. The only way to kill Bison completely is to erase his soul.

Dan Hibiki was a Jackie Chan-esque Martial Artist from Hong Kong. He sought revenge against Sagat for killing his father,Go Hibiki,at the 1st Street Fighter's Tournanent (not street fighter 1 in this universe). He was the Master of Saikyo. He befriended Blanka during a tour of Brazil.

Cammy White was an Ex-Shadaloo General,working for M.I.6. Her backstory would've been unchanged from the games. She too was an Ultra.

Ultra Human's Gouken and Gouki were 2 brothers chosen by Goutetsu to be his students after witnessing their tremendous power. Goutetsu also chooses them,because of their personality opposites.

Goutetsu trains them both and encourages them to follow their own path and to use the assasain-based martial art (ansatsuken) however they wished. Gouki struggled with darkness within his soul fkr years,until eventually,he let it consume him. Gouken had no such darkness within his soul. Gouki,renamed Akuma,challenges and kills his Sensei,Gotetsu.

While Gouken is mourning his masters death,Akuma decides to search the Earth for super strong Ultra Humans to fight and kill. The 2 Bros. fight to a standstill. Years later,Gouken decides to continue his Masters tradition and train 2 Ultras of opposite character. Akuma,frustrated at finding the right opponent,hooks up with a besutiful Shrine Maiden in Tokyo. They have a Son,who is born as an Ultra. Akuma senses his newborn son's power and is not impressed. Disappointed in his Son and angry at the time he wasted,Akuma leaves the woman and child's life forever. Years later,Gouken trains Ryu and Ken. Gouken is killed by Akuma after the 2nd Street Fighter Tournament (street fighter 1 in this continuity).

Other characters such as Charlie Nash,Adon,Birdie,Sakura Kasugano,Gen,R.Mika,Karin Kansuki,Fei-Long,Dee Jay,T-Hawk,The Shadaloo Dolls,and The Final Fight guys would've been part of this series as well. In fact,Most existing Street Fighter characters would've made apperences.

Not only that,but this series would've introduced new characters exclusive to this Continuity. Most of the special moves,super combos,character personalities and looks,would've been retained from the games.

Anyway,let's talk more about the show itself. Street Fighter was planned to have 6 seasons,with 26 episodes/chapters per season. Each season would've been known as 'Rounds',while the episodes/chapters would've been known as 'Fights'. And there would've been atleast 1 fight per episode.

Each Season was to be comprised of Story Arcs. Season 1 would've had 5 Arcs. Here's what we could've seen. The 1st Arc of Season 1 was to star Sagat and would've followed him on his journey to the Street Fighter Championship. The Arc concludes with him losing to Ryu at the 2nd Street Fighter Tournament (again,that's street fighter 1 in this continuity). Stories for the other characters would've also been told. An adaption of Final Fight would've been part of this Arc too.

The next Arc of Season 1 would've been the 'Alpha Games' Arc and would've been adaption of Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

The next Season 1 Arc would've starred Ryu on his globe trotting journey,meeting and fighting interesting and powerful people. He also has run-ins with Shadaloo. Stories for other characters would've also been told.

The next Arc would've been an adaption of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper. BTW,the 'Alpha Series' Tournaments were to be called "The Alpha Games".

The final Arc of season 1 would've had Ryu begin his struggles with the Dark Hadou. He'd also fight Akuma for the 1st time since the 1st Alpha Game. At the end of the final episode of season 1,Akuma would've revealed that he was Ryu's father.

The 2nd season (or 2nd round)'s first Arc would've seen Ryu's struggle with the Dark Hadou continue. He would've had another match with Akuma. Near the end of the Arc,Ryu expells the Dark Hadou from his body,which becomes a new entity. The Dark Hadou becomes an evil copy of Ryu,called Akuryuu. Akuryuu disappears after creation. Due to their connection,Ryu could sense Akuryuu spiritualy.

The next Arc would've been an adaption of the Street Fighter II Animated Movie. The Arc after that is another adaption. This time adapting Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

The 4th Arc of Season 2 would've seen Ryu continue his journey to become the best fighter he can be. Other characters would've had their own episodes,as well. Ken's Wedding would've also been part of this Arc. Shadaloo and Akuryuu would've served as the main villains for this Arc.

The final Arc of Season 2,would've seen the deaths of many at Akuryuu's hands..including Guile's family. M.Bison tries to recruit him. Akuma is also interested in Akuryuu. Ryu eventually finds Akuryuu and it would've been revealed that if Akuryuu dies,Ryu will die too. Akuryuu escapes,leaving Ryu alone. This would've ended Season 2.

Season 3's first Arc would've had Ryu go to Italy to consult Rose on how to kill Akuryuu without killing himself. The answer: He Can't. So Rose teaches him a Soul Power technique called the 'Demon Soul Capture Wave',which can be used to entrap evil spirits for all eternity. It's the Only technique that Rose hasn't been able to master. After getting a 'Sacred Urn' from Rose,Ryu searches for Akuryuu.

The end of the Arc has Ryu using the 'Demon Soul Capture Wave' on Akuryuu seals him away in the Sacred Urn. He then buries the Urn deep within the earth,where no one would find it.

The Next Arc introduces The Street Fighter 3 cast,as well as some of the guys from Street Fighter 4. Darkstalkers appear too.

The 3rd Season's next Arc would've been a Special Darkstalkers v Street Fighter arc.

Arc 4 of Season 3 would've been seen Ryu and Ken reminice about their roots and recall events of their past. This Arc would've also had an adaption of Street Fighter 1.

The Final Arc of Season 3 would've involved Ryu and Ken traveling the World together,seeking strong people to fight.

That's all we've got. Season 4 would've had a loose adaption of Ultra Street Fighter 4. There would've also been an Arc dealt with Anti-Ultra/Anti-Norm attitudes,leading up to the 'Norm vs Ultra' war,which would've been the focus of the following Arc.

Late Season 4/Early Season 5,would've introduced some of the Street Fighter 5 characters. And the first arc of Season 6 would've loosely adapted Street Fighter 5. The next-to-final arc would've been an adaption of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

The Series would've ended with Ryu walking off into the sunset.

And so there you have it,'Street Fighter 2017',or what would've been 'Street Fighter 2017'.

So,what now? Well,I'll be abandoning all original works based on famous franchises and just do straight-up adaptions,instead. Ruby-Spears Mega Man will be the Only exception to this rule. Also,I wanna put more focus into my own IPs (ie original works). I'm so looking forward to building my Universe.

Well,that's it. Stay Gold,Space Cowboy.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ask Ruby Spears Dr.Light 5

RS Dr.Light: Greetings,I am Dr.Light of an Alternate Rockman Universe. Ask me anything? Silly or Trivial,it doesn't matter,I'll answer it to the best of my abilities. Today,I will be focusing mainly on Questions reguarding my Universe.

Dr.Light. What do you like to do on your breaks or after a long day?

RS Dr.Light: I like watching TV. Believe it or not,I find a viewing of Dragon Ball quite nice. I really love that series. When I told Roll that I wanted to master the Kamehameha and the Kaio-Ken,she burst out laughing. I also like to relax by listening to classical music.
Advanced Androids in your Universe look so human,how do people distinguish one from the other? Especially when they're not wearing their armor.

RS Dr.Light: It's true that All Advanced Androids in my Universe can remove their armor,but the thing that seperates them from looking too human outside of their armor is their Synthetic Skin.

The Synthetic Skin [or synthskin] looks somewhat smooth and rubbery. The faces are also doll-esque. Because of this,Androids can be creepy at first glance,but that creepy feeling subsides after a while,once the Human and Android begin to know each other.
What are the differences between Advanced Androids and Robot Masters?

RS Dr.Light: Plenty. For one,Robot Master's can't remove their armor like Advanced Androids,though they can transform their limbs into various tools and weapons. Example: Splash Woman can turn her Mermaid Tail into bare legs and bare feet,similar to how Rock and Blues can transform their armored right arms into Plasma Busters. Or like how Rush can transform into various vehicles and tools.

Other things that separates them,is that Robot Masters have lower A.I and RAM capacity and are bound by the 3 Laws. Advanced Androids have a more Human-like mind and are not Completely bound by the 3 Laws.

As you can see,Advanced Androids do not have any of the limitations that Robot Masters have.
You mentioned in a previous 'Ask RS Dr.Light',that you were a champion Robot-Battler in your youth? How many Championships did you win?

RS Dr.Light: 10. I partook in 11 tournaments and lost one. My entered robot for all 11 of those tournaments was,Rokkumon. Rokkumon was a treaded robot,equipped with a laser buster. Each robot of that era were either controlled by remote or by voice command. Independent Operating Robots were still years away.

Rokkumon was named after an Anime,I used to enjoy in my childhood. That Robot won me 10 of the 11 tournanents. Over time,Rokkumon became more than just a battle robot to me,it became my beloved pet.

At the 11th Tournament,I lost to Dr.Wily's Devil-series prototype,Zello. Zello was an amazing machine. It's was a giant mechanical Eye that formed its body out of red ooze. The eye controlled the ooze electromagnetically,the same way it's successors control their clay and mud bodies.

However,Zello was an untested creation and went beserk after destroying Rokkumon. Albert was disqualified and no one won that tournament. After that Tournament,I sunk into depression for a few weeks over the loss of Rokkumon. Thankfully,Albert convinced me to move on and from that point on,I retired from the Robot-Battle Tournament Circuit to focus on my carrer as a roboticist.

Sorry for the "Life Story",but,I didn't feel like giving a simpler answer. Thank you for the question.
Now that your Universe has been rebooted,Do you think Capcom will give it chance?

RS Dr.Light: Unfortunatly,no. Capcom will forever look down upon this Universe,rebooted or no. Though,I wish they'd altleast give it a chance.
Besides Dragon Ball,What other Animes do you enjoy?

RS Dr.Light: Sailor Moon is always a favorite franchise,Roll likes that one too. I also used to watch a lot of different Robot animes,such as Astroboy and the Gundam series.
Ok Doc,enough secrets. What Is Project Zenkai?

RS Dr.Light: You people will never leave me be about that will you? Fine,I'll give you some information. Project Zenkai is something special that I'm working on. That's all I'm going to divulge for now.
Who created Lady Vocal,The 7th Uprising Robot Masters,and the 8th Uprising Robot Masters?

RS Dr.Light: Ok,here's what I know. Rider Man was the leader of a fallen Robo-Biker gang; Hyena Man was created to guard the African Pridelands against poachers;Splash Man was created for Deep Sea Exploration; Wing Man was a Co-Manager of a Bird Sanctuary; Sniper Man was a Los Angeles Police Robot Master,turned Hitman for hire; Vanish Man was an Experimental British spy Robot Master;Ton Man was a Trash Crusher;and Warrior Man was a freelancer on the Robot Master Battle Circuit.

As for the 8th Uprising Robot Masters (aka the Next Generation Numbers): Ant Man was created to observe the nature of Ants,as well as to lift heavy objects; Polar Man was an Arctic Rescuer;Burning Man was an Incinerator;Gigabolt Man was used to power-up Power Plants;Terra Man is an Earth Excavator; Panda Man was COO of the Chinese National Zoo; Sunflower Woman was a Botanical Nurse; And Scythe seems to be a horror themed warrior.

Lady Vocal once worked for the Robo-Guardians as a Navigator,who had a deep seeded hatred for Humans. When the Robo-Guardians were decommissioned,Vocal founded the ASL,that's the Android Supremacy League.

Now,as for who created them? I have no idea,sorry.
If you were a Dragon Ball Character,What would your special moves be?

RS Dr.Light: A strange question,but a fun one,nonetheless. Well one move I'd have is either the Kamehameha or a variation of it,I'd like to call,The Hikarihariha Wave.

Another move I'd have would be the Kaio-Ken...or atleast,something just like it (hikari-ken,perhaps?). And finally,The Janken Fist,I've always liked that move.

Hikari is Japanese for Light,btw.

Well that's all for now,Keep those questions coming,I really enjoy answering them in my free time.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fan Fiction Showcase: MegaBaur's Mega Man - Defender of the Human Race

Another Awesome Ruby-Spears Mega Man fic,from an equally awesome dude.

Mega Man - Defender of The Human Race by MegaBauer

A Retelling and continuation of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man Cartoon universe, featuring all-new stories taking place after the end of the show. 

Now,this fic is very long,So I created a Table of Contents for this story.

Episode 1 - Chapters 1-10
Episode 2 - Chapters 11-21
Episode 3 - Chapters 22-31
Episode 4 - Chapters 32-48
Episode 5 - Chapters 49-61
Episode 6 - Chapters 62-72
Episode 7 - Chapters 73-84
Episode 8 - Chapters 85-93
Episode 9 - Chapters 94-101
Episode 10 - Chapters 102-112
Episode 11 - Chapters 113-125
Episode 12 - Chapters 126-136
Episode 13 - Chapters 137-146
Episode 14 - Chapters 147-157
Episode 15 - Chapters 158-On Going.

Told ya this fic was long. I'll be updating this index as more "Episodes" are completed.
Now as an added Bonus,here's another cool Mega Man fic by MegaBauer.

Mega Man - Be Careful What You Wish For

An alternate retelling of a rather infamous tale in the Mega Man cartoon's library. A tale in which Dr. Wily finds a magic chest and plans to use it in his quest for world domination. But, unbeknownst to him, Dr. Wily is about to embark on a new quest, courtesy of the genie inside that chest, Lotos. And when he opens it, he will also open the door that leads to The Twilight Zone.

That's it for now. Happy Reading.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Street Fighter 2017 Canceled

Ladies and Gentlemen,We have some sad news. After hearing about Capcom's big Plans for Street Fighter's 30th,which will be revealed this summer at E3 and SDCC,Giga Fiction has decided to cancel it's Street Fighter series.

The biggest reason for this,is that Capcom's plans are very likely to involve a New Anime Series. So,we figure,why bother with this project if Capcom is planning a show of their own. Since our work will likely be overshadowed.

We are heartbroken by this,as We had such great plans for this series. We also apologise for this.

Now,will we watch the Supposed Anime,when it comes out? Likely. But Only the English Subbed version. Plus,there's a great chance that the show will suck...but,we'll see.

Anyway,We plan on sharing the various Ideas and Concepts we had for our's the least we can do.

Thanks for your continued support,and hope everyone continues to enjoy our projects.

See Ya,Space Cowboy.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fan Timelines: Ruby-Spears Mega Man (Original Timeline/Old Reality) 2

Dr.Wily Era - Year 4 (2097):  Still suspicious of Proto Man,Dr.Wily decides to keep an eye on him via security cameras. He sees Break Man in Proto Man's room and gets enraged,he gets more enraged,when he finds out that Break Man is really Proto Man.

Dr.Wily confronts Proto Man about being Break Man. Proto calls the accusations false,but Wily shows the footage from the security cameras. Dr.Wily asks why? Proto Man doesn't give him an answer,so Wily screams at him. The evil scientist summons The Mega Destroyers to incarcerate Proto Man,until he figures out what to do with him.

Proto Man tries to fight back,but is overpowered. After that's finished,Dr.Wily starts working on his newest project: Wily Machine RS,a powerful war vehicle. Dr.Wily soon creates a powerful new energy source,known as Forteum...An energy source,that he'll use to power the Wily Machine.

Meanwhile,Dr.Light is busy working on a flying Rescue Station,which will take about a year to create. Hours later,Proto Man is confronted by Dr.Wily,who plans to destroy him for his treason.

Proto Man escapes Skull Fortress,before his execution can happen. Dr.Wily sends the Mega Destroyers after Proto Man. Proto Man steals an Air-Raider and flees the badlands. Proto Man wonders where he'll go now. He decides to try Dr.Light's place. He fazes into his Break Man guise,with the intent of revealing his identity to the Lights. They trust Break Man way more than Proto Man.

Chasing Proto Man/Break Man,in the Skullker,are the 3 Mega Destroyers. Soon a dogfight ensues,with The Trio coming out on top. Luckily,Break Man crashes into the Light's backyard.

Mega Man comes out and beats back the Mega Destroyers,forcing them to retreat. Roll checks on Break Man and sees that he's hurt. Dr.Light puts examines him and feels familiarity with Break Man's overal design.

Break Man,weak,warns Dr.Light that Dr.Wily has created a new energy source. The Light's ask Break Man a volley of questions. Break Man tells them that he'll answer all questions,once he's repaired.

While working on his Wily Machine,Dr.Wily sends The 3 Mega Destroyers out for Proto again,this time with a bunch of Robot Masters.

Dr.Light finishes Break Man's repairs. Break Man,reluctantly,reveals his true identity as Proto Man. Proto Man explains that Wily lied to him and he wanted to teach him a lesson,but the more he fought with Wily,the more he realized what a psychotic loser the scientist was.

Plus,deep down he liked the "mysterious hero" thing. And for his betrayl,Wily has decided to execute him. That's why he used the Break Man identity,to hide his intentions from Wily.

The Light's decide to give him 1 more chance. Suddenly,Dr.Lights Lab is attaked by Wily's Robots,who want Proto Man. Mega Man,Roll,and Proto Man battle and defeat the Robots.

Later,Proto Man is offered to stay with the Light's,but decides to go out on his own for a bit to do some more soul searching. Dr.Light relises that Proto Man is Blues rebuilt. Mega and Roll asks who that is. Light tells them.

Meanwhile,Dr.Wily is close to completing the Wily Machine RS. He also makes plans to create Proto Man's replacement.

1 month later,Dr.Light hires Dr.Cossack to aid him in the creation of his Flying Rescue Station. The 2 also work on a new robotic animal companion for Roll,a blue bird named Beat.

Meanwhile,Dr.Wily has completed the Wily Machine RS and is ready to use it. Dr.Wily appears before New York in his Wily Machine and starts his deadly assault. Mega Man and Roll go to battle the mad scientist. Beat proves very helpful in battle. However,the siblings have a tough time.

Proto Man appears and helps Mega Man and Roll. The 3 are eventually defeated and retreat,before they get destroyed. Dr.Light comes up with a plan to destroy the Wily Machine: reflect the projectiles back at it. Light presents the trio with special sheilds that can reflect any projectile.

The 3 head back into battle and try out Light's stratagy....It Works. The Wily machine explodes,but Wily escapes..very pissed off. Hours later,The Light's and Proto Man are talking and Proto Man has decided to live his life as a Nomad. He wants to travel the world and go where the action is.

Dr.Light insist he stays for the night. Proto Man accepts. Meanwhile,at Skull Fortress,Dr.Wily is really pissed at everything and decides to build Proto Man's replacement Now.

2 months pass and Wily has been quiet,in fact there have been no attacks from him whatsoever. Unfortunatly a powerful new threat is about to arrive....from space. The Stardroids,lead by the evil Sunstar and his assistant Terra,plan to make Earth their new home,but first they must terminate humanity. (terra is male in this outdated continuity,just like he was in the games)

The Stardroids give Mega Man and Roll (and proto man eventually) a run for their money at first,forcing them to retreat. The Lights get a new robot animal helper from Dr.Light: Tango the cat,who can transform into a buzzsaw that can cut through anything.

With Tango's help,the Light siblings and Proto Man destroy the Stardroids. Tango takes a liking to Proto Man. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily has just completed his replacement for Proto Man,and what he calls,the Ultimate Warrior.

2 weeks later,Dr.Light's Flying Rescue Station is near completion,thanks to Dr.Cossack's help. Dr.Wily issues a challenge to Mega Man: The Blue Bomber v His Ultimate Warrior.

If Mega wins,the Evil Scientist will surrender himself to the proper authorities. But,should Wily win,he gets full ownership of Dr.Light's lab,all of his inventions,and robots...that includes Mega Man and Roll.

Mega Man accepts the challenge. The battle is set to take place in about 1 week,at Jets Stadium in New Jersey. Mega Man trains hard for the challenge,and even gets Proto Man to spar with him.

The day of the big fight,we finally see who Dr.Wily's champion and Proto Man's replacement is: an warrior android named Bass. Bass is powered by Dr.Wily's newly created energy source: Fortenium. Joining Bass is robotic wolf companion,Treble.

The fight begins and the 2 fighters are evenly matched. Bass decides to cheat and fuse with his wolf,Treble. Treble becomes powerful new battle armor for Bass. Mega Man has a very tough time against Bass,though he eventually defeats him. Bass The villains retreat. The fight leaves Mega Man badly damaged.

Despite the loss,Dr.Wily is not too angry at Bass,since he managed to put Mega Man on the shelf for a while. Bass' pride has been damaged a bit and wants a rematch with Mega Man.

Knowing that Bass will return,Dr.Light reconfigures Rush to allow him to fuse with Mega Man. He also gets to work on a new type of chip. Mega Man's repair time takes a few days.

2 weeks later,Mega Man decides to bring Dr.Wily to justice himself. Mega Man and Roll head to Skull Fortress to capture Dr.Wily. With them are: Rush,Beat,and Tango.

The Light siblings (and pets) raid the fortress fighting and defeating every Robot Master they face. When they come face-to-face with Bass,Roll decides to go after Dr.Wily; and she takes Tango and Beat with her. Mega Man battles Bass and beats him. Bass fuses with Treble to destroy Mega Man.

But,to the black armored androids surprise,Mega Man fuses with Rush. Rush Armored Mega defeats Bass. Roll manages to make it to Dr.Wily and,after a scuffle,captures him.

Hours later,Dr.Wily is brought to an International Court to be tried for his crimes. He is convicted to a 50 Year sentence. Meanwhile,Bass decides to take over for Wily,while he's in jail.

After a month,Bass decides to bust his father out of prison. He decides to use Dr.Wily's Super Robot Masters to help him do it. These Robots are: Freeze Man,Junk Man,Cloud Man,Burst Man,Turbo Man,Shade Man,Spring Man,and Slash Man.

Bass and the Super Robot Masters attack the penetentury where Wily is at and break him out. Mega Man arrives at the scene and is forced into a confrontation with The Super Robot Masters. Proto Man drops by to stop Bass from freeing Dr.Wily. They have a fight.

Bass manages to defeat Proto Man and escapes with Dr.Wily. The Super Robot Masters are barely defeated by Mega Man. They escape when ordered to. Mega Man takes a damaged Proto Man back to Light's lab.

Dr.Wily sends his Super Robot Masters to terrorise the world into submition. Mega Man and Roll split up to stop them. When Proto Man is repaired,he decides to head to Skull Fortress .and re-arrest Dr.Wily.

Mega Man and Roll defeat the Super Robots and head to Wily's Fortress to get Wily. At the fortress,Proto Man is confronted by the Mega Man Destroyers,which he destroys. Bass and Treble arrive. Proto Fights Bass and defeats him. Bass fuses with Treble and beats Proto Man to near death.

The Light Siblings (with their pets) arrive at the Fortress and are forced into battle with the Robot Masters. After defeating them,The Light's eventually find Proto Man on deaths door. After saying some parting words,Proto Man dies. The Light siblings and their pets are saddened..Tango even more so.

Mega Man vows revenge on Bass for what he's done. He tells Roll,Beat,and Tango to find and capture Wily,while he finds Bass. Tango decides to assist Mega and Rush. Bass and Mega Man fight again,but this time Mega has help from Tango.

Roll meets up with Dr.Wily again and is attacked from behind by a Dark Man,and is knocked out. Feeling that his Fortress has been overly compromised,he activates the bases self-destruct mechanism.

Wily sends a warning to All surviving Robots to join him in the hanger for escape. Wily and the mysterious Robot escape. Bass and Treble reteat as well. Mega Man,Rush,and Tango go find Roll. They find her and Beat knocked out.

Mega Man takes Roll and goes back for Proto Man. The Heroes escape the Fortress just seconds before it blows up. Hours later,a small funeral for Proto Man is held in Dr.Light's yard.

Dr.Wily and the remainder of his Robot army all meet in an abandoned warehouse. While,pissed that much of his resources are gone,but is glad that Proto Man is dead. Dr.Wily makes plans to built a new Fortress.

Many Months later,Dr.Wily completes his new Skull Tower. Dr.Light finishes his Flying Rescue Station and plans to show it off to the public. He also plans to sell it. Dr.Wily and Bass quietly hijack a NASA Space Craft and fly to Saturn to mine a new type of Metal,known as Saturnium PS. During the mission,Wily discovers a new and unknown energy source.

Dr.Wily and Bass get the energy and the metal and leave. Meanwhile,further out in space,a Robotic Space Cop is battling and chasing,a similar looking,Robotic Terrorist. The 2 eventually end up in the Milky Way Galaxy,where the Earth's atmosphere forcefully pulls them in.

The Cop crash lands in the Light's front yard,while the Terrorist crash lands near Skull Tower. Both bots are damaged greatly from the fall,but are recovered by Dr.'s Light and Wily respectivly.

Dr.Wily fixes up the Terrorist and reprograms him into his own personal hitman. He sends the robot to destroy Mega Man and his friends. Dr.Light fixes the Cop,who's name is revealed to be Duo and that he is,what is known as,a Space Enforcer.

The Terrorist,who Duo calls Oud,attacks the Light Family at their own home. Mega Man and Duo team up to stop him. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily,using the Saturnium PS,is creating 8 New Robot Masters: Astro Man,Tengu Man,Clown Man,Frost Man,Grenade Man,Aqua Man,Sword Man and Search Man.

With Mega's help,Duo destroys Oud. During down time,Mega Man and Duo tell each other their personal tales. After completion,Dr.Wily sends out his new Robot Masters,known as the Saturn PS Robot Masters,out into the world.

Mega Man and Duo team up again to stop the Saturn PS Robot Masters. They eventually destroy them. Hours later,Duo says good-bye to his new friends and returns to space.

For the rest of the Year,Dr.Wily focuses all of his attention on the new energy source that he found,dubbing it Zeronium. Bass and the Robot Masters cause havoc on a weekly basis,but are stopped by Mega Man and Roll.

Dr.Light's Flying Rescue Station is up and running and doing great service. The people love it.
The Wily Era - Year 5 (2098):

Dr.Wily is busy creating a new type of Android,which will be powered by Zeronium. He also works on a new virus that corrupts machines. Dr.Light secretly works on a new type of Android,one with more power and memory capacity.

He also starts working on a new type of chip that will increase the power of repaired and overused machines. A technological marvel known as the X-Chip. He installs them in Mega Man and Roll,and plans to install one in his new secret creation.

Taking a break from creating his Ultimate Android,Dr.Wily devises a plan to hijack Dr.Light's Rescue Station and convert it into a war machine.

A week later,Dr.Wily and his Robots hijack The Flying Rescue Station,they are eventually defeated by Mega Man.

2 Weeks later,Dr.Wily creates a Wave Transmitter that brainwashes people,causing them to become Wily loyalists. It takes a while,but Dr.Light figures out whats going on. Mega Man heads to Skull Tower to destroy the transmiter. After going through countless Robot Masters and Bass,Mega destroys the Wave Transmitter.

A month goes by and every thing is peaceful,Dr.Wily is taking a vacation in Malta. Bass and Terble are taking part in Street Fighter Tournaments. The Robot Masters are all recharging.

However,Otto Rapter has escaped from the Asylum and wants to take over the world. He knows about the Legend of Lotos and decides to get him to help. He flies to India and successfuly steals Lotos' box from the National Museum.

Otto Rapter frees Lotos and they eventually agree to be partners. Their next destination is Hawaii,where Lotos revives Tar of the Lion Men. They make a deal with Tar to divide the Earth between them. They decide to call their new union,The Trio of Terror.

The Trio of Terror hijack Dr.Light's Rescue Station,with the intentions of making it their new base. Mega Man eventually stops them. Tar is re-mummified thanks to Dr.Light's Anti-Curse Machine,Lotos is defeated and sent back into his box,and Otto Rapter is sent back to the asylum.

1 week later,Dr.Wily completes his new virus,dubbed the Z-Virus,and intends to equip it on his new android. Bass hunts down Mega Man to challenge him. The Light's take a vacation in Hawaii. Bass finds Mega Man and challenges him. The 2 fight.

Mega Man wins the battle and this time,without the Rush Armor. The X-Chip helped Mega greatly.

1 Month later,Dr.Light continues work on his new android,which still remains a secret. Dr.Wily continues work on his new android. To improve himself,Bass chalkenges all of the Robot Nasters to a free-for-all. Bass destroys them all and is disappointed at the lack of challenge.

Bass,needing a stronger warrior to fight,travels through space (in wily's space craft) to find the perfect opponent. He travels across space and eventually meets up with Duo,who's on patrol.

Bass challenges Duo to a fight. Duo refuses at first,but accepts when Bass attacks him. Duo fights Bass with ibtent on arresting him for assaulting an officer. Bass wins..but barely. He leaves before Duo can arrest him. Bass returns to Earth for repairs,though satisfied at the great fight Duo provided.

One month later,Dr.Light reveals his new android to Mega Man and Roll. His name is X,and though unfinished,he will have amazing capabilities. His AI and Memory Capacity will be massive...not to mention his Power.

Dr.Light fears that the World isn't ready for this kind of thing yet and has Mega and Roll keep X a secret. Meanwhile,Wily equips his new android with Z-Virus,installing it within his helmets jem. The android,who is now mostly complete,is called Zero.

The remainder of the year was mostly peaceful. Dr.Wily's health begins to deteriorate,and,to a lesser extent,so does Dr.Light's. Both Scientists complete their creations. Bass challenges Mega Man on a weekly basis and usualy ends up losing.
The Cataclysm: Wily Era - Year 6 (2099): 

Sick of losing all of the time,Dr.Wily unleashes Zero. Zero,however,is disobediant and crazy He kills Dr.Wily and Bass and goes on a homicidal rampage. Zero attacks and destroys Dr.Light's Rescue Station.

Zero's homicidal rampage catches the attention of Mega Man and Roll,who battle Zero and lose. The 2 retreat back to the lab. Mega Man and Roll (and rush,who was with them) get repaired. The X-Chip kicks in and gives,Mega and Roll a strength boost.

Zero's homicidal rampage lead him to Dr.Light's lab,where he destroys The pets and fight's the Light siblings once again. Zero suffers a painful headache and is forced to retreat,but not before killing Dr.Light.

One week later,after Dr.Light's funeral,the Light siblings train hard to destroy Zero and avenge his victims. They consider awakening X,but realize that he may not be up for the fight.

Meanwhile,Zero continues his worldwide homicidal rampage,getting breif headaches along the way. After a few days,the Light's find Zero and fight him. Zero kills Roll,which triggers a great transformation within Mega Man. Mega Man turns Gold (with emerald eyes) and gets a massive increase in power and speed. He is now a Super Android.

Super Android Mega Man and Zero are evenly matched. Mega Man finishes Zero off with a diving fist though the head. The attack shatters Zero's helmet jem,releasing the Z-Virus. With Zero destroyed,the world is safe.

Mega Man takes Roll home for a funeral,unaware that he just recieved the Z-Virus. During repairs(by auto),the virus keeps itself hidden.

During the next few months,Mega Man begins showing signs of psychosis,mainly thanks to the effects of the virus. He becomes fourth-wall aware and seeps into deep depression when he finds out all of the horrible things that are said about him in the "real world"..especially by the online media and the megaman fanbase.

Soon,Mega's depression becomes total dementia. In his insanity,He destroys Auto. He then builds a machine that can travel to other Universes. A machine that was one of Dr.Light's abandoned projects.

Mega plans to use the machine to go to the "Real World" and kill his critics. It takes a month to complete. Mega Man decides to train some more afterwards,to master his Super Android form.

Meanwhile,within a mysterious realm,known as the Realm Between Universes,the Guardian of Realms is watching how the Rockman Universe is playing out and is really angered by it. She wants so bad to erase that Universe,so it can be rebooted.

When a Universe is erased,it's almost always imediately replaced with a fresh new one.

After training,Mega Man decides to change his look,so he makes some new armor and helmet. After a few weeks,he completes the all black armor. Mega Man then realises that he needs to Erase the "Real World",but he needs a device that can do just that. He leaves for Skull Tower to see if Dr.Wily has one.

Mega invades Skull Tower and eventually finds a Universe Eraser Machine,called Erasuretron. The machine is incomplete,so Mega takes it back to the lab to complete it.

The Guardian of Realms,now watching the events of the RS Mega Man Universe,is interested in what Mega Man is doing. After completing the machine,Mega takes a break.

The Guardian of Realms appears before Mega and tells him the "dangerous" situation going on in the Rockman Universe and that it needs to be rebooted,and for that to happen,it must be erased.

Mega knows all about it,due to his 4th-wall awareness and has an extreme hatred for Zero and Keiji Inafune And Capcom Japan And The Mega Man Fanbase. The Guardian recruits Mega for a special Erase the Rockman Universe. Mega accepts,despite being told that if The Rockman Universe is erased,his Universe will be erased too. But,Mega doesn't really care.

The Guardian wishes Mega luck and leaves. Mega,knowing he'll need some help with this mission,wakes up X and informs him of the mission to erase the Rockman Universe.

Knowing that X could oppose his true intentions,Mega lies to his Brother by telling him that the Rockman Universe is "ruled by evil" and must be erased. X buys into the lies and agrees to help.

After equiping himself with his new black armor,Mega Man renames himself Mega Man Shadow.
The Mega Shadow Era (????): 

The Rockman Universe,circa 20XX,Place: Tokyo. Dr.Thomas Right is working on a new invention,called the Time Skimmer. He plans on visiting the future to meet the future Rockmen. The thing malfunctions and warps the Rockmen to the present time.

Meanwhile,Mega Shadow and Mega X arrive in Kyoto,with the Erasuretron. Mega Shadow assaults the city out of hatred (with some insanity). X questions Mega's action,but Mega Shadow lies by telling his brother that these people are evil,ruled by evil emperors.

After the attack,the Light Brothers leave to find an appropriate spot for the Erasuretron's launch (by flying). Dr.Right gets an alert and dispatches the Rockmen to Kyoto. The heroes arrive too late. Blues arrives as well...and so does Forte and Gospel.

Blues tells everyone that he seen 2 unusualy powerful guys leave the area,heading toward the park. The heroes leave to confront them.

Mega Shadow and Mega X arrive at the park,which is mostly empty. Mega Shadow reveals that once the Erasuretron is in space,it will emit a huge wave of energy that will literaly erase the cosmos.

The heroes arrive and confront the Brothers. It should be noted that the Rockmen all speak Japanese,while not understanding a lick of English. The following heroes are present: Rockman,Blues,Forte,Rockman X,Zero,Axl,Rockman Zero,Ciel,Allouette,Grey,Ashe,Alie,Vent,and Rockman Voulnut.

Mega Shadow scoffs at the numbers and is ready to destroy them all. The heroes power-up. Rock in his Rush Armor,Forte in his Gospel Boost Armor,X in his X8 Ultimate Armor,the ZX heroes in their ZX armor,and Voulnut with a helmet and stronger weapons.

Ciel and Allouette watch from the sidelines,while Mega X sets the launch time for the Erasuretron. It's set for 5 minutes.

The Rockmen and allies wonder what the machine is,but before they can figure things out,they are attacked. Mega Shadow fights,while Mega X watches over the machine.

Mega Shadow effortlessly handles Rock,Forte,Blues,X,Zero,Axl,and Voulnut. But has issues with Rockman Zero and the ZX Team. However,that all changes,when Mega Shadow goes Super Android.

Mega Shadow destroys X's X8 armor effortlessly and begins killing. With satisfaction and glee,Mega Shadow kills Axl,the ZX Team,Blues,and Forte. He then tortures the Zeros,before killing them,all while giving a epic verbal smackdown to Keiji Inafune and Capcom Japan (thanks to his 4th wall awareness).

All the while,Mega X is slowly starting to wonder if his brother has been truthful to him.

Roll arrives to lend a hand,with a buster,and is horrified to see the Rockmen and friends dead,and their maniacal reaper. Mega Shadow decides to go after Roll,Ciel and,Allouette next,horrifying,ad even upsetting X.

Mega Shadow,with psychotic glee,kills Roll. X's pleas to stop being purposely ignored. X gets angry and briefly flashes gold.

Despite Mega X's cries,Mega Shadow kills the 3 blonde girls anyway. This saddens and angers Mega X enough,he transforms into a Super Android. This turn of events surprises Mega Shadow,who then gets angry at his father for giving Mega X an X-Chip.

Mega X then realizes that Mega Shadow has lied to him and that the Only Evil one..him. Mega Shadow taunts Mega X and the 2 end up fighting. Mega X tries to destroy the Erasuretron,but is consta tly stoped by his older brother.

After a while,Mega Shadow realizes that Mega X might be to strong for him,so he decides to go to the next level. Mega Shadow transforms into a Level 2 Super Android or Super Android 2,shocking Mega X and the remaining Mega Men.

Mega Shadiw beats Mega X and just in time for the Erasuretron's launch. X tries to shoot it down,but he is stopped by Mega Shadow. With the Erasuretron now in orbit,the Universe has only 3 more minutes until it's erased.

Mega Shadow loves it and begins verbally trashing The Mega Men And Capcom Japan. Mega X and the remaining Mega Men team up to fight Mega Shadow,but fail.

Mega Shadow transforms again,this time with the help of the Z-Virus. Mega Shadow was now "Awakened".

Mega Shadow kills every hero effortlessly and laughs maniacly as the Erasuretron activates and erases the Rockman Universe with it's huge energy wave.

And with that,the Rockman Universe,all Connected Universes,and Mega Shadow himself are erased from existence.

Soon,the Universes are reborn/rebooted.
The Alternative,Non-Canon Wily Year 6 (2099): 

Note: The Following Events Are Non-Canon And Will Eventually Lead Into The Mega X Era.

Dr.Wily creates terrorist plot,after terrorist plot and is stopped by Mega Man. Dr.Wily considers activating Zero,but decides against it,fearing that a machine that powerful,won't obey him.

It takes a year,but Mega Man finally brings Dr.Wily to Justice....and this time no breakouts. Peace has been restored. Bass tries his hand at World domination,but fails.
The Mega X Era (Early to Mid 21XX):

It's years into the future and Dr.Light and his robots are dead,but hold a legacy. Dr.Wily and Bass are dead too..but few seem to remember them. The surviving 2 Androids are X and Zero,both of whom were sealed in capsules.

Dr.Cain,a 41 3/4 year old scientist finds X in an abandoned lab (likely dr.lights lab). Soon,Dr.Cain creates Repiroids,androids based on X's blueprints.

When some of these Repiroids start going Maverick,Dr.Cain and the U.S.Government create a special taskforce called the Maverick Hunters. Dr.Cain creates Sigma to lead the Hunters. Zero awakens and kills everyone he sees.

Signa is sent to destroy him. Sigma fights Zero and destroys his helmet gem in the prosess,causing the Z-Virus to be transfered to Sigma. Zero is taken back to Cain labs to be repaired. Once repaired,Zero's homicidal tendancies are gone and he agrees to work with the Hunters. He soon becones X's best friend.

Sigma,infected by the Z-Virus,goes evil and wants humanity dead,so that Repiroids can rule. He recruits Vike as his 2nd and brainwashes 8 Hunters into joining his cause.

He is eventually stopped by X and Zero,though Zero is gravely damaged by Valguarder,Sigma's Dog,in a sneak attack. X vows never to ket his guard down and to show Mavericks No Mercy.

Sigma,needing more money,discovers that Litanium Rods are worth Billions,but are tough to find in this time period. So Sigma sends Vile and Spark Mandrill to steal a new invention of Dr.Cain's,The Time Shredder,a machine that can rip open portals through time.

The henchbots steal the Machine and use it to travel back in time to steal the Litanium Rods. X uses a the Prototype version of the Time Shredder to chase after the Mavericks.

The mission fails. X pushes Vile and Spark Mandrill through a portal Sigma made and ends up in the Maniacs Fkrtress. He sees the stolen Time Shredder and destroys it,preventing future usage.

The Maverick-Maverick Hunter War Continues....until all is Erased!
Wily Era 21XX - The False Future (2114):

It's 20 years into the future and Dr.Wily has taken over,all thanks to Mega not being there to stop him. Have A Nice Day!

Note: See the episode 'Future Shock' to find out more.
And so ends the journey.  To be continued in the Rebooted Realities.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fan Timelines: Ruby-Spears Mega Man (Original Timeline/Old Reality)

Note: The Following Timeline is based on the Original RS Mega Man Universe(the one belonging to the 90's Cartoon). The events of this reality will eventually lead up to the event that caused the massive Rockman Reset. Resetting not only the Rockman Robot Universe,but The RS Mega Man Universe as well.

Ancient Times (100-1899): While conquering,what is now known as Hawaii,Tar and his savage tribe are coated with the cosmic dust of a passing comet,turning them into Lion Men. The Lion Men would pass on their curse to all they meet,turning Humans into Lion People.

Tar and his Lion Men were eventually beaten and imprisoned within a volcano,where they ended up spending the rest of their days.

2 years later,on a Mysterious Island,the Vanu Bhi tribe is formed,a civilization of fierce warriors who worshipped the volcano. They also were fond of their stone guardians. 300 years later,the tribe died off.

900 years later,in India,a peasent boy[name unknown],finds a strange box,while treasure hunting. Within the box lies the powerful genie,Lotos. As a boon for freeing him,Lotos grants the peasent some wishes. The peasent wished to be a rich and powerful Rajah. True to his word,Lotos gave the peasent what he wanted.

Unbeknownst to the peasent,Lotos' true goal was to cause chaos. After receiving this info from an aide,the peseant turned Rajah,tricked Lotos back into his box.
Light and Wily - The Early Years (Sometime in 20XX): Albert Wily is born. A year later,Thomas Light is born. Albert Wily was born and raised in Germany,but moves to the U.S. later in life. Thomas Light was born and raised in Boston.

Thomas grew up in a stable home with a supportive family. Albert grew up in poverty. Albert's family moves to the U.S. years later,hoping to have better luck..they didn't. Both Albert's parents had to work 2 jobs a piece,just to put him through school.

Albert soon takes a liking to Robotics. Thomas Light finds great fondness in gadgeteering,and aims to be the worlds greatest inventor. He soon gets into robotics,as well.

As kids,both prove themselves to be tech prodigies,with Thomas getting more accolades. Both were also bullied and ridiculed by their peers throughout their school years. Albert,because he was German,got it worse. He didn't even have toys like the other kids,mainly due to his family being very low income.

Years later,the 2 met in collage and became roommates. Both greatly excelled at robotics and engineering. Thomas was given much accolades for his work,while Albert got either ignored or ridiculed. Upset at his misfortunes,Albert secretly sabotaged one of Thomas' inventions [an independent moving robot] during an Invention Expo. Thomas got a failing grade,much to Albert's pleasure. Albert was overjoyed that day,when his invention [a plasma knife] wins 1st place.

Sometime later,Thomas and Albert became friends and started working on projects together. Thomas remained unaware of Albert's sabotage at the Expo. During Freetime,Albert was studied necromancy,hoping to become all powerful. Thomas mocked him a bit for that.

After graduating Collage,Thomas and Albert go on to the Robotics University,Mech Tech. Once again,Thomas' work is praised,while Albert's is either ignored or looked down upon. Both graduate,but only Thomas does so with honors,pissing off Albert.

After graduating from Mech Tech,Thomas and Albert go into the Invention Business. Their first real invention were plans for a Gravity Machine,which would be powered by something called the Tachyon Capacitor (another invention of theirs).

Feeling that Thomas will get all of the credit,Albert steals the Tachyon Capacitor's data from the computer. After lying to Thomas about being burglarized,Albert convinces his partner that they need to move on.

After 2 years,Thomas and Albert's business goes belly up thanks to low funds and strong competition. Both men decide to go their separate ways. Albert takes a break from science and technology to focus on magic and sorcery,while Thomas decides to focus soley on robotics,a field that doesn't have strong competition.
The Robotics Era (20XX): Thomas Light uses the remainder of the business funds,to start a small Robotics Lab outside New York City. Thomas' new career is a success and he makes a lot of money. He soon adds on to the lab,creating a home for himself in the proses.

10 years later,Albert Wily returns from seclusion and becomes Thomas' (now known as dr.light) assistant. The 2 work on various robotics projects. Dr.Light's goal has always been to create inventions and robots to help mankind. While,Dr.Wily only cared about money and power. Their worldviews would clash every now and again,with each project.

10 more years later,when the funds are huge enough,Dr.Light creates an android boy named Blues,with Dr.Wily handling the programing. When activated,Blues goes berserk and starts trashing the lab. He's eventually stopped after being smashed by a falling machine.

Dr.Light comes to the conclusion that it was a faulty guidance system that made Blues crazy,and that the android must be reprogrammed. Wily rejects the idea,as he was the one who programed the system. Dr.Light,however,is insistent. Tired of being criticized,Dr.Wily secretly plans a rebellion.

The next night,Dr.Wily steals various blueprints and is confronted by Dr.Light. After a small tyrade,Dr.Wily escapes,but not before stealing Blues. Wily flees to the wastelands of America and hijacks an abandoned wearhouse,where he rebuilds Blues into a warrior.

After having Blues,now called Proto Man,steal money and materials,Dr.Wily rebuilds the wearhouse into a huge fortress.

Weeks later,Dr.Light builts 3 Robot Masters: Cut Man (a logging robot),Guts Man (a construction robot),and Ice Man (an arctic scientist aide). Light decides to not activate them just yet,but save them for the upcoming Robotics Expo. He also creates a lab assistant,a Metool,named Doc.

3 Months later,Dr.Light creates 2 new Androids,Rock and Roll (a lab assistant and housekeeper respectivly). Rock is completed and activated first. Roll is completed and activated days later. Dr.Light explicitly made Rock and Roll with humans in mind,giving them thought,emotions,and human body structure.

The Advanced Android was born.

The following week,Dr.Wily and Proto Man break into Dr.Light's lab and reprograms the 3 Robot Masters. Wily also captures Rock and Roll and takes them to his new fortress for reprogramming. Proto Man reveals to Rock that they're brothers (built from the same plans).

After tricking Dr.Wily,Rock and Roll escape the fortress and head back to Dr.Light's lab in a stolen Air Raider (stolen from dr.wily). Dr.Light is relieved to see his 2 creations safe,but realises that Dr.Wily and Proto Man will return and that something must be done to stop them.

Dr.Light decides to retool Rock into a Heroic Warrior. Rock loves the idea. Rush is created during the reconstruction. Roll "Weaponizes" her Utility Arm. Dr.Light completes turning Rock into a warrior,a warrior renamed Mega Man.

Rush is introduced to Mega Man and Eddie is created the next day. Mega Man thwarts various Wily schemes (most of which were just basic robberies).

1 Month later,Dr.Light creates 3 New Robot Masters: Demolition Robot,Bomb Man;Garbage Disposal Robot,Fire Man; And Energy Generator Maintenance Robot,Elec Man.

A few days later,Dr.Light decides to send the 3 new Robot Masters out into the world for a 1 Day test run,however Dr.Wily reprograms them and adds them to his growing army.
The Dr.Wily Era - Year 1 (2094): One week later,Dr.Wily uses the 6 Light Robot Masters to attack Kennedy International Airport.

Mega Man,with Roll's help,stops Dr.Wily's hostile takeover of the Airport. A few days later,Dr.Light creates a series of household robots,to show off at the Robotics Expo. One night,while taking out the trash,Doris the Robo-Maid (one of the new household bots),is reprogrammed by Dr.Wily. Wily gives Doris new instructions and makes a quick escape before Dr.Light or Mega Man see him.

Doc The Metool died the next day,due to a faulty core. Dr.Wily creates his own Robot Masters.

1 week later,Dr.Wily uses Magic and Technology together for the first time to work his latest scheme: Terrorizing The City By Control Technology. He even has his Spy Doris The Robo-Maid scramble Rush's systems. But,when it was all said and done,Mega Man was victorious. Doris was reprogrammed to be Rush's servant,before being shut down (reasons unknown).

Dr.Wily creates a fake scientist to lure Mega Man into a clever trap.

1 Week later,The events of "Mega Pinnochio" take place.

A few days after the whole "Dr.Petto Debacle",Dr.Wily makes plans to terrorise the World with earthquakes. He also makes more Robot Masters.

4 days later,The Events of "The Big Shake" happen.

Dr.Light teams up with Dinosaur Enthusiast,Otto Rapter,to create a Robotic Dinosaur theme park,dubbed Robosaur Park. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily works on his next plan,which once again,combines Science and Sorcery (hint: it's the retromutagen virus). Otto Rapter makes a secret deal with Dr.Wily to replace Man with Dinosaurs.

2 weeks later,Robosaur Park opens and the events of "Robosaur Park" take place.

Soon after the Robosaur Park Incident,Otto Raptor is institutionalized. A few weeks later,Dr.Wily works on 2 shrink rays and a shrink cannon,but he needs special jems to power them. Meanwhile,Dr.Light gives Rock and Roll tune ups.

After finding out that the Smithsonian has the jems he needs,he sends his minions to steal them.

The events of "The Incredible Shrinking Mega Man" take place. After about a month of trying to figure out what to do next,Dr.Wily decides to do more terrorizing..this time by creating a massive glacier. Dr.Light and an old friend Hugh Pfister meet for lunch and talk about Pfister's new Underwater Mining operation.

Meanwhile,Mega Man and Roll volunteer at a local High School.

The Events of "Ice Age" take place. Weeks later,Dr.Wily finds out about the value of Triconium Ore and makes plans to raid Pfister's underwater mining operation to get some.

The events of "20,000 Leaks Under The Sea" take place. After failing to secure the Triconium Ore,Dr.Wily begins work on a mind control plan. 1 month later,Dr.Light and his 'family' are in San Francisco,where the good Doctor is hosting an Inventions Expo. He even has a replica of his lab made for public display.

The events of "Cold Steel" take place. Soon after the recent loss,Dr.Wily works on his latest invention,the Transport Chambers. Dr.Light is invited to be the Key Note speaker at the International Science Conference. Upset that be wasn't invited,Dr.Wily makes plans to sabotage the Conference....using his Transport Chambers.

1 week later,the events of "Bot Transfer" take place. After returning home,Dr.Light starts to work on a new invention: a Time Machine. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily has his sights set on a new Super Laser Lens,which will be taken to a moon base.

The events of "Mega Man on The Moon" take place. 2 months later,Dr.Light completes his Time Machine. Dr.Wily finds out about the machine and makes plans to steal it.

The events of "Future Shock" take place. 1 month later,Dr.Wily and his bots discover a deserted and uncharted isle,the island of the Vanu Bhi.

Wily decides to adopt the island for his latest scheme: Terrorise the world using animated stone statues. Again,Wily uses both Magic and Technology to achive this.

The stone statues in question are,in fact,the Stone Guardians of the island.

The events of "The Strange Island of Dr.Wily" take place. After failing,Dr.Wily returns to Skull Fortress to create more Robot Masters.

Dr.Light begins creating specialised Mission Armor for Mega Man. Roll updates her Utility Arm and adds more gadgets to it. Rush is upgraded as well.

The rest of the year had Wily attack various parts of the world using his Robot Masters.
The Dr.Wily Era - Year 2 (2095): Dr.Wily designs a battleship that can assimilate other battle ships to create one Mega Battleship.

The events of "Terror of The Seven Seas" take place.

One week later,Dr.Wily creates a Dream Machine,a machine that can teleport anyone into peoples dreams. Magic and Technology,once again,played a part in the creation of this thing.

Events of "Mega Dreams" take place.

Dr.Light is commissioned by the U.S. Military to create a Defense System for their bases,the System is run by a Super Computer. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily plans to drain the world of it's electricity,using a Spider Mecha.

2 months later,the events of "Robo-Spider" take place.

Red Gulch,A Wild West themed tourist trap,opens up to the public,weeks later.

The events of "Showdown At Red Gulch" take place.

1 month later,Dr.Wily creates Monster Bots,along with a convoluted scheme.

The events of "Night of the Living Monster Bots" take place.

Dr.Light makes plans for a Collage for Androids and Advanced Robots,called Light University. 2 months later,the University is completed. Meanwhile,Dr.Wily creates more Robot Masters.

The events of "Campus Commandos" take place.

1 week later,Dr.Light and Co. are invited to go on an archaeological mission in India by Prof.Rahmu,an old frend of Dr.Light's.

The events of "Master of Disaster" take place.

Dr.Wily begins work on the Gravitron. Dr.Light begins work on an Android with a Super Computer brain. He keeps it's creation a secret.

The events of "The Day The Moon Fell" take place.

2 weeks later,the events of "Brain Bot" take place

A few weeks later,Dr.Wily hijacks an amusement park,called Fun World.

A month after that,The events of "Bad Day and Peril Park" take place.

After creating more Robot Masters,Dr. Wily sends his bots to seek out an island for his Tropical Island experiments.

The events of "Curse of the Lion Men" take place. (unfortunately!)

Dr.Wily comes up with a fresh new scheme to replace all of New York City's leaders with Robot Duplicates. Proto Man starts having some doubts about Dr.Wily. From this,Dr.Wily gets a great idea.

The events of "Bro Bots" take place. Proto won't admit this openly,but he felt kinda guilty about deciving his brother like he did. He regrets that part of the scheme. He also liked helping people,again,he will Never openly admit this.

1 month later,Dr.Light creates a Plasma Power Plant. Litanium,a great new type of plasma-based energy source,is discovered by Pfister Mining Co. Dr.Light purchases a bunch of them for his Plasma Plant. Dr.Wily creates a deadly plasma-powered Super Laser Cannon. He runs out of Plasma,so he decides to steal the Litanium from Dr.Light's Plasma Plant.

The events of "Mega X" occur.

1 week later,Dr.Wily uses magic and technology for an upcoming scheme. Dr.Light begins creation of a new set of Robot Masters.

The rest of the year is just Robot Master battles and twarting robberies.
The Dr.Wily Era - Year 3 (2096): The events of "Crime Of The Century" occur.

Dr.Wily blames Proto Man for failing to beat Mega Man again and out of spite,the mad doctor reveals to Proto that he was originally built by Dr.Light. Proto Man doesn't believe it at first,but after thinking,he feels that Wily may be right.

Searching for the truth,Proto Man goes to Dr.Light for answers about his past. Dr.Light confirms everything Dr.Wily told him.

Proto Man begins doubting Who he Really is,so He goes on a mission for self identity. While on his little quest he meets up with a teenage girl named Kalinka Cossack,who he saves from a gang of 10 thugs. Kalinka is visiting New York City with her father,famed Russian inventor,Dr.Cossack.

After escorting Kalinka back to her hotel room,Proto Man continues his journy.

A day later,Dr.Light and Co. are at the Robotics Expo,where the good doctor will be showing off his latest 4 Robot Masters. At the Expo,they meet Dr. Mikhail Sergei Cossack and his Daughter Kalinka.

The 2 Robot Masters introduced at the Expo are: Flash Man (a police robot),Bubble Man (an oceanic explorer robot),Skull Man (a mortician robot),and Charge Man (a train repair robot and conductor).

Meanwhile,Dr.Wily is in the prossess of creating a giant war mecha,named Gamma. However,he needs more help with it. He hears about Dr.Light's new Robots and decides that they would be great additions to his army.

Dr.Wily busts into the Expo and reprograms Dr.Light's Robots. He also Kidnaps Dr.Cossack and Kalinka too,feeling that he could use Cossack's help in completing Gamma.

Mega Man follows Wily,but is shot down by Proto Man,who has rejoins Dr.Wily. Wily fills Proto Man in on his latest plan. Dr.Wily threatens to torture Kalinka serverely if Dr.Cossack doesn't help him build Gamma,his Supreme War Machine.

Dr.Cossack reluctantly agrees to help. On the outside,Proto Man is smirking cockily. But from within,Proto Man feels that what Dr.Wily might do to Kalinka is wrong. Dr.Wily sends his 4 newest Robot Masters to cause chaos.

Mega Man and Roll battle the Robot Masters,while construction of Gamma is close to completion. After the construction of Gamma,Dr.Wily has Cossack imprisoned with his Daughter...set to be tortured later. Proto Man doesn't like what he hears and leaves.

Dr.Wily decides to go solo this time,and pilots Gamma himself. Mega Man and Roll defeat the Robot Masters and battle Wily in Gamma. Meanwhile,back at Skull Fortress,Cut Man and Guts Man are about to torture Dr.Cossack and Kalinka,but they are thwarted by a mysterious robot warrior named Break Man. Break Man rescues the russian family and helps them flee the Badlands.

Mega and Roll are having a tough time against Gamma. Break Man arrives to save the day,he fires a bunch of plasma blast at the Mechs only weakpoint,the inside of it's mouth. Dr.Wily escapes,as Gamma is blowing up. Wily is angry and wants to know who Break Man is.

Break Man informs Mega Man and Roll that Cossack and Kalinka are safe. When asked,Break Man tells them that he is an ally. With that said,Break Man leaves before the Light's can question him more.

Hours later,Proto Man returns to Skull Fortress and is questioned on his whereabouts by Dr.Wily. Proto Man telks the doc that he had some stuff to do...personal stuff.

The next week,The World Robot Battle Tournament is announced. Dr.Wily makes plans to reprogrammed the finalists. However,the tournament Sponsor,Greecian Billionaire,Mr.X plans on doing the same thing.

The following month,Mega Man,Roll,and Dr.Light attend the Tournament. Once the 8 finalists are gathered,Mr.X makes his move he announces his intentions to rule the world and reprograms the 8 finalists. These 8 Robot Masters are: Blizzard Man (from canada),Wind Man (from china),Flame Man (from pakistan),Plant Man (from brazil),Tamahawk Man (from the united states),Yamato Man (from japan),Knight Man (from england),and Centaur Man (from greece).

Dr.Wily arrives too late. To ensure that there will be no interference from Mega Man and The Wily Bots,Mr.X captures Dr's Light and Wily. It doesn't take long before,Mr.X begins his hostile takeover. He sends his new Robot Masters to conquer their home countries. All this,while Mr.X is watching from his mansion in Greece. Dr.Light and Dr.Wily are imprisoned their too.

Mega Man,Roll,and Proto Man agree to work together to save their respective doctors. But first,they must stop the rampaging Robot Masters. They succeed and head to Mr.X's mansion to save Light and Wily. While this is going on,Dr.Wily's Robots collect the remains of Mr.X's Robot Masters.

The trio defeat Mr.X and save Light and Wily. Mr.X is soon arrested.

A few days later,Dr.Wily rebuilts and reprograms Mr.X's former Robot Masters. Dr.Light creates a new Lab assistant,named Auto.

Dr.Wily creates a new device that will trap Mega Man and Roll into a deadly Video Game he created. The device can digitize and re-digitize people..and even robots. Wily traps the Light siblings as they are hanging at the local arcade and brings them back to Skull Fortress,where the game is.

Now the 2 (and rush) must battle through Wily's Arcade Game,Mega Warriors.

Break Man notifies Dr.Light about the situation and the good doctor(along with auto) creates his Own Digitizer/De-Digitizer device. The Light siblings are saved,but Wily escaped...with his Digitizer device.

A week later,Dr.Wily,using his digitizer device,decides to take over the world using Video Game characters. Proto Man is against the idea,thinking it's stupid,and excuses himself from the scheme. Wily has Cut Man,Guts Man,and Elec Man use the digitizer device to de-digitize villains from various arcade games.

Roll and Mega Man battle the gane villains. Break Man appears to give the siblings a hand. Dr.Light manages to get the game villians back into their respective games via his own digitizer device. Break Man disappears soon after.

Back at Skull Fortress,Dr.Wily makes plans to re-do his plan,but Proto Man breaks the digitizer device to prevent Wily from using it again. Proto prefers schemes with intellect. Wily is angry.

1 Week later,during a fight with Mega Man at a power plant,Elec Man gets into a freak accident that gives him the ability to control electronics. Realizing the power he now has,Elec Man decides to conquer the world himself,and decides to share the power with his best bud,Bomb Man.

Elec Man,calling himself the Electric Kaiser,wreaks havoc in the city using his new powers. Mega Man,Rush, and Roll battle Elec Man and are no match for his new powers. Break Man appears and tells them that in order to change Elec Man back to what he once was,he must be hit with a strong current of electricity..mainly a lightning bolt. With that,Break Man disappears.

After learning about how to stop Elec Man,Dr.Light uses his weather generator to create a huge thunder storm. A bolt of lightning strikes Elec Man and returns him to normal.

1 month later,Dr.Wily creates a computer virus,called madam v,to corrupt the internet. Proto Man hates that idea,as he loves using it. Dr.Light finds out about the virus and sends Mega Man to combat her. Using his digitizer device,Dr.Light sends Mega Man and Roll into the internet.

Mega and Roll chase Madam V all over the internet. They eventualy destroy her.

Sick of Mega Man,Dr.Wily makes plans to have him destroyed. He begins working on specialised robot assassains. Proto Man is annoyed at this upcoming plan (though on the inside,he's horrified).

1 week later,Dr.Wily creates the Mega Destroyers: Enker,Punk,and Ballade. the 3 invade the Light Lab and start a fight with Mega Man and Roll. Break Man arrives to even the odds.

The 3 Mega Destroyers are beaten. They make a hasty retreat,after making threats. Break Man bids his allies a farewell and leaves. Dr.Light wonders who Break Man is. Hours later,Dr.Wily is livid and blasts Proto Man for not joining the Mega Destroyers. He then considers replacing Proto Man.

Weeks later,Dr.Light hosts an Invention show,where inventers from all over the world can show off their creations. Dr.Wily makes a surprise appearence. He plans to steal every single invention and turn them into weapons,weapons that he can use to take over the world.

Dr.Wily and his Robot Masters are stopped by Mega Man. The villains escape. Back at Skull Fortress,Dr.Wily is verbaly assaulting his Robot Masters for failing him again. Realising that the Robot Masters are too incompetent to use their powers correctly,the evil scientist decides to create a New kind of robot..a robot with the abilities of multiple Robot Masters.

Proto Man thinks the idea is a waste of time. It takes about half-month,but Wily finally completes his new robot,an all perpose robot,known as Doc Robot. Dr.Wily sends Doc Robot to Dr.Lights lab to steal his future inventions.

Doc Robot has the abilities of All of Dr.Wily's Robot Masters and because of this he succeeds in his mission,meeting little resistence from Mega Man and Roll (they had a tough time defeating him).

Upon returning to Skull Fortress,Doc Robot rebels,believing himself to be superior to Wily,and takes over in Wily's place. The Robot Masters and Mega Destroyers decide to follow Doc Robot out of fear. Proto Man escapes. Wily objects,but when he does,he's imprisoned.

Mega Man travels to Skull Fortress to get Dr.Light's bluprints back. Once there he battles all of the Robot Masters,thankfully,he gets help from Break Man. The 2 reach Doc Robot and,using there combined strength,manage to destroy him.

Break Man takes Mega Man to Wily's main lab,where Dr.Light's Bluprints are. Mega Man and Break Man part ways. As Mega Man returns to Dr.Light's lab with the recovered bluprints,the Robot Masters find that Doc Robot has been destroyed and are relieved.

With that,The 3 Mega Destroyers free Dr.Wily,who is pissed at Proto Man for abandoning him like that. He also punishes the Robot Masters for their betrayl. The Robot Masters and the Destroyers promise remain loyal no matter what.

Elsewhere,Break Man is taking a rest,wondering if Mega Man will still trust him,if he reveals his true identity. After unmasking,Break Man reveals himself to be Proto Man.

The remainder of the year was uneventful. Just Robberies and Robot Master attacks. And Break Man's true identity is still unknown to everyone.
To Be Continued.....

Sunday, July 31, 2016

More Info On Street Fighter 2k17

At this very moment Giga Fiction is working hard coming up with cool story ideas for Street Fighter's new,Fan Fiction. This post is to assure longtime fans that This American Street Fighter series will be alright.

To the various Street Fighter nuts out there who have questions about this series...Here's what I can tell you.

We at Giga Fiction are really looking forward to bringing the Street Fighter series back into the hands of Americans. We will try hard to create a sho..,er Fic worthy of the franchise. All American,All Street Fighter.

To Keep this post Spoiler Free,I won't indulge any big information. I wanna let you people be surprised.

I Will say that we at Giga Fiction will be using The Street Fighter Wikia ( and Wikipedia ( for guidence if we ever get really stuck on something. In fact,we are studying the SF Wikia right now. We need to stay current.

Our Job is to provide a Street Fighter series that's Americanized,yet still stays true to Capcom's canon. While we do like the original animated show,it just didn't feel like Street felt more like G.I.Joe.

We hope to make this series different,yet familiar. An awesome ride with Ryu and friends.

We want this series to feel like its Street Fighter. We hope others will feel it too.

Please,don't consider this Americanization a Bastardization. After all,We are Street Fighter fans too.

We at Giga Fiction are always coming up with fresh and fun stuff to read. We want our readers happy. This is what we are doing with Street Fighter. The prosess will be long,but that's because we have other things to do.

Long or no,Street Fighter 2k17 will likely please longtime fans of the franchise. After all,great things come to those who wait the longest. Don't worry though,the series Will be debuting next year.

As we stated earlier,we at Giga Fiction love the franchise and have much respect for our fellow fans. After all,We are Not Corperate Extremists Or Hollywood Dumbasses.

If you people are still sceptical about this,I ask you to just give it a chance and let our work do the talking. Don't just say that our series sucks just 'cuz it's Americanized. Y'know it doesn't Have to be a dirty word. Please save all judgements until After the new product exists.

Well,that's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Note: Yes,I Do have help with this site,though they aren't "contributors".