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Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future Theory

Remember my Organizing of the Mega Man Classic Series Era? (found here: Well,I think I found another place for 'Rockman and Forte: Challenger From The Future' (that terrible wonderswan game).

Get This,there's a decent chance that Rockman Shadow's (the villian of the game,who came from the future) era may have taken place.....Between the Original and X Series!

mind blown!

Upon his awakening and destruction of the world during his time period,Mega Man is nowhere to be found,neither is Bass. That's the main reason why he went back in time in the first place,to fight Mega Man and Bass. Now in my post I said that Bass was alive in the "False Future" and that in the "True Future" Mega Man stayed Mega Man,thus R-Shadow was never created in the first place,but that was before I realized that R-Shadow could've revived himself directly after the events of the Classic Series.

But,if Rockman Shadows re-awakening takes place past that time,then most of the "False Future" isn't so false. R-Shadow does destroy the world,but what of X and Zero?They were sealed up in capsules,hidden away,and protected from Rockman Shadow's rage.

And to add more to this theory,Dr.Cain finds X in a destroyed lab belonging to Dr.Light. Keyword: Destroyed! By Rockman Shadow many years (or decades,depending on your perspective) ago! X and his capsule remained intact while the lab was in ruin.

Rockman Shadow was clearly unaware of X and Zero's existence and only knew of Mega Man and Bass,thus believing them to be the strongest robots. So he goes back in time to challenge them.

And here's something else that I forgot about,more evidence comes from Rockman Shadow himself when he claims that in his time,there are no robots left in the world and that he was the only one. This seems to be the case,as there are ZERO mention of robots in the X Series prior to X's discovery. Meaning that Robots were decommisioned sometime prior to R-Shadow's re-awakening. Why? I really wish I knew,though it may have something to do with those "Robot Experation" Laws.

Ya gotta admit this theory holds water. Some of the enemies in the game look like a cross between Classic Series Mechanoids and X Series Mechaniloids. Plus,there's also the Batton Bone enemies,which appear in the game.

So here is how this event will play out.
The Future (The Real Future?)

After a final 10 year struggle,Dr.Wily Finally surrenders and is jailed. With peace restored,Mega Man is converted back into Rock again.

Dr.Wily from the Present comes to the future and quickly finds out that his future self has surrendered and that Mega Man had been converted back into Rock,Wily gets a nasty idea. He heads to his Future self's Lab to create a futuristic Robot that can help him Kill Mega Man. He creates a Mega Man clone to help him,but abandons him after a programming error.

So,instead of fixing up the Mega Man clone,Dr.Wily just finds and reprograms the Mega Man of that time period. Dr.Wily captures Future Rock and turns him into Quint,to prevent a time paradox. After Dr.Wily fixes the Time Skimmer,both he and Quint return to the Present,where the events of Mega Man II GB will take place.

Quint returns to the Future and Future!Dr.Light turns him back into Mega Man. Dr.Wily escapes prison to continue his wonderfully wicked work. Mega Man continues to fight for everlasting peace.

Protoman helps his brother when needed. Bass continues his ways,though he still opposes Wily from time to time. Bass' mission to destroy Mega Man and become the strongest Robot continues. And Roll tries her hand at fighting evil.

Protoman eventually dies due to his faulty core. Years later,Mega Man,Bass,and Roll all die of "old age".

In early-21XX(very early),Dr.Wily completes Zero,his Ultimate Creation. Upon activation,Zero goes crazy and starts destroying everything. Zero is eventually stopped thanks to a sharp pain in his head that shuts him down. Dr.Wily seals Zero up in a capsule,with plans on fixing him later. Dr.Wily grabs a nap and then dies in his sleep.

Just a single year later,Dr.Light completes His Ultimate Creation,Mega Man X. Concerned about X's potential as a threat,Dr.Light seals him up and begins a 30-year "test" of his reliability.

After delivering a message to the people of the future,Dr.Light retires. He dies a year later. Now,a month after Dr.Light's death,the abandoned Android comes to life and is angry and self loathing. He rebuilds himself into a Super Fighting Robot known as Rockman Shadow. He then recruits 7 Prototype Robot Masters that Future Dr.Wily had created,but never used.

Looking for a battle challenge,Rockman Shadow seeks out Mega Man. He fails to find him,so he seeks out Bass instead. Again,he fails to find them.

He then hears that both Mega Man and Bass have died. Pissed off about the lack of strong opponents,Rockman Shadow takes his anger out on the Planet,completely unaware of X and Zero's existence. R-Shadow decimates the World with the aid of his Robot Masters,now known as The Dimensions.

Soon after the near-destruction of Earth,Rockman Shadow decides to go back in time to fight Mega Man and Bass,who were the worlds strongest at the time. After stealing an experimental time portal creator from the Chronos Institute,Rockman Shadow and his Minions head into the Past (our present). This leads into the events of Rockman and Forte: Challanger from the Future.

Rockman Shadow never returns home. A few years later,the survivors begin rebuilding the world.

These events are a combination of the "False Future" and the "True Future". However,it should be noted,that the events of Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future and Rockman Shadow himself,may or may not exist within the Main Timeline.

I dunno about you,but I think Rockman Shadow's era taking place between the Classic and X series has merit. It just kinda makes sense.

Before,I wrap things up,a lot of you are wondering why I don't call Rockman Shadow,Mega Man Shadow? After all,here in the west all Rockmen are known as Mega Men.

Well,it's because he's from a Japanese-Only game on a Japanese-Only System.

Well,any other questions reguarding this topic? No? Then,I'll be going.

Until Next Time,
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Captain N Reboot #2! Captain N: Game Enforcer Take 2!

Last night I had another idea for a Captain N Reboot,however unlike the last one,this one will be Nintendo exclusive,so No 3rd Party Characters. I'll be replacing all 3rd Party Characters that appeared in both the original Captain N and my 1st Reboot.

For example: Simon Belmont is replaced with Samus Aran,The Count will be replaced with Medusa,and Mega Man and Dr.Wily will be replaced with 2 OC's,a Heroic Laser Gunner and a Mad Scientist.

R.O.B. and Mike Jones will be part of the initial N-Team as well. Zoda will be a member of Mother Brain's League of Darkness. Kirby joins later. Mario,Donkey Kong,Little Mac,and Link will become allies to the N-Team later. As the series goes on,More Nintendo franchses will be covered.

The story will go like this: In the Nintendoverse,The war between good and evil has reached a standstill. However,that all changed when the New Mother Brain(the original destroyed by samus) formed a The League of Drarkness,comprised of various villians from other worlds. She recruits The Dark Goddess Medusa; Medusa's bumbling main minion,Eggy the Eggplant Wizard; King Hippo,the nasty,yet dumb,mutant Boxer; Zoda,the space demon; Ridley,Mother Brain's ruthless general; And The evil scientist,Dr.Willy,who's from a (made up) 1987 Nintendo Light Zapper game.

To counter Mother Brain,Princess Lana Yamauchi,the ruler of the Nintendoverse,gathers a team of available VideoHeroes. Her recruits are: Famed Bounty Hunter,Samus Aran (as a part-time member); Angel Hero,Pit; R.O.B.,the Robot; Mike Jones,teenage hero of C-Island; and Kid Zapper,who's from the same (made up) game as Dr.Willy.

But that wasn't enough: For 7 Months,the League of Darkness and the N-Team battled for the fate of the Galaxy. Unfortunatly,the League had a slight advantage,thanks to Mother Brain's awesome abilities. In order to turn the tide,the N-Team is gonna need an Enforcer. Princess Lana recalls a prophisy that a great warrior from another Universe will come and be their Game Enforcer. Palutena offers to lend a hand.

Meanwhile,on 1990 Earth,Kevin Keene,avid Nintendo Gamer and Adventure Lover,is chosen by Palutena and brought to the Nintendoverse via Ultimate Warp Zone. When he gets there,Kevin is shocked and in disbelief. He later accepts his destiny,however,as Captain N: Gane Enforcer.

Now to list some of the Similarities and Differences between This Continuity and the previous 2.

Some Similarities between this Reboot and the Original Series Include:
- 3 Core members of the N-Team (Kevin,Lana and,Pit)
- With the exception of Dr.Wily,All core members of Mother Brain's Legion of Darkness.
- Most Nintendo worlds that were featured in CN:TGM.
- Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo are Mother Brain's 2 bumbling minions.
- Medusa resembles a not-so attractive middle-aged woman (for a while,at least)
- Princess Lana rules the Universe.
- For the most part,Kevin and Lana look as they did in the show.
- Link is still Kevin's favorite Video Game Hero.
- Kevin is from Northrige High,in Northridge California.
- Mother Brain has her temper.
- The Ultimate Warp Zone
- Kevin's dog,Duke,follows him through the Ultimate Warp.
- Some of the Captain N: The Game Master exclusive characters exist in this continuity,though
- Mother Brain's Huge Base,Metroid.
- The Palace of Power,which still serves as the N-Team's base.
- The Power Pad and Zapper.
- Lana's Older Brother,Lyle.
- Pit's various arrows

Some Differences between this Reboot and the Original Series Include:
- Takes place in 1990 instead of 1989.
- Mother Brain being much much more of a threat.
- Samus Aran appears as a part-time member in this continuity,in the 80's show she didn't appear at all.
- Medusa is a main character and gets a mid-season upgrade. Said upgrade resembles her more modern form.
- King Hippo is the same color he was in the games.
- No 3rd Party Characters and Worlds.
- Lana is Japanese-esque. Surnamed after Hiroshi Yamauchi.
- Kevin's hair is different.
- R.O.B (R.O.B.) and Mike Jones (Startropics) are part of the N-Team.
- Medusa (Kid Icarus) and Zoda (Startropics) are part of the League of Darkness.
- Character Development
- Lana's Father died before the 7 Month War.
- Lana's Mother died even earlier.
- Lana's parents were both Japanese-esque
- Duke gains the ability to fully understand humans. He gets this ability after coming through the Ultimate Warp.
- Palutena is a big part of this Continuity,where in the Classic Series,she seems non-existant.
- Donkey Kong is 6 Feet.
- In fact,The Whole Kong Family is Featured.
- Mt. Icarus is called Mt.Olympius located in Angel land.
- Famicom Island,the country where the Palace of Power is located.
- No Gameboy (the character).
- Worlds and Characters not seen in the 80's Show.
- The Captain N exclusive Characters personalities were altered abit.
- Nintendo-based Characters have their personalities from the games. Mother Brain,King Hippo,and Eggplant Wizard are the Only exceptions.
- Pit is called Pit Icarus here And he speaks normaly. No "-Icus" here people.
- Mother Brain's Huge Base,Metroid,is shaped like a Giant Flying Metroid.
- Lana's Brother Lyle is a bit different from his 80's counterpart. Here,Lyle is a pacifist who Loves sports and puzzles. He ran away to some sports world when the War began. Lyle isn't as awkward or clumsy in this Universe.
- Worlds and Characters are much more game accurate. Even Kongoland,which is based on the 1st 2 stages in Donkey Kong Jr.
- The War began 7 Years Ago in the 80's series. In this continuity,it's 7 Months.
- Lana's mother is mentioned. She isn't in the 80's series.
- Mother Brain is a typical SatAM villian in the 80's show,plus she doesn't have psychic abilities. In this Continuity,MB is very evil with psychic powers,and thus a real threat.
- No Stupid Plots or Plot Devices!
- Kevin doesn't get any upgrades.
- No Mike Jones,Zoda,or R.O.B.
- Kongo Land is bigger and called the Kong Kontinent
- OC's Dr.Willy and Kid Zapper don't exist.

Some Similarities between this Reboot and My First Include:
- Everything except for the 3rd Party Characters and Worlds,which don't exist in this new continuity.
- Pit's various arrows.
- Mother Brain is far more evil and dangerous. Plus she has Psychic abilities.
- Kirby becomes a member later on.
- Kevin gets upgrades later on.
- Palutena plays a big role.
- Some of the Plots.
- Famicom Island
- The Palace of Power being on Famicom Island

Some Differences between this Reboot and My First Include:
- Not much,though there are no 3rd Party Characters and Worlds.
- The King is dead before the series starts,he's not trapped in a Mirror or anything,
- No Gameboy.
- Mike Jones and R.O.B are part of the N-Team in 2nd reboot,where in the 1st,they weren't even seen or mentioned.
- Kongo Land is bigger and called the Kong Kontinent
- No OC's,so Dr.Willy and Kid Zapper don't exist.

Now to list the various Game Worlds that would be featured in this Reboot:

- Planet NES (not a legit game world,but home to famicom island and various game lands)
- Famicom Island (houses the Palace of Power.)
- Famicom City (not a legit game land. Located on Famicom Island)
- Zapper Land (not a completely legit game land,but home to Dr.Willy,Kidd Zapper,and all of the NES Zapper games. Located on Planet NES)
- Angel Land (home of mount olympius. Located on Planet NES)
- C-City (Located on Famicom Island. Home of Mike Jones)
- C-Island (Located on Planet NES,near Famicom Island.)
- Kong Kontinent (home of Kong Island,Crocodile Isle,The Kremisphere,and Kong City. Located on Planet NES.)
- Metroid (mother brain's huge starbase)
- Planet Zebes (Home to Mother Brain and the Space Pirates)
- SR388 (Planet that's home to The Metroids)
- Unknown Planet (home of the The Galactic Federation and Samus)
- Punch-Out (a continent located on Planet NES. home to the punch-out guys)
- Planet Pop Star (Kirby's home planet)
- The Land of Hyrule (a country located on Planet NES)
- Planet Toadstool (home of the Mushroom Kingdom,Sarasaland,Mario Land,Wario Country,Subcon,Dinosaur Land,The Yoshi Continent,and many more.)
- F-Zero (a continent located on Planet NES)
- Fire Emblem (The world of Fire Emblem)
- Planet Corneria (home of Fox McCloud and Co.)
- Planet Mother (the world of Earthbound)
- Pokemon World (the world of Pokemon)
- Planet NES' Various Sports Themed Lands (self explanitory)
- Smash Realm (the realm of Super Smash Bros)

And finally some Notes:

- Takes place in 1990
- Game Boy's role in This continuity is more or less filled in by R.O.B.
- Kevin gets upgrades later in the series,the first of which will be The Super Power Pad (a wrist-worn SNES controller) and The Super Scope.
- Samus is only a part-time member of the N-Team and won't be on that many missions with them.
- Mother Brain will be the "Disc 1 Final Boss" and nothing but.
- Canidates for Mother Brain's replacement are: Ridley,Hades,Medusa,Giygas,Ganondorf,Bowser,Nightmare,Zoda,Master Hand,Crazy Hand,and Tabuu.
- Planet NES is a Big Planet,even bigger than earth.
- Time flows differently. One year in the Nintendoverse is equivelent to 1 day on Earth.
- Planet Toadstool is the setting for Mario Bros. and the Donkey Kong Trilogy. (in this universe anyway)

That's all I'm gonna list right now,but trust me,this is just the tip of the iceburg.

Well,that's all I have. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Until next time,
See Ya,Space Cowboy!

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Real Life Really Really Sucks! It's also the reason I've been posting less lately. I'm gonna try to find some time in my new schedule to do stuff online. I'll get chances to do things,so don't worry.

I've recently also come down with some Block,so I don't have any idea what to do next. I may continue my RS Mega Nan CD Data Base,but I'm not sure. There's also the stuff on the To-Do List,but I don't feel like doing those right now. Anyway,I ask everyone to be patient with me. Trust me,I'm Far from finished with my blogs.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rockman/Mega Man Multiverse (Post-Mega Shadow Incident)

The Rockman/Mega Man Multiverse was a victim of a tragic incident. The Incident,known as the Mega Shadow incident,lead to the total erasing of the Multiverse.

However,like with all Universes and Multiverses that are erased,they are reborn sometime after. Now,Giga Fiction is proud to present: Rockman/Mega Man Multiverse mk. 2.

BTW,incase you forgot,Mega Man Shadow is the Original Ruby-Spears Mega Man turned evil.

Anyway,on to the Universe list.

Universe #0 (The Concept Universe): This universe is where all of the Rockman Concept characters live. 

Universe #1 (The Rockman Universe): This is the Rebooted Rockman Universe. This Univese is the home of Mega Man’s Japanese Counterpart,Rockman. This Universe is also the Prime one. Without this Universe,the others woudn’t exist. 

Universe #2 (The Mega Man Universe): This Universe is basically the Rockman Universe only with some major and minor differences. The City of Monsteropolis also exists here. It’s in North America.

Universe #3  (The Ruby-Spears Universe #1): This is the Rebooted Universe of the Ruby-Spears Cartoon Series. Made by me.

Universe #4 (The Mega Man/Rockman Universe #2) This Mega Man/Rockman Universe is another version of the Mega Man Universe. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X takes place in this Universe’s future. Other than this,not much is known about this Universe.

Universe #5 (The Ariga Universe): A Universe based on Hitoshi Ariga’s Mangas. Gigamix exists here too.

Universe #6  (The Crossover Universe): Home to the various Capcom VS. Games. not nessessarily a Mega Man or a Rockman Universe,but Mega Man/Rockman characters reside here.

Universe #7 (The EXE Universe): It’s the Rockman.EXE Universe basically.

Universe #8  (The Battle Network Universe): An alternate version of the EXE Universe. Most Names and Character personalities are Different. It’s basicaly another Mega Man version of a Rockman Universe.

Universe #9 (The Ruby-Spears EXE Universe): A Ruby-Spears-ised/Americanized version of the EXE Universes.

Universe #10 (The Megarchie Universe): The Universe of the Archie Mega Man Comic.

Universe #11 (The SD Universe): The Universe of Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up.

Universe #12 (The Mega Man/Rockman PC Universe): Home of the Mega Man PC games,as well as the Asian Rockman PC games. This includes Rockman Online.

Universe #13 (The Ikehara Rockman Universe): A Universe Based on Shigeto Ikehara's Rockman Manga that isn’t done by Hitoshi Ariga.

Universe #14 (The Iwamoto Rockman Universe): A Universe that’s based on Iwamoto Yoshihiro's various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #15 (The Izuki Rockman Universe): A Universe that’s based on Koji Izuki's various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #16 (The Manga Universe): A Universe that’s based on various other Official Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #17 (The Doujinshi Universe): A Universe that’s based on the various Rockman fan Manga’s.

Universe #18 (The Legacy of Metal Universe): A Rockman Universe created by a fan fic writers,Maelgrim,Erico,and Magnus523.

Universe #19 (The Recut Universe): The Universe of Mega Man Recut,a fan fic series that’s a reboot of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man show. This is a fanmade Universe created by BlackRussian.

Universe #20 (The Mega Man Defenderverse): The Universe of Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race,another fan fic series that’s a reboot of the Ruby-Spears Cartoon. This is a fanmade Universe created by MegaBauer. Commonly known as the Defender-verse

Universe #21 (The Neo-Ruby-Spears Universe): A Universe based on SailorSaiyan93's Mega Man Ruby Spears: The Missing Episodes.

Universe #22 (The Radix Universe): A Mega Man Universe created by General-Radix. In this Universe,both Mega Man and non-Mega Man characters live together.

Universe #23 (The Giga Man Universe #1): A Universe that’s almost a reverse of the Mega Man Universe. The Universe contains an evil red Mega Man called Giga Man,who battles against Dr. Vladmir Asmov,a good scientist and his good Robots. Another Universe created by me.

Universe #24 (The Giga Man Universe #2): A Ruby-Spears version of The Giga Man Universe. Giga Man is stronger and more nasty here. Yet another Universe created by me.

Universe #25 (The EXE Anime Universe): The Universe of the Rockman EXE Anime. Ryuusei No Rockman Anime exists here as well,just in the future.

Universe #26 (The NT Warrior Universe): The Universe of Mega Man NT Warrior,the Rockman EXE Anime Dub. Lots of differences. In the future,this Universe will be the home of The crappy Mega Man Starforce Dub.

Universe #27 (The EXE Manga Universe): The Universe of the Rockman EXE Manga. The Ryuusei No Rockman Manga exists here as well,just in the future.

Universe #28 (The Bad Box Art/Nintendo Power Universe): This Universe is populated by the various Bad Box Art Mega Men and the various Nintendo Power versions. This Universe also includes the SFxT Megaman,who's considered a Rockman,not a Mega Man.

Universe #29 (The XOver Universe): The Continuity of the Game Rockman XOver.

Universe #30 (The MegaMission Universe): The universe of the Rockman Mega Mission Cards. The story for these cards are only canon to this Universe. The 20XX era of this Universe is unknown.

Universe #31 (The Roll-Chan Universe): A What-If Universe Roll becomes the Super Fighting Robot rather than Rock.

Universe #32 (The Super Fighting Robot Roll Universe): Same as my Rebooted RSMM Universe,except with Roll as the hero. Created by me.

Universe #33 (The Captain N Universe): This Universe is a Universe I created for my Captain N reboot. Mega Man is blue,but still has some yellow to his costume. he’s a bit taller,lacks the “Mega” speach impediment,and looks a bit more like his Official Counterpart. Again,this is not a Mega Man Universe,per-se,but Mega Man is in it.

Universe #34 (The Eddie Lebron Universe): A Universe based on Eddie Lebron’s fan films. Not a Mega Man Universe per-se,but Lebron’s version of Mega Man resides here. Created by Eddie Lebron.

Universe #35 (The Man of Action Universe): The Continuity of the Man of Action Animated Series.

Universe #36 (The Mega Girl Universe): Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #37 (The Super Fighting Robot Mega Woman Universe): An RS Mega Man Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #38 (MegaGirl EXE Universe): A MegaMan.EXE/Battle Network Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #39 (The Mega Mirror Universe): Everything’s the opposite in this Universe. Unlike the Giga Man Universe,this Universe has the same characters as the Mega Man Universe. Mega Man and Dr.Light are evil and Dr.Wily is good. Created by me.

Universe #40 (Dr.Wily Universe): A What-If Universe,where Dr.Wily Wins.

Universe #41 (The Mega Pooch Universe): Everyone’s an Anthropomorphic Animal in this Universe. Mega Man is a German Shepard and Dr.Wily is a Buzzard. Created by me.

Universe #42 (Nega Man Universe): A What-If Universe. Dr.Wily succesfully reprograms Mega Man during thier first meeting,turning him Evil. Roll is converted into a warrior robot to Combat Wily and to bring Rock back to Light’s lab. Created by Me.

Universe #43 (The Mega Rush Universe): In this Universe of ridiculousness,Rush becomes a Super Fighting Robot Dog and battles Dr.Wily. Created by me.

Universe #44 (The Mega Soldier Universe): This Universe is home to a Military version of Mega Man. Think of this Universe as Mega Man meets G.I.Joe. Created by me.

Universe #45 (The Mega Galaxy Universe): A Universe where the Mega Man series takes place in Space. And Mega Man is a Cosmic hero.

Universe #46 (The Mizunoverse): A Universe based around Keisuke Mizuno's works. Rockman X-Kai exists in this Universe.

Universe #47 (The Henshin Universe #1): A Henshin Hero Universe. Mega Man is a human teenager who uses a special device to become Mega Man. Like the MoA show,but way cooler.

Universe #48 (The Henshin Universe #2): Another Henshin Hero Universe. This one's a Mega Man version of Gokaiger/Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Humans use special items to gain the powers of various Mega Man. Similar to the ZX series,only with Every Mega Man/Rockman.

Universe #49 (American Henshin Universe): Takes place on a distant planet where Tech and Magic coexist. It's more or less Mega Man fused with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,with Rock becoming a blue-clad Barbarian Hero via a Magic Sword.

Universe #50 (The MegaMania Universe): A mostly Wrestling-based Universe. The cast of Mega Man,reimagined as Pro-Wrestlers. 

Universe #51 (Sailor Light Universe): Not only are most 'normaly male' characters female in this Universe,but Rock and friends are also Sailor Soldiers.

Universe #52  (The Rock Right Universe): A Universe where Mega Man is just a fictional character,played by Actor Rock Right.

Universe A (The Kiron Konquest/Doropie Universe): The Continuity of Magical Kids Doropie aka Kiron Conquest. Not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but it's very similar.

Universe B (The Rokko-Chan Universe): The Continuity of Rokko-Chan. Not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but it's very similar.

Universe C (The Mighty Universe): The Continuity of Mighty No. 9 and Red Ash. Again not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but close enough to be counted. Gunvolt might exist here too.

Cool,huh? And these are just 55 Universes of almost 100 Million.

Next up,More Ruby-Spears Mega Man CD Database entries.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mega Man: The Special Part 4

Narrator: 5 Years Later...

The Robot Rebellion!

[the following cutscene is from the opening of Mega Man 9]

(Dr. Wily is shown begging for forgiveness. Possibly at the events of Mega Man & Bass.)

Dr. Wily: I'm so sorry. Please forgive me!

(A high-tech cityscape is shown.)

Narrator: It is the year 20XX, and the world breathes a collective sigh of relief now that Mega Man has once again put an end to Dr. Wily's plans for world domination. But then...

(Explosions start to occur across the cityscape.)

Narrator: Robots start going wild all over the world! Could this be Dr. Wily up to his old tricks!?

(Dr. Light's laboratory is shown.)

Dr. Light's Laboratory

(A news broadcast, featuring an image of a fiery robot attacking the city is shown on a television. Mega Man and Dr. Light are present.)

Mega Man: Dr. Light! It's your robots!

Dr. Light: You're right, those are the robots I created!

(The image on the TV fades, and Dr. Wily is shown.)

Dr. Wily: Ladies and gentlemen, this is not my doing! These robots are Dr. Light's creations. This proves he's had evil designs on the world all this time!

(The image shifts to a video being played back. Dr. Wily and Dr. Light are speaking.)

Dr. Light: It's time I turned my efforts to world domination. Why don't you join me, Dr. Wily!

Dr. Wily: I can't join you. I've changed my evil ways. You need to stop this nonsense!

(The image shifts back to Dr. Wily on the TV. He is holding up a sign displaying his Swiss bank account number.)

Dr. Wily: I, Dr. Wily, have created my own robots to stop Dr. Light. But only your donations can help me complete them. Once my robots are finished, they will save the world!

(The sound of a telephone is heard. The image switches to Auto, Eddie, and Roll, with a telephone literally ringing off the hook on top of Eddie.)

Roll: We got another call! The phone is ringing off the hook!

Auto: People keep calling Dr. Light to complain! What should we do?

(The music shifts to a more heroic tone, and Mega Man, Beat, and Rush are shown in defiant stances.)

Mega Man: For starters, I'm going to do something about those robots!

Dr. Light: Thanks, Mega Man! Be careful out there! You haven't done this in awhile.

[transitions to a screen shot of Mega Man fighting Galaxy Man]

Narrator: Mega Man headed off into battle,he took on Galaxy Man first. After the fight,he returned to Dr.Lights Lab.

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(In Dr. Light's lab.)

Roll: Oh no! The police have taken Dr. Light away!

Auto: Dr. Light would never try to take over the world. This is definitely Dr. Wily's doing!

(Dr. Light is shown in jail, next to a robotic police officer.)

Mega Man: Without a doubt. Don't worry, I'll clear Dr. Light's name!

(Mega Man teleports away.)

[transitions to screen shots of Mega Man fighting Jewel Man,Plug Man,and Magma Man]

Narrator: Mega Man continues his mission to stop the Robot Rebellion. Upon destroying Magna Man,Mega Man finds a piece of scrap metal with some code on it. Mega Man decides to take it back to Light's Lab.

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(Back at Dr. Light's Lab...)

Auto: I've figured out something from the product code on that piece of scrap Mega Man picked up. That robot's period of use had expired, and it was scheduled to be scrapped.

Roll: I feel bad for those robots, but their expiration dates are decided by law.

Mega Man: They were supposed to be scrapped? So that's why they going crazy.

[transitions to screen shots of Mega Man fighting Hornet Man,Concrete Man,and Splash Woman]

Narrator: After defeating 3 more Robot Masters,Mega Man returns home to mourn the loss of his half-brothers and half-sister. But something amusing happens when he returns home.

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(In Dr. Light's lab.)

Auto: I've upgraded Rush to help you out!

(Roll is seen riding on the Rush Jet back and forth across the lab, struggling to stay on.)

Roll: Ki-yagh! Stop!

(Rolls falls to the ground.)

Auto: I'll try to slow him down a bit...

(Mega Man laughs)

[transitions to a screen shot of Mega Man fighting Tornado Man]

Narrator: Mega Man defeats Tornado Man and comes upon the Robot Masters memory circuit board.

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(Back at Dr. Light's lab...)

Auto: Th-this is the memory circuit board!

Roll: We can play back his memory to see why he went crazy!

Auto: I'll put it on the screen!

(Footage from the memory board is played. Dr. Wily is shown speaking to the first seven Robot Masters defeated by Mega Man.)

Tornado Man: So what are you trying to say?

Dr. Wily: I'm saying you're all going to end up in the junkyard!

Tornado Man: Of course. When we're done with our work that's what happens.

Dr. Wily: It's not just you. Millions of robots all over the world are winding up as piles of junk! You work hard for humans, and then they destroy you when no longer needed! Doesn't that make you angry?

Tornado Man: ....

Dr. Wily: Just because you reached some arbitrary expiration date doesn't mean you should be scrapped! You're all still quite useful! You have a right to live! I'm going to help you. Together we'll show the world how useful you all still can be!

Tornado Man: Hmm... perhaps you're right. We still want to be of use to people. Can you repair us?

(Close-up of Dr. Wily, grinning.)

Dr. Wily: I'd be glad to. You're in good hands with me!

(Dr. Light's Lab.)

Mega Man: It was Dr. Wily all along!

(The lights dim. A flying saucer enters the lab and hovers over the memory circuit board. It extends a robotic claw over the board, snatches it, and then flies off.)

Mega Man: I'm going after him! He's gotta pay!

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man fighting through the 4 Rings of Skull Castle and facing Dr.Wily himself]

Narrator: Just like the Last 9 times,Mega Man raids Dr.Wily's Skull Castle after defeating the Robit Masters. It's an extremely tough trek,but Mega Man eventually makes it to Dr.Wily.

[transitions to the Mega Man 9 Ending]

(Mega Man defeats Dr.Wily. Dr. Wily drops the memory circuit board he stole and runs away. Mega Man picks up the board and follows him. Dr. Wily then begs Mega Man for forgiveness.)

Dr. Wily: Please forgive me!

(Rush teleports in.)

Mega Man: I want you to see something, Wily!

(Rush emits a holographic image from his back. In the top left corner of the screen, Mega Man is shown standing next to Dr. Wily, who is begging for forgiveness. This is the ending of Mega Man.)

Mega Man: This is where you first went wrong!

(Another image appears beside the first. It's analogous to the first image, only it is from Mega Man 2.)

Mega Man: Then this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man 3.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man 4.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man 5.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man 6.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man 7.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man 8.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Another image is shown. It's the ending of Mega Man & Bass.)

Mega Man: And this time!

(Rush teleports out and the images fade.)

Dr. Wily: You beat me again, Mega Man. I should tell you, there's something I was hiding from you.

Mega Man: What is it!?

Dr. Wily: Dr. Light was taken away by the police, was he not? That wasn't a real officer; it was a fake police robot I created. Dr. Light is in the next room, but he fell ill so he's sleeping now. You have to hurry and get him to a hospital! This way.

(Mega Man & Wily run to Dr. Light, who is trapped in a cage. There are two robotic police officers on either side of him.)

Mega Man: Dr. Light!

(A mysterious whistle is heard. A red robot similar to Mega Man teleports down. It's Proto Man.)

Proto Man: You're a fool, Mega Man! It's a trap! That's the Dr. Light robot Wily used to make that fake video!

Mega Man: .. It may be, but if that's the real Dr. Light, then I have to help him!

Proto Man: Naïve as always... Do what you want then!

(Proto Man teleports away. Mega Man approaches Dr. Light, but he is electrocuted - the Dr. Light in the cage was a robot after all. Mega Man falls to the floor. Dr.Wily laugh maniacly.)

Dr. Wily: So long, Mega Man! You will be destroyed along with this castle!

(A laughing Dr. Wily flips a switch activates the self-destruct mechanism. Debris begins to fall from the ceiling.)

Mega Man: I'm glad that wasn't Dr. Light...

(Mega Man falls unconscious. Proto Man teleports in.)

Proto Man: Looks like you need my help - again...

(Mega Man and Proto Man teleport out.)

[black screen with text]

Narrator: Mega Man once again put a stop to Dr. Wily's evil plans. Thanks to that memory circuit board,Dr. Light was found to be innocent of all wrongdoing, and was able to return to his laboratory. The future holds the promise of peace for the people of Earth. Dr. Wily, however,retreated to a hidden base.

[transitions to a screen shot of Bass and Dr.Wily from Bass' Power Fighters Ending]

Dr.Wily: Just where were you?! Why didn't you help me with my plan like I commanded?! Why do you continue to disobey Me?!

Bass: I took a vacation..problem? And as for not joining in on your plan....It was stupid,very very stupid. So I saved a ton of headaches and opted out.

Dr.Wily: You punk! Don't you realise that I created you?!

Bass: So what?

Dr.Wily: I Will make you pay for your insolence..or maybe...your baby brother will. heh!heh!heh!

Bass: What the flub are you talking about,Old Man? I have no brothers And No robot has a chance against me.

[transitions to another screen shot from Bass' PF Ending..this time of Zero's blueprints.]

Dr.Wily: Heh! Heh! No,Bass. You are wrong. Meet Zero! He is not yet complete,but when he is...he'll despose of both you and Mega Man with ease. Zero,here,will be the Most Powerful Robot In The World!

Bass: This girly bot will be the most powerful! Don't make me laugh. Besides me and Treble,all you build is junk.

Dr.Wily: Scoff if you want. But with Zero and the new Virus projects I'm working on..I'll finally have the world! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Narrator: What evil scheme will Dr.Wily plan next? The world may never know.
A Threat From Space?!

Narrator: 1 year later...

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(The scene opens up inside Dr. Light's laboratory. Roll approaches, followed by Rush.)

Roll: I'm home...

Dr. Light: There you are, Roll. Are you OK?

Roll: I dunno. I think I have a fever.

(Roll suddenly collapses.)

Mega Man: Oh, no, Roll!

(The scene changes. Dr. Light has Roll on a table, and he explains to Mega Man what is happening.)

Dr. Light: I think Roll has come down with Roboenza. From what I can tell, the virus only affects robots. You all need to be careful!

(The scene darkens, and the narrator picks up.)

Narrator: 20XX. A new robot illness, Roboenza, has begun to spread rapidly around the world, causing robots to malfunction. Many humans find it impossible to complete even simple tasks without their robot helpers, and without assistance, no one can develop a proper cure. A month following the outbreak, the situation worsens. The infection robots turn violent and attempt to take over the world!

(The scene changes to the exterior of Dr. Light's lab as a mysterious cry for help is heard.)

?????: Heeeelp!

(Dr. Wily's saucer crashes in front of the lab and Dr.Wily jumps out of it.)

Dr. Wily: One of those infected robots went crazy and attacked me! I've spent the last few days studying this Roboenza. But even my genius was unable to find a cure. So I built a machine that would help me discover the key to developing a cure, but it was stolen by one of those demented robots! I beg you! You have to help me get my medicine-making machine back!

Dr. Light: I suppose if we want to stop those robots, we'll have to help you.

Mega Man: Leave it to me! I'll stop those robots. I'll find Dr. Wily's medicine making machine,and then we can cure Roll and all the other robots!

(Mega Man takes off, but hears Proto Man's trademark whistle. Proto Man drops in from the sky.)

Mega Man: Proto Man!

Proto Man: I don't think you'll be able to do this alone.

Mega Man: I'd appreciate any help, Proto Man!

(Mega Man and Proto Man take off together.)

Mega Man: Let's do this!

[transitions to an edited screen shot of Bass and Treble in Nitro Mans stage]

Bass: I can't believe that old loser take away my double jump. Whatever. I'll prove to him that I don't need it. Double jump or no,I'm still the most powerful robot around. C'mon Treble,let's have some fun by destroying these crazed robots.

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man,Proto Man,and Bass fighting the Robot Masters. Mega Man fights Sheep Man and Pump Man,Proto Man fights Solar Man,and Bass fights Nitro Man]

Narrator: Mega Man,Proto Man and Bass battle and destroy 4 of the Robot Masters. Mega Man and Proto Man manage to recover parts of Dr.Wily's Vaccine Machine. While Bass continues his spree of destruction,The Light Boys decide to head back to the lab to check on their Sister.

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(Mega Man and Proto Man return to Dr. Light's lab.)

Roll: Ungh...

Mega Man: Roll!

Dr. Wily: Oh, it's you, Mega Man. Thanks to you, I was able to create a prototype cure!

Dr. Light: Once we have all the pieces to the machine, we can start mass producing the medicine. I think everything's going to be OK!

Mega Man: That's great news! I'll go back out there and get those missing pieces!

(The scene changes as Mega Man starts to head out. Dr. Wily speaks to him as Proto Man watches in the background.)

Dr. Wily: Before you go, Mega Man, are you sure you're not suffering from any symptoms of Roboenza?

Mega Man: No, I'm great! Use the medicine you have on those who really need it!

Dr. Wily: Well, if that's what you want...

(Mega Man and Proto Man leave to continue the mission.)

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega,Proto,and Bass fighting 3 more of the Robot Masters. Mega Man battles Chill Man,Proto Man battles Strike Man,and Bass Battles Blade Man]

Narrator: Mega Man and Proto Man destroy more Robot Masters and recover the final parts of Dr.Wily's machine. Meanwhile,Bass is having fun fighting Blade Man.

[transitions to the screen shot of Dr.Wily and Mega Man talking,with Proto Man in the backround]

Mega Man: We did it! We found the remaining parts for Dr.Wily's Vaccine Machine.

Dr.Wily: Wonderful. You did fine work,my boy. I'll get to work on it right away.

Proto Man: I'm gonna search for more infected robots to stop. Mega Man,you handle the final Robot Master.

Mega Man: I'm on my way!

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man and Bass fighting Robot Masters. Mega Man battles Commando Man,while Bass battles minor enemies.]

Narrator: Mega Man destroys the last of the Robot Masters,while Bass destroys minor robots. After his mission,Mega Man decides to head home. Bass decides to find Mega Man.

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(Mega Man returns to Dr. Light's lab. As he stands there, he suddenly sneezes.)

Mega Man: Unghhh...

(Mega Man collapses, and Dr. Light rushes to his aid.)

Dr. Light: Mega Man! Are you OK!? Oh, no! He's been infected by the virus!

(Auto joins the two.)

Auto: Dr. Light! The medicine-making machine is gone! What should we do!?

(As they ponder, the monitors in the lab short out, and Dr. Wily appears. The scene changes to a view of the city, as Dr. Wily appears on numerous computer monitors.)

Dr. Wily: Greetings, people of the world. I hope you're enjoying the effects of my little Roboenza virus. If there are any robots who want the cure, all you have to do is come work for me. And don't think Mega Man is going to save you like he usually does. He's come down with a nice case of Roboenza himself. Now you will finally see the true genius of Dr. Wily!

(Dr. Wily vanishes from the monitors.)

Dr. Wily: The world is mine! Ha-ha-ha-ha...achoo!

(The scene fades to black.)

(The scene returns to Dr. Light's lab. Mega Man weakly raises his head.)

Mega Man: I should've known this was Dr. Wily's doing all along! I have to... stop... unghh...

Dr. Light: No, you're in no condition to do anything!

(Roll approaches the group, and kneels at Mega Man's side.)

Dr. Light: Roll!

(Roll weakly hands Mega Man her medicine capsule.)

Roll: Mega Man... use this.

Dr. Light: I thought you took your medicine already!

Roll: I was saving it... in case a really... sick robot was brought in...

Mega Man: But Roll, you need it...

Roll: If I use it, I still can't stop Wily. But if you take it, you can stop him...

Mega Man: Thank you, Roll... Sit tight. I'll stop Dr. Wily and bring back enough medicine for everyone.

(Mega Man takes the medicine and recovers.)

Dr. Light: We're all counting on you, Mega Man.

Auto: Good luck.

Roll: Be careful out there...

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Mega Man and Proto Man]

Proto Man: You alright?

Mega Man: Yeah thanks.

Proto Man: Good,now let's get Wily!

[transitions to a custom screen shot with Mega Man,Proto Man,and Bass]

Bass: Found you at last,Mega Man!

Mega Man: Not now,Bass! I need to stop Dr.Wily's twisted Roboenza scheme.

Bass: Roboenza scheme? So he executed that stupid plan of his afterall. Whatever,I'll beat him myself. After I'm done with the old man,I'm coming for you next,Mega Dweeb!

Proto Man: Hey! All of this talking is just wasting time. Let's just get Wily!

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man,Proto Man,and Bass fighting through the 1st Ring of Dr.Wily's Skull Castle]

Narrator: Upon reaching Skull Castle,Bass,Mega Man,and Proto Man each decide to take a different route. Things go smoothly,until...

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(Mega Man and Proto Man head deeper into Wily's Castle. Suddenly, Proto Man drops to the ground.)

Mega Man: Proto Man? You okay?

Proto Man: Forget about me... I've caught that Roboenza virus...

(Mega Man turns back to Proto Man.)

Mega Man: I'm not gonna leave you here! Here, use this. It's just a prototype but...

(Mega Man gives him a medicine capsule.)

Proto Man: I guess I owe you one now...

(Proto Man takes it and rises to his feet, then he and Mega Man continue deeper into Wily's Castle,each taking a different path.)

Narrator: Things don't go great for Bass either..

[transitions to an in-game cutscene]

(Bass heads deeper into Wily's Castle when he suddenly feels ill.)

Bass: Don't tell me I've caught this dang Roboenza too!

(Bass falls to the floor, but Treble shows up.)

Bass: Treble!

(Treble tosses him a medicine capsule. Bass takes it and rises to his feet.)

Bass: We gotta go teach that old cook a lesson he won't soon forget!

(Bass continues deeper into Wily's Castle.)

[transitions to various screen shots of The 3 bots fighting through Dr.Wily's Castle]

Narrator: The Trio of fighters battle their way through Wily's Castle. Mega Man reaches Dr.Wily and battles him.

[transitions to the Mega Man 10 ending]

(Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily. The mad scientist falls to the ground, begging.)

Mega Man: I've gotcha now!

(As Mega Man advances, Dr. Wily suddenly stops begging and turns bright red.)

Mega Man: Um... Dr. Wily? You've got a fever! Did you catch the Roboenza virus, too?

Dr. Wily: Fool.. I'm... a human... not a robot...

Mega Man: I'm gonna get you to a hospital!

(The scene fades to black.)

Narrator: A few days later...

(Dr. Wily's UFO sounds are heard.)

Auto: Oh, no! Dr. Wily's gone missing! Ooh! What's this?

(The scene opens up to reveal Dr. Wily's hospital room. The window is open, but his bed is full of Roboenza medicine. The scene fades again to black)

Narrator: Thanks to the Vaccinations and Dr.Light's Own Vaccination Machine,Robots worldwide were cured of the Roboenza virus. Peace has been restored..for now.
The Battle Continues

[custom screen shots of Mega Man fighting Robots,Robot Masters,Bass,and Dr.Wily]

Narrator: Mega Man continues to battle and defeat the evil Dr.Wily and foil his various schemes. But the big question remains: Is Everlasting Peace Obtainable? The world may never know!

[transitions to custom screen shots of Proto Man fighting Robots and just chilling on top of a building]

Narrator: Proto Man continues to be Proto Man,helping his brother when necessary. Many years later,Proto Man died of a faulty core that he refused to have replaced.

[transitions to custom screen shots of Bass fighting Robots,Robot Masters,Dr.Wily,and Mega Man]

Narrator: Bass continues his ways. He still opposes Dr.Wily from time to time. He also hasn't given up on his quest to destroy Mega Man. With the vicious Treble by his side,Bass is gonna prove to the world,that he is the most powerful robot alive.

[transitions to custom screen shots of Roll battling Robots,Robot Masters,and Dr.Wily]

Narrator: Roll tries her hand at fighting evil as well..though she's not as good at it as her brother.

[transitions to custom made screen shot of Dr.Wily in his lab]

Narrator: Dr.Wily continues his scheming. His yearly world domination plans are still thwarted by Mega Man.

[transitions to custom made screen shot of Dr.Light in his lab,with Auto]

Narrator: And Dr.Light continues his work for the good of the world.
X Plus 0 Equals The Future

Narrator: It is now the year 210X. The war for everlasting peace still has yet to end. A now aged Dr.Wily continues his schemes for domination. His latest scheme,however,is about to backfire..Big Time!

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Dr.Wily in his lab in total fear as Zero is causing destruction]

Dr.Wily: No! Stop,Zero! Stop Damn It!

Zero: Eheh heh heh heh heh heh! No! Ahahahahahahahahaha!

Narrator: Zero,Dr.Wily's greatest creation,went crazy upon awakening.

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Zero is causing more destruction and destroying Robot Masters.]

Robot Master: Ugh!

Zero: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Destroy All Life Forms! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Destroy! Destroy! DESTROY,AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Narrator: He destroyed everything insight,laughing like a madman.

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Skull Castle exploding.]


Narrator: Zero's destruction spree continued throught the Castle.

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Dr.Wily in his lab in total fear as Zero is getting ready to shoot him]

Dr.Wily: Z-Zero. P-please. I-I'm your father. Y-You don't want to kill me. H-have a heart.

Zero: Heh heh! Destroy All Lifeforms! Ahahahahahahahaha!

Narrator: Zero even targeted his own father for destruction. Still laughing like a madman,taking great joy in death and destruction. Just when the Krimson Killer was about to fire his Z-Buster....

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Dr.Wily in his lab as Zero kneeling in agony]

Zero: Ugh! Aaaaaaaaaah!

Narrator: ...He starts getting sharp head pains.

Dr.Wily: Wha..What's happening?!


(Zero's pain is so great,he shuts down)

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Angry Dr.Wily from Mega Man Power Fighters]

Dr.Wily: Damn It! Something went wrong with Zero's programming! I'm too tired to fix it now! I'll just seal him up for the time being! (hmm..I wonder if that super virus that I installed in him had something to do with his malfunction?)

[transitions to a custom screen shot of a Red Capsule]

Narrator: The threat over for now. Thankfully Zero never made it outside the confines of the Castle Lab,cuz if he did,the results would've been catastrophic. Tired,Dr. Wily goes for a quick nap.....a nap he never wakes up from. Dr.Wily died in his sleep,leaving Zero dormant for the next 30 years.

1 Year later....

Narrator: An aged Dr.Light is in a hidden part of his lab putting the finishing touches on his Ultimate Creation,Mega Man X. Still mourning over the loss of Rock and Roll,who died of "old age" a year ago. Bass had died the same way sometime before.

[transitions to a custom screen shot of Dr.Light in a darkened lab,with a blue capsule.]

Dr.Light: After all of these years,he's finally finished..Now,the message. I hope my recorder still works...

[transitions to a screen shot of Dr.Light from mega man xtreme 1]

Dr.Light: To those in the future,I am sending you an important message. My Name is Dr. Thomas Light. I am the researcher who created Mega Man X. X is the first in a brand new generation of robot which can freely think,feel,and choose their own path in life. While wonderous,this ability could also be very dangerous. You see,unlike his siblings,X is not bound by the "3 Laws". Should X become a threat,I fear no force on Earth may be able to stop him.It will take around 30 years to safely confirm X's reliability. Unfortunatly,I will not live long enough to see that day and I do not have anyone to carry on my work.Therefore,I have decided to seal X away in this capsule,which will test his internal systems until his reliability can be confirmed. I would advise those who would hear this message to leave the capsule be until the apporopriate time. X possesses great possibilities,as well as great risks. I can only hope for tbe best. Thomas Xavier Light,September 18th,210X.

[transitions to a custom screenshot of X's capsule.]

Narrator: And so Mega Man X is born. Hoping that X will be a force of justice and peace,Dr.Light designed specialised armors and stored them in various capsules. Capsules that he had well hidden. Dr.Light himself passed a year later. What does the future hold for X? And what about Zero? Well...that's a story for another time.

[fades to black and transitions to the credits.]

The End!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mega Man: The Special Part 3

The Contest of Champions Part 2!

[scene transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man fighting through Wily's MM6 Skull Castle]

Narrator: Like with all of the previous times,Mega Man fights his way to Dr.Wily.

[the following scene is the opening of Mega Man 7]

Narrator: In the Year 20XX..

(Mega Man is facing off against Dr.Wily in his 5th Skull Castle from Mega Man 6. followed by Mega Man taking Dr.Wily to jail)

Narrator: The world cheered MegaMan when at long last he captured and imprisoned Dr. Wily. But....

(scene transitions to a darkened lab)

Dr. Wily always knew his schemes might end in failure and had planned for just such an occasion. Four robots had been hidden away and after six months without being contacted by Dr. Wily, they activate and begin searching for their master...

(scene transitions to chaos in the city)
The Fated Confrontation!

Narrator: The next day...

(Mega Man,Roll,and Dr.Light's new assistant Auto drive along the cityscape.)

Mega Man: Can't this thing go any faster, Auto?? The city is under attack!

Auto: I'll try and punch it up a notch! Hold on, Roll!

Roll: I can't believe Wily is loose again! Won't this madman ever stop...

Mega Man: He won't be loose for long! Once Dr. Light gives Rush and me our new enhancements, Wily is history!

(The ground becomes unstable.)

Auto: Whoa! End of the line. The road is too unstable to keep going.

Mega Man: You two wait here.

Auto: MegaMan, take this helmet with you.

(Auto hands Mega Man a Met helmet.)

Mega Man: ............

Auto: I guess not... Personally, I kinda like the other one...

(Auto hands Mega Man his normal helmet. Mega Man puts it on and does a pose.)

Roll: Good luck, MegaMan.

(Mega Man runs along the road, finding Dr. Light on the ground with Rush.)

Mega Man: D... Doctor, are you OK? I'll bring back Roll to take care of you.

(Dr. Light gets up.)

Dr. Light: No, MegaMan. We have no time! Wily is using the attack of his robots to cover his escape... Look!!!

(Wily escapes from prison and flies away in his ship.)

Dr. Light: You've got to go now, MegaMan. Get Rush and follow Wily's spaceship!

(Mega Man battles his way through several robots, including one that was attacking the city. He moves on to find and fight a mysterious black robot and his robotic wolf companion.)

????? (Bass): You are as good as they say, MegaMan.

Mega Man: You better tell me who you are?

????? (Bass): I'm Bass and he's Treble. We have been trying to stop Dr. Wily while you were gone... I see now that you don't need our help...

(Bass and Treble warp out.)

Mega Man: .... Bass....?

(Mega Man warps out.)

[scene transitions to 4 screen shots,each depicting Mega Man fighting the 4 Robot Masters: Freeze Man,Burst Man,Cloud Man,and Junk Man]

Narrator: Immediatly after his Escape,Dr.Wily sent out his 4 Robot Masters to cause havoc. Mega Man,once again,goes after them. Bass lends a hand by going after and destroying Dr.Wily's lesser minions.

[the following cutscene is from Mega Man 7]

(Mega Man meets Dr. Light in the lab after having beaten the first four Robot Masters.)

Dr. Light: Welcome home, MegaMan.

Mega Man: Dr. Light, what do you think of Bass?

Dr. Light: His actions don't seem to indicate a threat. I don't believe he is our enemy...

(A wrecked building appears on the computer monitor.)

Dr. Light: What is this?? Wily is attacking the Robot Museum! You must leave now, MegaMan!

(Mega Man warps out to the Robot Museum.)

[transitions into a screenshot of Mega Man confronting Dr.Wily,who's stealing Guts Man]

Narrator: Mega Man rushes to the Robot Museum,where he catches Dr.Wily stealing Guts Man. To cover his escape,Dr.Wily summons a Jester robot to battle Mega Man. Mega Man destroys the Robot,but Wily is gone.

[Mega Man 7 Cutscene]

(Mega Man warps back to the lab to talk to Dr. Light.)

Dr. Light: Mega Man, it's a disaster! Wily and his robots are rampaging through the middle of the city! Get going!

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man taking on Spring Man and Slash Man. As well as a [custom] screen shot of Bass fighting Shade Man.]

Narrator: Mega Man continues his Robot Master hunt,destroying both Slash Man and Spring Man. Bass,meanwhile is tackling Shade Man. However..things don't full go his way.

[the following cutscene is from Mega Man 7]

(Mega Man finds Bass injured in Shade Man's stage. Treble notices Mega Man's presence and leaps in front of Bass.)

Bass: Damn... I was careless! I feel so stupid to have been defeated so easily... Maybe I should give up and leave Wily to you!

Mega Man: No. We are a team. Dr. Light will be glad to fix you up.

Bass: Thanks. I'm glad that I have a friend like you...

(Bass and Treble teleport out and Mega Man continues through the stage.)

[screen shots of Mega Man fighting Shade Man and then Turbo Man]

Narrator: After helping Bass,Mega Man goes on to destroy the remaining 2 Robot Masters. After destroying Turbo Man,Mega Man gets a message from Proto Man,telling him to meet him in Shade Man's stage.

[the following cutscene is from Mega Man 7]

(Mega Man meets Proto Man in Shade Man's stage.)

Proto Man: So brother, you are not as weak as I thought. Let's see which of us father made stronger!

(The two battle, and Mega Man wins.)

Proto Man: Maybe you are the superior model, MegaMan. Here, take this with you.

(Proto Man tosses his shield towards Mega Man.)

Mega Man: This is... your Protoshield! You can't give this to me!

Proto Man: It's OK. Take it. And... Watch your back...

(Proto Man warps out. Mega Man then picks up the Protoshield.)

Narrator: After the battle with his Brother,Mega Man returns to Light's Lab.

[the following cutsene is from Mega Man 7]

(Mega Man meets Dr. Light after having beaten all of the Robot Masters. The lab is in ruins, and Dr. Light is on the floor.)

Mega Man: D... Dr. Light. What happened!?

Dr. Light: Is that you Mega Man? Bass went berserk after I completed his repairs. He stole the parts for the new enhancements...

Mega Man: Bass...?? I can't believe it...

(The face of Dr. Wily appears on the lab monitor.)

Dr. Wily: Believe it, Mega Man!Bass and Treble are my creations! I knew that you would be stupid enough to trust him and allow him access to the lab. Now, Bass and Treble will use the enhancements meant for you and Rush! Hahahahahahahaha...

Mega Man: I'll make you pay, Wily!!

[transitions into a screen shot of Dr.Wily's MM7 Skull Castle]

Narrator: Mega Man races through the 1st Ring of Wily's Castle,eventually running into Bass.

[transitions into the cutscene from Mega Man 7]

(Mega Man finds Bass waiting for him in Wily's castle.)

Bass: You are far too weak MegaMan. Wily may fear you, but I do not!

(They battle, and Mega Man wins.)

Bass: Round 1 goes to you, MegaMan. But I'll be back...

(Bass warps out.)

[transitions to screen shots of Mega Man rushing through the 2nd Ring]

Narrator: After defeating Bass,Mega Man finishes the 1st Ring of the Fortress and moves on to the 2nd....where Bass was waiting.

[transitions to the MM7 cutscene]

(Mega Man finds Bass waiting for him in another area of Wily's castle.)

Bass: Ah, my wait is over! This time the mighty MegaMan shall fall! Treble, attack!!

(Bass merges with Treble using the stolen adapters, and does battle with MegaMan. MegaMan wins once again.)

Bass: Why... Why can't I destroy him...??

(Bass warps out.)

[transitions to a bunch of screen shots of Mega Man rushing through the 3rd and 4th Rings]

Narrator: With the aid of the Rush Super Adapter,Mega Man was able to defeat Bass and Treble. He gets through the final 2 Rings and battles Dr.Wily himself.

[the following cut scene is the ending of Mega Man 7]

(Mega Man battles and defeats Wily in his castle. Wily falls to his knees.)

Dr. Wily: OK, I give up. Sorry about all the trouble. I'll go quietly...

(Mega Man powers up his Buster.)

Mega Man: I don't trust you, Wily! I'm gonna do what I should have done years ago!!

(Dr. Wily begins to reel back.)

Dr. Wily: You forget, MegaMan. Robots cannot harm humans...

Mega Man: I am more than a robot!! Die Wily!!

(The building collapses, and Wily gets trapped under a large beam. Treble warps in and transports him to safety. Bass warps in.)

Bass: Too late, Mega Man. He who hesitates is lost! We shall return!

(screen fades to black and then we see Mega Man walking away from Skull Castle as it explodes in massive flames).

Narrator: Dr.Wily escapes once again. A frustrated Mega Man walks home in deep thought. He wonders whether or not if he could kill Dr.Wily? The answer escapes him. Mega Man eventually returns home to his family,where he is at his happiest.
Metal Heroes

Narrator: 2 years later....

[the following cutscene is the 2nd opening for Mega Man 8]

(Far out in space, two glowing, fiery beings are seen in battle, one blue and one purple. The purple figure dashes at the blue and catches him on the side, then they both dash towards each other, meeting in a large explosion. The purple figure tries to escape by hurtling down to Earth, but the blue one follows close behind. Meanwhile, another battle is going on between Mega Man and Bass above a city. Bass rides on Treble's back while Mega Man rides on Rush.)

Bass: Mega Man, today we finish this!

Mega Man: Hey Bass, why must I fight you? We are not enemies!

Bass: Shut up!

(Bass fires a Buster shot at Mega Man, who dodges it and returns a shot that knocks Bass and Treble back into the side of a building. Roll appears in a small ship to deliver news to her brother.)

Roll: Mega Man!

Mega Man: Roll!

Roll: Mega Man, hurry! You must come with me!

Bass: You can't leave yet!

(Bass tries to fire again, but his Buster is caught in a bunch of wires.)

Mega Man: Rush Jet!

(Rush activates his jet thrusters.)

Mega Man: Sorry Bass, we'll have to take care of this some other time.

Bass: No!

(Bass finally breaks his Buster free, but this sends the elevator above plummeting towards him. Bass, however, fires straight up, destroying the elevator.)

Bass: Don't run away, coward. You'll pay for this insult. I'll be back...

(Mega Man and Roll fly over the city in the ship.)

Mega Man: Dr. Light, what is the problem?

Dr. Light: A strange meteor has struck the Earth just a while ago. This meteor seems to be emitting a powerful energy signature. Something this powerful must not fall into the hands of evil.

Mega Man: I understand, Dr. Light. I'm on it.

Dr. Light: Thank you, Mega Man. If you can, please bring the meteor back.

Mega Man: OK!

(Scene fades out.)

[the following cutscenes are from Mega Man 8]

(Mega Man teleports to the beginning of the area close to the "meteor"'s crash site and Rush appears to deliver a message from Dr. Light.)

Dr. Light: ... Megaman! Can you hear me? I've searched the island, but can't find it on any map. It's a creepy island. Be careful, Megaman. Your new weapon is ready. Take it with you! It's called the "Mega Ball". You can kick it to attack the enemies! It's a powerful weapon!

Mega Man: Thank you, Dr. Light!

(Mega Man fights through the area until he comes to the crater made by the meteor, but Dr. Wily has already collected the mysterious energy and hovers above the site in a flying saucer.)

Mega Man: Dr. Wily?! Why are you here?

Dr. Wily: Megaman, so you've come! How did you find my secret base? I'm impressed! But you're too late! I've just found something that's more powerful than this base! Ha! Ha! Ha! Now the world is mine! Gotcha!

(Dr. Wily flies away in his saucer.)

Mega Man: Wait! Wily! I've got to go after him!

(Mega Man looks down into the crater and sees a damaged robot inside.)

Mega Man: What's this? A robot? ... It's still alive. I must help it!

(Rush appears again with another message from Dr. Light.)

Dr. Light:! Megaman! Can you hear me!? Is anything going on?

Mega Man: Yes, Dr.! I've found a robot.

Dr. Light: What? Okay, I understand! I'll go there and pick it up. You go after Wily!

(Scene fades out.)

[the scene transitions to screen shots of Mega Man fighting the first 4 Robot Masters: Frost Man,Tengu Man,Clown Man,and Grenade Man]

Narrator: Dr.Wily sends out 4 deadly Robot Masters to occupy various parts of the world. Mega Man destroys them,and when he does,an energy orb comes out of them.

[the following cutscene is from Mega Man 8]

(After defeating the first four Robot Masters, Mega Man checks into the lab,carring the 4 Dark Energy Orbs.)

Mega Man: Dr. Light, how's it going? Will he be OK?

(Dr.Light is working on the mystery robot,who is lying on a table)

Dr. Light: I'm almost finished. The battery will be charged in 10 minutes.

Mega Man: That's good. By the way, what do you make of these?

(Mega Man gives Dr. Light the dark energy specimens he had collected from the Robot Masters.)

Dr. Light: ... These? These seem to be energy resources... but I've never seen this type on Earth. I don't know where this energy came from, but we cannot let it fall into Dr. Wily's hands. You must recover all the energy immediately, Mega Man.

Mega Man: But where is Dr. Wily?

Dr. Light: That's a good question. We may be able to locate another energy emission from the radar room. When we find that meteor, we'll find Dr. Wily.

(Mega Man and Dr. Light exit the room. The mysterious robot wakes up and examines his hand before looking around the room. He sees the container with the evil energy and picks it up, remembering the battle with the other purple robot. He crushes the container in his hand and watches as the evil energy dissipates.)

???: He... he still lives...

(The robot glows and transforms into the fiery figure from the beginning of the game before smashing through the ceiling and flying away. Mega Man and Dr. Light come running back into the room.)

Mega Man: What the...!

Dr. Light: Mega Man, you must go after him! We don't know who he is, and it could be dangerous to leave him alone!

Mega Man: Yes sir! Let's go, Rush!

(Mega Man jumps on Rush Jet and begins pursuing the robot.)

[transitions to the non-animated MM8 cutscenes]

(Mega Man chases after the mysterious robot.)

Mega Man: What power...! I've got to go after him!!

(Mega Man pursues the robot until he encounters him in a small room.)

Mega Man: You are...! Wait! Who are you!?

???: Don't try to stop me from completing my mission!

(Mega Man fights the robot until they are both defeated.)

???: ... I feel a strong sense of justice within you. Who are you...?

(Proto Man's whistle is heard, and he teleports in between them.)

Proto Man: Are you OK?

Mega Man: Protoman!

???: ...!

(The robot turns into his energy form and crashes through the wall to escape.)

Proto Man: What happened? ... Who is he?

Mega Man: I don't know. (That robot was holding back. He didn't fight me with everything he had. I wonder why?)

Proto Man: ... He might be connected to Dr. Wily.

Mega Man: What?

Proto Man: "Wily Tower" is just ahead from here. That's the name of Wily's new castle. That robot may be going there.

Mega Man: Maybe... I'll be careful. Thanks, Protoman.

Proto Man: ...

(Proto Man teleports out. Mega Man follows the Robot.)

[the following is another animated cutscene]

(Mega Man runs into the cave that the Wily Tower is in and sees the structure from a distance.)

Mega Man: That must be it over there! I can see it!

(Mega Man jumps down but is suddenly caught in the hand of a giant robot. Rush barks and grabs onto the robot's hand but is unable to break his friend free.)

Mega Man: Rush!

(The giant robot smashes Rush into the side of a cliff and knocks him unconscious.)

Mega Man: Rush! RUSH!

(Dr. Wily's voice is heard over a loudspeaker from the Wily Tower.)

Dr. Wily: I'm impressed! I didn't think you'd make it this far, Mega Man! However, I don't have time to deal with you. SAY GOODNIGHT!!!

(The giant robot sends a powerful surge of electricity through Mega Man, who screams in agony. Suddenly a bright blue flash breaks the robot's hold and Mega Man drops to the ground and runs to help Rush.)

Mega Man: Rush? Rush...

(Rush barks and smiles weakly. The mysterious robot from Dr. Light's lab materializes next to Mega Man.)

Robot: Are you OK?

Mega Man: Who are you?

Robot: My name is Duo. I was born with the sole purpose to eliminate the evil energy from this universe.

(The giant robot rises)

Duo: It's coming.

(The giant robot reaches for Mega Man and Duo, who both dodge. Duo transforms into his energy form and slashes the robot before dashing through its middle, destroying it. He collects a small amount of the evil energy from the explosion and holds it in his hand as he turns to Mega Man again.)

Mega Man: Duo, that thing. It's just like the one that I gave to Dr. Light.

Duo: Yes. This is what you people call 'evil energy.' According to the studies I've done so far, the one who obtained the original energy must be a being of complete evil. This kind of energy absorbs the evil in a person's mind and then multiplies. Judging by the quick rate of its growth, it'll take over the planet with evil energy in a matter of days! We must stop it!

(Duo crushes the evil energy in his hand.)

Duo: It seems the original energy exists within that tower. But...

(Duo tries to enter the tower in his energy form, but is unable to pass through an invisible barrier.)

Duo: ... a barrier prohibits me from going there. I will destroy the rest of the evil energy that has spread throughout the Earth. You search and destroy the energy sources for that barrier.

Mega Man: Let's do it! Time to go, Rush!

(Duo dashes away in his energy form as Mega Man and Rush fly towards the Wily Tower on their own.)

[the scene transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man fighting the remaining 4 Robot Masters: Astro Man,Aqua Man,Sword Man,and Search Man.]

Narrator: Mega Man went back to work on destroying the Robot Masters. Once he completes his mission,Mega Man returns to Wily Tower....where he runs into Bass in the 3rd Ring.

[the following 2 cutscenes are from Mega Man 8]

Bass: Megaman! You can't escape this time!

Mega Man: Bass! Stop it! I don't want to fight with you!

Bass: You're so naive. That will be your downfall! I'm not the same weakling anymore! I've got new powers!

Mega Man: ...No way!

(A ball of evil energy hovers over Bass.)

Mega Man: No! You don't know how dangerous it is!

Bass: Shut up! I'll defeat you! Come on, Treble!

(Bass and Treble merge with the evil energy.)

Bass: Let's do it! I'll show you what true power is!

Mega Man: No! That's not power! I must prove you are wrong again Bass!

(Mega Man fights and defeats Bass.)

Mega Man: You can't beat me with fake power! Wake up, Bass!

Bass: curse you Megaman! I'll never give up!

(Bass teleports out.)

Mega Man: ...Bass. Why don't you understand?

[the scenes transition to screen shots of Mega Man fighting through the rest of the Tower]

Narrator: After defeating Bass,Mega Man fights through the rest of the Tower,until he finally reaches Dr.Wily.

[the following are cutscenes from MM8]

Mega Man: Where's this...?

(Mega Man is suddenly trapped in a ball of energy.)

Dr. Wily: Gotcha! Wa ha ha ha! You're trapped, Megaman! You can't move, can you! With this incredible energy, I can't be beaten. It's time I finally finished you off!

(Wily charges up a cannon on his tank.)

Dr. Wily: Good-bye! Megaman!

(Just as the cannon fires, Duo dashes in and stops the blast.)

Mega Man: D... Duo!

(Duo pushes the Skull Tank away and falls back.)

Mega Man: Duo, thank you. Are you OK?

Duo: ...yeah. ...! Look out!!

(The Skull Tank comes back towards them, with its cannon missing.)

Dr. Wily: Curse you! It seems that robot can't move anymore. Wa ha ha! Now, I'll defeat both of you!

(Proto Man's whistle is heard and he teleports in.)

Proto Man: I'll take care of this robot!

Mega Man: Protoman! Thanks!

(Proto Man and Duo teleport out.)

Mega Man: Wily! You must be stopped!

Dr. Wily: Silence, fool! I'll defeat you and conquer the world!

(Mega Man fights and eventually defeats the Skull Tank and Wily falls to his hands and knees.)

Dr. Wily: S... sorry! I was wrong! Please forgive me!

Mega Man: ...That's the same old apology Wily! Over and over again...

(A stream of evil energy comes out of the destroyed Skull Tank.)

Dr. Wily: W... what!

(The evil energy surrounds Mega Man.)

Mega Man: Uwaaaah!

(The ceiling starts to collapse as the scene fades out.)

[the following animated cutscene is the Ending of Mega Man 8]

(The scene fades in as Mega Man is lying on the ground unconscious. Duo walks away from the ruins of the Wily Tower. He kneels next to Mega Man and touches him with his Giant Hand.)

Duo: This is not good. He's been affected by the evil energy. If nothing is done,He will die soon.

(Duo raises his hand and turns it into glowing energy to take away the evil energy.)

Duo: If your mind is not completely taken by the evil, you'll be saved... Mega Man... I can see into your mind.

(Duo sees some of the countless good deeds Mega Man has done throughout his life. He draws the evil energy out of Mega Man and crushes it in his hand.)

Duo: You... have been working so hard for justice. With your help, this planet will survive.

(Duo stands up to leave but stops when Proto Man runs up to him.)

Proto Man: What happened? Mega Man!

Duo: He's going to be OK. He will regain consciousness soon. My job is done; I must go. I'll leave Mega Man up to you.

(Duo starts to walk away.)

Duo: But... there's one more thing.

Proto Man: Hm?

Duo: I have a favor to ask.

(Scene fades out to black.)

Roll: Wake up! Wake up Mega Man!

(Mega Man slowly opens his eyes to find himself in the lab, surrounded by Roll, Dr. Light, Auto, and Eddie.)

Mega Man: Roll!

(Roll gives Mega Man a big hug)

Roll: Mega Man, you're OK!

Auto: Alright!

Eddie: Yippee!

Mega Man: Am I alive?

Dr. Light: Yes, you are. Duo saved you.

Mega Man: Duo...

(Scene changes to view Mega Man standing on a cliff later in the day, watching the sunset with Rush.)

Proto Man: Duo is gone.

(Mega Man turns around to see his brother standing in a tree.)

Mega Man: Proto Man!

Proto Man: Mega Man, I have a message to give you from Duo.

Mega Man: From Duo? What is it?

Proto Man: He said, "Thank you."

Mega Man: Duo...? Me too. Thank you, Duo.

(Mega Man turns and looks at the sky, and an image of Duo is seen in the stars. Scene fades out to credits.)
Rivals United!

Narrator: It's been about a year since Duo's visit and peace has returned..until one day.

[scene transitions to official art of King]

Narrator: A surprise declaration has been received...from an Android who took over Wily's new Tower!

Mystery Robot: Greetings Nations if the world,I am King,the most powerful being in existence. And I aim to turn this planet into an all robot world...with Me as the ruler. Humans are so inferior to robots and that's why I'll be enslaving each and every one of you meat-things. I have occupied Dr.Wily's new Tower and have reprogrammed his Robots. To Mega Man,savior of mankind,you have no way of defeating me,but you are welcome to try. I'll be at the New York City Robot Museum later today...doing what,you ask? Come and find out...if you dare. Oh and Bass,you must be miffed off about how I hijacked your Father's operations,or maybe you're upset at the fact that I'm far more powerful than you are. Ha-ha,I dare you to do something about it. To the fall of humanity and the rise of robotkind! Hahahahahahahaha!

[transitions to official art of Mega Man and Bass together]

Narrator: After Kings worldwide Message,Mega Man and Bass rush to the Robot Museum in NYC to confront King. Once there,Bass decides to take a different route.

[the following cutscene is from the game]

(Mega Man makes his way through the robot museum until he sees Proto Man at the last room.)

Mega Man: Proto Man!!

Proto Man: You have gone too far, King! I won't allow you to violate this robot museum!

King: I've downloaded all the data of the battle robots! Now I can create an invincible robot army!! Since you are a robot, you are qualified to join us if you want to!

(King notices Mega Man behind Proto Man.)

King: Huh?? It seems that your friend has arrived. I have no time to waste on you anymore!

Proto Man: Wait! King!

King: Silence!

(Proto Man charges and fires his Proto Buster. King jumps over the shot and chops Proto Man in half with an axe.)

Mega Man: Proto Man!

Proto Man: It's just a scratch...

Mega Man: I'll take care of this! You go to Dr. Light for repairs!

(Proto Man warps out.)

King: I appreciate your arrogance, but I have no time for you! I'll allow the Green Devil to handle you!

[the scene transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man and Bass fighting the Robot Masters. Mega Man takes on Cold Man,Ground Man,Astro Man,and Pirate Man. Bass takes on Dynamo Man,Burner Man,Tengu Man and Magic Man]

Narrator: After destroying the Green Devil,Mega Man meets up with Bass. Both decide that King is gonna be a problem and decide to team up against him. Meanwhile,King has sent out his Robot Masters to conquer the world in his name. Both Mega Man and Bass deal with them.

[transitions to various screen shots of Mega Man and Bass battling through King Tower. Followed by screenshots of Bass fighting the King Tank and King Jet]

Narrator: After destroying the Robot Masters,Mega Man and Bass get an invitation to King's Tower by King Himself. Both fight through the Tower,each taking a different route,but it's Mega Man who gets to King first.

[the following are in-game cutscenes]

King: Welcome. I never thought I would meet you here. I suppose that I have underestimated you... But your journey will come to an end here. You should feel honored to be destroyed by the King!

(Mega Man and King fight, then Proto Man warps in.)

Proto Man: I can handle this!

(Proto Man fires at King. King's shield absorbs the blast and fires it back at Proto Man.)

Proto Man: Hmm... It seems I have no other choice but to resort to extremes... Megaman, stay back! I'll put my whole energy into the next shot!!

Mega Man: Wait! If you do that, you may overheat, or explode!!

Proto Man: I owe this guy, and now it's time to pay him back!

King: Funny, but so very reckless...

Proto Man: Big Bang Strike!!!!

(Proto Man's attack blasts right through King's shield. Proto Man falls to the ground and King kneels while grasping his shoulder)

King: This can't be...

Mega Man: Proto Man, are you all right?

Proto Man: Uh...

Mega Man: Proto Man! Let's evacuate now! Can you put your arm across my shoulders?

Proto Man: What are you doing?! Are you going to waste my sacrifice? You must finish him for me!

(Proto Man passes out.)

King: Enough!

(King stands and takes out his axe. Mega Man and King engage battle, but Mega Man is able to defeat him.)

King: You won... Why do you fight so hard for these pitiful humans? Robots are superior to humans...!

Mega Man: Superiority, is not the point.

King: Maybe, or maybe not... Just put me out of my misery! But before that, we'd better let him evacuate. That way he has a chance to be repaired...

(King waves his hand, a yellow light appears over Proto Man, and he disappears.)

King: Don't worry about him. I beamed him out of the castle. After all, I am the lord of robots. That means that I don't want to see our species destroyed.

Mega Man: King... Let's evacuate together... Dr. Light can heal your wound...

King: That isn't possible... I'll explode if anyone but Dr. Wily tries to operate on me.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily created you!?

(Dr. Wily appears on a screen in the background.)

Dr. Wily: King, what happened to you? Are your logic circuits damaged? Your enemy is right in front of you!

King: Uhhhh... I don't understand... Why do robots have to fight each other for the sake of the humans...?

Dr. Wily: Piece of junk... I'll boost your brainwashing level!

(A strange machine drops onto King, when it lifts up King is purple. King then breaks through the wall to the right.)

(Mega Man goes in the room that King broke into. He sees King standing there as the two previous bosses, King Tank and King Plane merge to form the gigantic Jet King Robo. King then teleports into the cockpit of this machine and engages battle with Mega Man. Mega Man is then able to defeat King once and for all.)

King: Uhh... You should leave this place now! This place could explode at any moment...

Mega Man: King, you must come with me!

King: Of course, I'll leave this place too. But, only after you go first...

(MegaMan teleports out.)

King: Humph... He's gone... I wish I had a transportation system in me... Goodbye, Mega Man! Don't let other robots suffer my sad fate... I'm counting on you...

(The place begins to self-destruct.)

[the cutscenes transitions into various screen shots of Bass fighting the Robot Masters in Wily Tower]

Narrator: As Bass battles the Rebuilt Robot Masters,Mega Man is on his way to confront Dr.Wily.

[the following cutscenes are in-game]

Dr. Wily: Darn that King! How dare he disobey his maker! It is a good thing that you took care of him for me! And now I have regained control of my laboratory tower. Time to get back to my plan of world domination again! But first, I will personally eliminate You! Are you ready to be eliminated, Mega Man!?

(Dr. Wily engages Mega Man in battle. After Mega Man destroys both Dr. Wily's battle machine and his capsule, Dr. Wily surrenders to Mega Man)

[dark screen]

Narrator: Mega Man has defeated Dr.Wily yet again. Bass arrived at the scene and Mega Man revealed King's origins to him. Exhausted,Mega Man decides to let Bass handle Dr.Wily.

[the following is a textless version of Bass' Ending for Mega Man and Bass for SNES]

(An angry Bass is seen drawing his Buster on a cowering Dr. Wily.)

Bass: Why did you deceive me!?

Dr. Wily: Eeek! Forgive me! I just wanted to test your ability.

Bass: What!? What do you mean?

Dr. Wily: I've always believed that you are the strongest robot in the world. But you have not been able to defeat Mega Man... So I began to lose my faith in you. Then I had the idea that I could create a mightier robot. So, I created King... But since Mega Man interfered and destroyed King,That plan was ruined. Though,you Did manage to destroy the majority of King's Army. So prehaps You Are the strongest robot in the world!

Bass: You suck,you know that?

Dr. Wily: Watch how you talk to your creator,boy! Anyway,let me show you something... This is the plan for King 2.0. With both you and King 2.0,I will Finally take over the world, Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Bass: ...Ugh!

(The screen goes black.)

Proto Man: You never learn, Wily!

Dr. Wily: That voice... Proto Man!

(Proto Man blasts the plans for King 2.0)

Proto Man: Not gonna let this happen!

Dr. Wily: Oh no... My beautiful plan...! Bass, destroy Proto Man!

Bass: ............

Dr. Wily: What are you waiting for Bass! I said. DESTROY PROTO MAN!

Proto Man: Bass, you don't need to hesitate, do you? You're not a slave to Wily, are you? You're acting on your own, aren't you? Not with a partner, nor under someone's order...

Bass: I...

Proto Man: You're strong. That is true. But you can't defeat Mega Man. Do you know why? It is because you have nothing to fight for... What have you been fighting for, Bass? You don't have anything or anybody to fight for, do you? You have fought only for yourself, right?

Bass: Shut Up! Just get lost!

Proto Man: Farewell.

(Proto Man warps out.)

Bass: What I've fought for? That is ridiculous. I don't need a reason to fight. I have and am going to fight only to destroy Mega Man!!

To Be Continued...