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Mega Man RS CD Database 10

Welcome To The Zero Era!
Force Man (NWN - 007)

Force Magician

One Of the Next Wave of New Wily Numbers. Created After Dr.Wily's Ressurection. Force Man has the ability to pull and push anything using his Force Light Ray.

Good Point: He's fun loving
Bad Point: He's a jerk
Likes: Taking things with his Force Ray; Playing around using his Ray.
Hates: Mega Man and his Family
Youma Woman (NWN - 008)

Nihon Monster Princess

Created alongside Force Man. Youma Woman resembles a monster from Sailor Moon. Her Master Weapon is called The Youma Claw.

Good Point: Astute
Bad Point: Mean; Vicious;Menacing
Likes: Killing
Hates: Magical girls

"Heh,Heh! You. Will. DIE!!!"
Chop Woman (NWN - 009)

The Mad Lumberjill

Chop Woman is one of the 8 Robot Masters created by Dr.Wily and unleashed by Zero during the latters 1st Uprising. Chop Woman's master weapon is The Strike Axe

Note: All New Wily Numbers from here on in are created for death and destruction,nothing else.

Good Point: Sharpest Eye
Bad Point: Axe Crazy
Likes: Hacking people to death.
Hates: Dull blades.

"Heh,Heh,Gonna Give You The Ax!"
Crush Man (NWN - 010)

The Crushing Demon

The lone male of this wave. He is big and loves to crush things with his huge fists...especially humans. His Master Weapon is dubbed The Crush Fist.

Good Point: Perfect hand/eye coordination
Bad Point: Crush happy; Brutal
Likes: Crushing things..especially humans.
Hates: Not having anything to crush.

"Crush Everyone! Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!"
Icey Woman (NWN - 011)

The Eskimo Queen of Icey Death

Icey Woman is the next of the New Wily Numbers. She is very cute,but very dangerous. Her Icey Spear can freeze anything or anyone it pierces.

Good Point: Cuteness
Bad Point: Zero conscious
Likes: Freezing People to Death
Hates: Heat

"Hee,Hee,Time To Send You To An Icey Grave!"
Explose Woman (NWN - 012)

The Wild Bombing Feind

The 12th New Wily Number and a bombing feind. She's crazy. Her main weapon is The Homing Bomb.

Good Point: Good aim.
Bad Point: Bomb crazy.
Likes: Blowing stuff up;Blowing up humans.
Hates: The Bomb Squad

"Ya,Ha,Ha,Ha! Say Hello To My Cool Bombs!"
Burnin' Woman (NWN - 013)

Mistress of the Hell Fire

Next up is Burnin' Woman. She's the tallest of the New Wily Numbers and possesses a deadly flame weapon called the Mammoth Flame. Unlike many Wily bots,Burnin' Woman is African-American.

Good Point: Doesn't talk much
Bad Point: Arsonist at heart
Likes: Burnin' people to death; Arson
Hates: Fire Fighters.

"Let's Heat Things Up!"
Zap Woman (NWN - 014)

Miss Electrofying

A very charismatic individual. Talks about herself in the 3rd person. Her Main Weapon: The Wily Zapper. She's the 1st Samoan Robot Master.

Good Point: Charismatic; Good talker
Bad Point: Cruel
Likes: Electrocuting people
Hates: Humans

"The Zap Woman Is Gonna Electrocute Your Candied-Asses! If Ya Smell What The Zap Woman Is Fryin'!"
Acid Woman (NWN - 015)

The Toxic Goddess

Dr.Wily's first Hispanic Robot Master. Her Acid Slider can melt anything.

Good Point: Energetic
Bad Point: Bad Attitude
Likes: Melting people with her Acid; Being risky.
Hates: Safety

"Time For An Acid Bath,Enemigos!"
Death Woman (NWN - 016)

Silent Reaper.

The final New Wily Number in this wave. She never speaks,just kills.

Good Point: Silent
Bad Point: Kills people with no hesitation.
Likes: Killing people
Hates: Mega Man

Saw Woman (NWN - 17)

Mistress of the Quick Saw

One of the 8 Robot Masters used in Zero's 2nd Uprising. A horror-themed Robot Master,who's Quick Saw will chop up victims before they know it.

Good Point: None
Bad Point: Creepy;Bloodlust
Likes: Slicing people up.
Hates: Dull blades.

"You Never Saw Me Coming!"
Hurricane Man (NWN - 018)

The Winds of Death

Next up in this 2nd wave is Hurricane Man. This big guy was made to destroy city's using his deadly Tornado Storm.

Good Point: Can predict the weather
Bad Point: Wreckless
Likes: Causing destruction
Hates: Calm weather

"This Forcast Calls For Fatalities! Heh,Heh!"
Marine Woman (NWN - 019)

Siren of The Deep Sea

The next New Wily Number is the Siren-esque Marine Woman. She has the ability to control Aquatic Animals,both natural or mechanical. She also has the ability to hypnotize human men. Once hypnotized,Marine Woman often times has the men commit suicide. Her main weapon is the Hydro Burst.

Good Point: Perfect swimmer
Bad Point: Flirtatious; Bratty
Likes: Getting her way;Flirting;Killing
Hates: Not getting her way.

"A Watery Grave Awaits! Oho,Ho,ho,ho!"
TopSpeed Woman (NWN - 020)

The Fastest Way To Death

Next in wave 2 is TopSpeed Woman. She's really really fast and that has given her a huge ego,believing that no one can defeat her. Her Weapon of choice is The Topspeed Boomerang.

Good Point: Get's things done.
Bad Point: Rushes into things; Arrogant
Likes: Killing; Showing off
Hates: Slowpokes

"Ha! Catch Me If You Dare,Slowmo!"
Clash Woman (NWN - 021)

Fatal Grappler

A Wrestling-themed Robot Mistress. She possesses no weapon,only wrestling moves. Her main Attack is the Clash Bomber,a powerbomb-type move.

Good Point: Determined
Bad Point: Creul;Brutal;Merciless
Likes: Ripping opponents apart; Hearing victims scream in pain.
Hates: Sports Entertainment

"I'm Gonna Really Enjoy Hearing Your Pathetic Screams! Ha,Ha!"
TimeStop Woman (NWN - 022)

Time Stoping Beauty

The next of wave 2 is TimeStop Woman. Her main ability is stopping time,which she does using her Time Pause. She is one of the few Polynesian Robot Masters.

Good Point: Punctual
Bad Point: She's a cheater
Likes: Victims that can't put up a struggle
Hates: Fair play.

"Your Death Will Be Instant!"
Blaze Woman (NWN - 023)

Blazing Pride

Blaze Woman is the successor to Burnin' Woman. Her Blaze Bomb can turn anything into ash.

Good Point: Lively
Bad Point: Prideful
Likes: Arson
Hates: Water;Strong Wind

"Time For You To Die In A Blaze Of Glory!"
Flora Woman (NWN - 024)

The Nature Goddess

The 8th and Final Robot Master of the 2nd wave. She can control plants,both organic and mechanical. Her Main Weapon is the Vine Whip.

Good Point: Environmentalist
Bad Point: Environmental Extremist
Likes: Nature
Hates: Humans; Arsonists

"Screw With Nature and DIE!"
Zed (Number Unknown)

The Ultimate Android Warrior

The last of Dr.Regal's creations. Was created to be the Ultimate Android Warrior. Zed awakened years after Regal's death. He finds out about what happened to the evil scientist and wants revenge on those responsible for his death. Afterwards,Zed plans of continuing Regal's legacy.

Good Point: Ambitious
Bad Point: Vengeful; Megalomaniac
Likes: Fighting; Conquering
Hates: The Light Family; Those Who Oppose Him.

"Dr.Regal Will Be Avenged And I Will Rule In His Name!"
DeathSpike Woman (NWN - 025)

Sharp and Sexy

The first of the Final wave of New Wily Numbers. Her main weapon is The Death Spike Cannon.

Good Point: Focused
Bad Point: Sarcastic
Likes: Stabbing
Hates: Cheap Shots

"Get My Point!"
Magnetic Woman (NWN - 026)

Mistress of Magnetism

The next in the 3rd wave. Magnetic Woman's main weapon is The Magnetic Bombs. She has a british accent.

Good Point: Smart
Bad Point: Cold
Likes: Magnets
Hates: Electricity

"You Have No Chance To Counter My Magnetic Bombs!"
Twin Woman (NWN - 027)

Double Death

Twin Woman is another user of the Holographic Copy ability.However unlike with Gemini Man and Sentai Woman,Twin Woman can make holographic doubles of her enemies. Her Twin Magic ability is useful.

Good Point: Energetic
Bad Point: A Diva; A cheater
Likes: Battling; Beauty products; Jewelery
Hates: Playing fair; Losing

"Time For A Little Twin Magic!"
Slam Man (NWN - 028)

The Grand Champion of Slam

The next African American Robot Master is also Wrestling-Themed. And,like with Clash Woman,has no Weapons. His Specialty is the Bam Slam,a powerslam-type move.

Good Point: Tough
Bad Point: Ruthless Aggressor
Likes: Wrestling; Beating opponents to death.
Hates: Rules

"Time To Rumble With The Champ!"
Spin Woman (NWN - 029)

The Disc Throwing Twister

Spin Woman is New Generation Number #29. She's the smallest of the group,but also the most agile. She has a spin attack like Top Man,which also increases her agility. Her Spin Discs are her main weapon.

Good Point: Fun loving
Bad Point: Childish; Destructive
Likes: Causing havoc
Hates: Wrestling moves; Authority figures.

"Yay! More Stuff To Destroy With My Discs! This Is Gonna Be Fun!"
Medusa Woman (NWN - 030)

The Gorgon of Legend

Medusa Woman is Gorgon-Based. She can turn humans to stone and attack using her Snake-tail. Her Main Weapon however is The Snake Vamp,which bites the victim and drains them of vitality.

Good Point: Quick thinker
Bad Point: Sneaky; Deceitful
Likes: Turning innocent people to stone; Killing innocents
Hates: Heroes

"You're All Mine Now! Aha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!"
Electro Woman (NWN - 031)

Countess of Zap

The next to last New Wily Number. Her Electro Nails are her Deadliest Weapon.

Good Point: Musician
Bad Point: Insane;Loud
Likes: Electric Guitar; Heavy Metal; Electrocuting people.
Hates: Goody-Goods; The Cops

"Time To Rock And Shock! YEAH!!"
Kunoichi Woman (NWN - 032)

Deadly Ninja Emperess

Kunoichi Woman is the last Robot Master in the 3rd wave and the Final New Wily Number overal. As her name implies,She is a master of the Ninja Arts. Her main Weapon is The Kunoichi Fan.

Good Point: Clever
Bad Point: Dishonorable;Easily dismissive
Likes: Ninjas;Mai Shiranui
Hates: Pirates;Samurai

"Heh! Fool!"
Quintette (4CE - 005)

The Fifth Chaos Emperor

A Green Armored Female Mega Man. Originaly created by Dr.Wily to be the 5th Chaos Emperor,but was scrapped thanks to a brain defect that made her crazy. Deciding that 4 Chaos Emperors would be enough,Wily placed her in storage,with intentions of fixing her later. As time went by,Dr.Wily forgot about her and eventually died.

10 years after the Z-Uprisings,Quintete awoke and wanted to fight and destroy. After repairing herself,Quintete went out into the world. It should be noted,however,that those repairs were only physical,her mental state remained the same.

After failing to find any robot fighters to fight (thanks to the anti-abdroid law),she starts destroying everything in sight. After growing board of that,she decides to raid Dr.Light's lab for some fun stuff. She finds an experimental time machine,which she uses to go back in time 10 years to fight Mega Man,Roll,and Zero.

Like Mega Man,Quintete has a Plasma Buster and can copy abilities. Unlike Mega,however,Quintete can turn Both arms into Busters. She also breaks the 4th Wall a lot and makes references to various franchises.

Good Point: Very Humorous
Bad Point: Psychotic
Likes: Fighting strong opponents; Cracking jokes; Breaking the 4th Wall;Destruction
Hates: Weaklings; The Humorless

"It's Quintete Time!"
Uno (OWN - 001)

The Navy Omega

Before his permanant death,Dr.Wily created 5 more Omega Series Androids,and unlike Zero,who was a prototype,these 5 have much broader powers. One such power is Andro-Mutation,where the Omega undergoes a monsterous mutation which makes them extremely powerful. This is all thanks to a special Chip Dr.Wily Created.

Uno was the first of these to awaken. He wears Navy Armor and looks like a RS-ized version of Keiji Inafune's first "Super Rockman" hero. His weapon is the Uno Buster.

Note: The 5 Omega Wily Numbers were all modeled after various Prototype designs for Zero created by Keiji Inafune. And,for whatever reason,Wily decided to name them after the Spanish names for the numbers. In fact,the Omega Series has unproduced waves,and each of the Androids were gonna have similar naming conventions.

Good Point: Confident; Intellectual;Serious
Bad Point: No reguard for human life; Ruthless in combat
Likes: Killing; Fighting
Hates: The Light's; Opposition to him

"Compared To Me,Mega Man,I'm Afraid You're As Weak As A Little Baby!"
Dos (OWN - 002)

The Gold and Crimson Omega

Dos was awakened along side his 4 siblings sometime after Uno's defeat. Dos is a short Android wearing gold and crimson armor. He is very quick and agile. His main weapons are the Dos Daggers,2 plasma daggers.

Good Point: Clever
Bad Point: Sneaky;Annoying
Likes: Taunting;Mocking;Killing
Hates: The Light's; Heroes

"Hee,Hee,Hee,You Won't Hit Me,Loser!"
Tres (OWN - 003)

The Emerald Omega

Tres is a tall,big-chested Android in green armor. He has a huge ego and a womanizer. His main weapon is The Tres Whip,a plasma whip.

Good Point: Strong
Bad Point: Egotistical; Conceided;Womanizer
Likes: Womanizing; Destruction;Himself
Hates: The Light's; Ugly people.

"Ugly People Have No Place In Our New World Order!"
Quatro (OWN - 004)

The Dark Violet Omega

This Giant of an Android wears dark violet armor and doesn't say much. He's the Only African-American of the group wields a giant plasma axe called The Quatro Axe.

Good Point: He's mostly quiet; Observant; Tough
Bad Point: Merciless
Likes: Fighting;Killing;Destruction
Hates: The Light's; Humans

"He's Powerful. I Can Match 'Im Though!"
Cinca (OWN - 005)

The Crimson and Navy Omega

The only female of the group and the Leader. Cinca is by far,the most powerful and the strongest Android Dr.Wily has Ever created. Cinca has Crimson and Navy armor and is equipped with both a plasma sabre (The Cinca Sabre) and a plasma machine buster (The Cinca Buster). She also has a special 4th form,dubbed The Awakening Mode.

Good Point: Level-headed
Bad Point: Overconfident
Likes: Making people suffer; Destruction.
Hates: The Light's; Losing; Good guys

"The Omega Era Has Begun!"
And with that,we Are Finally done. I Now have All Major Characters from my Ruby-Spears Mega Man reboot documented in a huge CD Database.

What's next? I'm gonna be taking a break from RS Mega Man for a bit and focus on my Own Original Series. Until then,thanks for reading and enjoying. Oh,and Waiting.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

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Mega Man RS CD Database 9

Lady Acapella

Leader of The Neo-ASL

Lady Vocal's Sister. Lady Acapella isn't shy about her hatred for humans. She rebuilds The Android Supremacy League and launches an attack on Humanity.

Good Point: Organised;Dreamer
Bad Point: Racist
Likes: The idea of an Android-only world
Hates: Humans; Mega Man and his Siblings

"A World Without Humans Is A Perfect World!"
General Alpha

General #1

One of the 6 Generals of The Neo-ASL. He hates Humans for scrapping his cousins when they broke down. Speaks with a New York Accent.

Good Point: Recycles
Bad Point: Jumps to conclusions
Likes: Recycling
Hates: Humans; People who trash or replace still-good electronics.

"Just 'Cuz A Machine's Old,Don't Mean It's Obsolete!"
General Beta

General #2

One of the 6 Generals of The Neo-ASL. A former Lab Assistant who joined the Neo-ASL out of revenge against his former employers,when they fired him for something terrible that a racist human co-worker did. He's originally from Great Britain.

Good Point: Thoughtful.
Bad Point: Blames Humans for everything bad.
Likes: An android dominated world.
Hates: Humans; His former employers.

"The Humans Are Always To Blame For The World's Evils!"
General Gamma

General #3

One of the 6 Generals of The Neo-ASL.This guy is Huge and is a former construction worker,but after being layed off by his human supervisor due to cut-backs,Gamma became bitter and joined the Neo-ASL. He's originally from Japan.

Good Point: A hard worker.
Bad Point: Easily angered
Likes: Working with his hands; Being apreciated.
Hates: Humans; Getting fired.

"Humans Are Stupid!"
General Delta

General #4

One of the 6 Generals of The Neo-ASL,and the Only female. This Aussie was originally a Sparring Partner for a local kickboxing training facility,but when she went too far during a sparring session with a human partner,she was commissioned to be reprogrammed. Delta,refusing to be reprogrammed and turned into a puppet,killed her human superiors and joined the Neo-ASL.

Good Point: She's Independent minded;Cherishes freedom.
Bad Point: Thinks humans are slave masters.
Likes: Freedom;Individuality
Hates: Slavery; Humans

"True Freedom Can Only Come From An Android-Ruled Society!"
General Zeta

General #5

One of the 6 Generals of The Neo-ASL. Created by the Spanish government as a Riot Cop,but after finding out that he,as well as the other androids on the force,weren't getting paid,Zeta revolted and killed his human counterparts. He soon became a member of The Neo-ASL.

Good Point: Fairness-minded
Bad Point: Hotblooded
Likes: Being treated equally; Fair play.
Hates: Humans; Unfairness

"Human's Are Too Unfair To Lead!"
General Omega

General #6

One of the 6 Generals of The Neo-ASL. General Omega is a French Superhero Android that got tired of saving human life and decided that they were inferior beings.

Good Point: Believes in Justice for Robots and Androids
Bad Point: Robo-Womanizer
Likes: Fighting against Humans; France.
Hates: Humans;Americans

"Viva La Androids!"

Enforcer #1

One of the 3 Enforcers of The Neo-ASL and a remnant of the Original ASL. Midi and his brothers joined the ASL after being cruelly mistreated by their human creator. Midi was converted into a bladed warrior robot by Lady Vocal.

Good Point: Never gives up.
Bad Point: Stubborn
Likes: To be treated well; Android dominence.
Hates: Humans with a passion.

"Humans Must Die!"

Enforcer #2

One of the 3 Enforcers of The Neo-ASL and a remnant of the Original ASL.Midi and his brothers joined the ASL after being cruelly mistreated by their human creator. Was converted into a Blaster Warrior by Lady Vocal.

Good Point: Friendly towards Androids and Robots;Passionate
Bad Point: Distrusts Humans; Sometimes over-emotional.
Likes: Justice for Machinekind
Hates: Mankind's mistreatment of Machinekind.

"Man Has No Right To Treat Machines Like That!"

Enforcer #3

One of the 3 Enforcers of The Neo-ASL and a remnant of the Original ASL.Midi and his brothers joined the ASL after being cruelly mistreated by their human creator. Lady Vocal converted him into a Sound-based Warrior.

Good Point: Believes that not all humans are evil;Wants humans and androids as equals.
Bad Point: Willing to achive goals by any means.
Likes: Equality between Man and Machine
Hates: Human-dominated world.

"If Death and Destruction Is The Best Way To Achieve Equality Among Humans and Androids...Than So Be It!"

Leader of The ACFHD

Wilson is the leader of The Anerican Council For Human Dominance,a small Anti-Android,Anti-Robot Master Hate Group. His group was founded sometime after the 8th Uprising. Despite being Human,he gave Mega Man a good fight. His hatred for Androids began during the 2nd Uprising,when his wife and baby daughter were killed by one of the 4 Chaos Emperor's Robot Masters...likely Metal Man. His hatred grew after hearing that his best friend was killed by King's minions. It grew even more in the 4th,when his Airforce Aunt was murdered by Tengu Man,posing as a Robo-Guardian Commander. The next tragic moment for Wilson was in the 6th,where his Sister was murdered by Lo-Min,under Rhythm's command. Wilson's sister was a scientist that worked at Dr.Light's space center. Next he lost his brother in a road rage incident caused by Rider Man in the 7th. And finally,the incident that made Wilson snap: The 8th Uprising as a whole.

Good Point: He's crafty; Resourceful
Bad Point: Bigoted; Cold hearted
Likes: Human Dominance.
Hates: Androids; Robot Masters; Those who create Robot Masters and Androids.

"What Right Do Humans Have To Play God?! None! Androids and Robot Masters Are Abominations and Must Be Destroyed!"
Miss Y

Million Dollar Bigot

A millionairess and lover of Robot Battles,ever since she was a child,she loved seeing Robots destroy each other. She became an Anti-Android/Anti-Robot Master extremist later in life and eventually funded the American Council For Human Dominance. She holds a Robot Battle Tournament (the Grand Fighters Tournament) in hopes to find out who the strongest robot is...So that she can destroy them!

Miss Y bears a strong RS-ized resemblance to Ms.Millions/Millionaire from the EXE/Battle Network Series.

Good Point: Donates to charities..sometimes.
Bad Point: Bigoted towards Androids; Arrogant; Somewhat sadistic.
Likes: Robots destroying each other; Seeing Androids suffer.
Hates: Robot Masters; Androids; Bad investments.

"Yes! Destroy Each Other,You Worthless Pieces Of Slag! Aha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!"
Sagittarius Man (Unknown Number)

The Centaurian Guardian of The Forest

A Centaur-based Forest Ranger Robot Master who Participated in Miss Y's Grand Fighter's Tournament. Sagittarius Man's main weapon is his Sagitar Arrow,which he fires from his Bow. His archery skills are second to none.

Note: Sagittarius Man is a green RS-ized version of Sagittarius from the game Rockman Stratagy.

Good Point: Takes his job seriously;Great archery skills; Nice guy overall.
Bad Point: Can't jump very well.
Likes: Nature;Animals;Strong opponents
Hates: Poachers; Arsonists.

"Those Who Violate The Sanctity Of My Forest,Will Taste My Sagitar Arrows!"
Virgo Woman (Number Unknown)

The Chain Mistress

Another participent in Miss Y's Grand Fighter's Tournament. Vergo Woman is Robot Mistress created solely for Robot Battle Tournaments. Her main weapon is the V-Chain,which comes out of her arms. She's also very fast,which makes her even more dangerous.

Note: Virgo Woman is a green RS-ized version of Vergo from the game Rockman Stratagy.

Good Point: Casual;Playful
Bad Point: Cocky
Likes: Fighting;Having fun while fighting.
Hates: Lame opponents.

"Alright!! You Look Like An Exciting Fighter! Let's Battle!"

Mega Man RS CD Database 8

Ladies and Gentlemen,it's the Grand Return of the Mega Man RS CD Database. This time,I'll be covering the rest of the Classic RS Characters.

Robert "Rock" Voulnutt

The Bionic Youth of 35XX!

A 18-year old bionic Dig-Outer (a type of treasure hunter and archeologist)from 35XX. He came to the past to stop the Bonnes from stealing the Litanium Rods,which are worth billions in his time. Has bionic chips within multiple parts of his body,which give him amazing abilities. He also has a customizable blaster which can equip ma y tools.

Good Point: Heroic; adventurous;
Bad Point: Rushes into things ;headstrong
Likes: His friends and family; going on adventures; his job as a Dig-Outer.
Hates: Theives; lazing around;those who tbreaten his friends and family.

"Onward To Adventure!"
Tron Bonne

The Pirate Queen of 35XX!

Tronne Bonne is the leader of a family of pirates called The Bonne Family. She's a tech wiz and is responsible for creating the Servbots. She has a secret crush on Rock Voulnut,even though he's already in a relationship with Roll Caskett...though that's not gonna stop her.

Good Point: Family pride; Tech genius.
Bad Point: Angers easily; easily gives into jealousy
Likes: Rock Voulnut
Hates: Roll Caskett

"We Are The Bonnes...Don't Cross Us!!!"
Teisel Bonne

The Charismatic First Mate!

Tron's older brother and her "First Mate". Teisel Bonne is the business strategist of the crew and the voice of reason when Tron goes on one of her little tirades. He's also somewhat of a computer geek.

Good Point: He's responsible; A voice of reason; Charismatic.
Bad Point: He's greedy; He's a cheat and a swindler
Likes: Pirating; Computers
Hates: The Sky Navy; Rock Voulnut; His Sister's Tirades.

"Ya Can't Be Too Rich...Or Too Rotten. Heh Heh!
Bon Bonne

Baby Of Doom!

Tron and Teisel's 4-Year Old Brother. He controls and rides around in a mech suit. Despite being quite childish,and 4-years old,Bon is pretty smart. He loves his brother and sister dearly and does anything they ask.

Good Point: He's pretty smart for a little kid; Astuteness
Bad Point: He's childish; Has temper tantrums.
Likes: Playtime; His Siblings
Hates: Anything his Siblings Hate.

"Ba-Bu! You Dead!"
Servbot (Kobun-100 Series)

Tron's Little Helpers!

The Bonne's robotic minions. The Kobun-100 Series was created by Tron for various tasks. To Teisel,the Servbots are nothing but Minions,but to Tron they're her children. Also,Despite coming in all shapes,sizes,and colors,the Servbots retain their "classic look".

Good Point: Various
Bad Point: Various
Likes: Various
Hates: Various

"Yes,Miss Tron!"
Dr. Victor Regal

The Most Evil Scientist Ever!

From Latvaria. An old colleague and academic rival of Dr.Cossack's,who was kicked out of his University for believing that Humanity wasn't worthy of anything and that their robots should be controlled by him. Regal is one of the most formable and most dangerous humans The World have ever faced. He also has a strong hatred for the Robo-Guardians. He's later revived as a Cyborg.

Note: Yes,he is based on the Dr.Regal from the Battle Network/EXE series.

Good Point: None. Despite being as intellegent as Wily and Light,he's got no good qualities.
Bad Point: He's twisted and unrepentant of his crimes and world view; Arrogant.
Likes: Killing humans; Controling robots; World conquest.
Hates: Humanity; Heroes; The Robo-Guardians

"My Dominion Is Destined! Damn Those Who Stand In My Way!"

The Deadliest Super Computer!

A Super-Computer created by Dr.Regal,with the ability to control Robots. It also helps Dr.Regal create advanced versions of Dr.Wily's Robot Masters. It later gains a robot form.

Good Point: Obey's orders..when it feels the need.
Bad Point: It's a Super Computer made to enslave Robots.
Likes: Enslaving
Hates: Freedom

"Death To Freedom!"
Mega Man R

Dr.Regal's Mega Man

An Evil Mega Man created by Dr.Regal. He looks exactly like Rock. He wears a metalic version of the Saiyan Turles' armor. Plus,instead of a helmet,he wears a Dragon Ball-style scouter. Get's upgraded later on.

Good Point: He's a great fighter; Some sense of Android Pride.
Bad Point: Ruthless; Agressive
Likes: Mocking beings he finds weaker than himself; Fighting.
Hates: Mega Man; Weaklings.

"I'm The One True Mega Man!"
Chameleon Man (RGLN - 001)

Regal's Invisible Assasain

Chameleon Man is the first of Dr.Regal's Original Robot Masters. This Chameleon-themed bot was built for Assasaination Jobs. He can go invisible and fire out deadly spikes.

Good Point: Persistant
Bad Point: Kills people; Somewhat crazy
Likes: Killing
Hates: Heat Seaking Weapons; Octopi

"Heh,heh,I'm Death From Outta Nowhere!"
Launcher Man (RGLN - 002)

Regal's Millitary Muscle

Launcher Man is another one of Dr.Regal's Original Robot Masters. This Bot is built for Military combat. He's armed with various missile launchers.

Good Point: Efficient
Bad Point: Merciless
Likes: Blowing up foes
Hates: Weak missiles; Armadillos

"Take A Look At The Explosive God!"
Heavy Metal

Master Warrior of Heavy Fighting

One of Dr.Regal's 2 Master Warriors. Heavy Metal is a big heavy robot with an attitude. Despite his hotheadedness,Heavy Metal is the Perfect Sumo Wrestler,The Perfect Wrestler,And the Perfect Boxer.

Good Point: He's a great athlete
Bad Point: Angers very easily; Big temper; Vicious
Likes: Crushing foes; Punching people to death;Hardcore wrestling
Hates: Getting made fun of; Lame opponents.

"I'm Gonna Crush You Into Scrap!"
Death Metal

Master Warrior of Death

This methodical Skeleton bot is another one of Dr.Regal's Master Warriors. He is very quick and agile,and a master at all forms of Martial Arts,which makes him even more deadly. He doesn't say much though.

Good Point: Silent; Master at all forms of Martial Arts.
Bad Point: Cares nothing for others.
Likes: Killing
Hates: Life


Mr. Charisma

One of Dr.Regal's Maneuvericks. The Maneuvericks are known for their awesome speed and agility,as well as their battle skills. Broadway is the leader of the group.

Good Point: He's entertaining
Bad Point: He's too much of a show off
Likes: Entertaining fighters
Hates: Lame performances

"Let's Put On A Good Show,Maneuvericks!"

Effeminate Performer

One of Dr.Regal's Maneuvericks. The Maneuvericks are known for their awesome speed and agility,as well as their battle skills. Kabuki is an effeminate Japanese fighter based on Kabuki performers.

Good Point: He's hospitable; Courteous;Fair minded.
Bad Point: Over-emotional
Likes: Performing Kabuki;Fighting
Hates: Critics; The narrow minded.


Grunge Rocker Woman

One of Dr.Regal's Maneuvericks. The Maneuvericks are known for their awesome speed and agility,as well as their battle skills. Roxy is the lone female of the group,she's also the toughest.

Good Point: She's really tough
Bad Point: Rebelious;Loud
Likes: Disorder;Loud Rock Music
Hates: Police; Soccer Moms; Goody-Goody Heroes

"Yeah! Screw The Rules,We Have The Power!"

The Sound King

One of Dr.Regal's Maneuvericks. The Maneuvericks are known for their awesome speed and agility,as well as their battle skills. Concert is the biggest and most intelligent of the group. He uses sound based attacks and has an Artistic personality.

Good Point: Intelligent; Thinks things though;Artistic
Bad Point: Devastating sound attacks; Looks down on others.
Likes: Music; Composing music; Praise for his art.
Hates: Quiet; His critics

"The Sound of The Light-Bots Dying Will Be A Beautiful Symphony!"

Lion of Regal

One of Dr.Regal's Maneuvericks. The Maneuvericks are known for their awesome speed and agility,as well as their battle skills. Sound is the team pet,he's as vicious as he looks.

Good Point: Loyal to His Master
Bad Point: Angry most of the time.
Likes: Eating; Killing humans; Sleeping
Hates: Being denyed his food or hunt

Colonel Radio

The Last Bastion of The Robo-Guardians

He was once a humble commander of the Robo-Guardians,who helped revive Dr.Regal out of revenge of what happened to the group he loved so much. With Regal's help,Radio was able to create a small army with the remains of the Robo-Guardians called The Roboforce,where Radio was made Colonel. The Roboforce were to pick up where the Robo-Guardians left off.

Good Point: Loyal Soldier
Bad Point: Rash beyond belief.
Likes: The Robo-Guardians and their Legacy
Hates: Mega Man and the U.S. Government

"Long Live The Robo-Guardians!"
Dr. Timothy Xander Wright

The Mutant Maniac

Dr.Wright loves Mutants,so much so that when he pushed for funding for his Mutant-themed projects,he was rejected and eventually ostrisized by the Scientific Community. Upset,Wright decides totrash the world with his Mutants and Force the World to recognize his genius. He's also the cousin of Dr.Light.

Good Point: Extremely educated in Biology
Bad Point: He's psychotic
Likes: Mutants
Hates: The Scientific Community;Robots;Dr.Light.

"Mutants Rule,Robots Suck! Deal With It!!!"

Dr.Wright's Mutant Enforcer

Once Dr.Wright's Assistant and Bodyguard is now his Main Mutant. Mutation has made this man resistant to plasma.

Good Point: Loyal;Powerful;Dutiful
Bad Point: Doesn't talk much; Has a one track mind.
Likes: Working for Dr.Wright;Mutant Domination
Hates: Robots;Those who defy Dr.Wright

"Mutants Are The Future!"

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future Theory

Remember my Organizing of the Mega Man Classic Series Era? (found here: Well,I think I found another place for 'Rockman and Forte: Challenger From The Future' (that terrible wonderswan game).

Get This,there's a decent chance that Rockman Shadow's (the villian of the game,who came from the future) era may have taken place.....Between the Original and X Series!

mind blown!

Upon his awakening and destruction of the world during his time period,Mega Man is nowhere to be found,neither is Bass. That's the main reason why he went back in time in the first place,to fight Mega Man and Bass. Now in my post I said that Bass was alive in the "False Future" and that in the "True Future" Mega Man stayed Mega Man,thus R-Shadow was never created in the first place,but that was before I realized that R-Shadow could've revived himself directly after the events of the Classic Series.

But,if Rockman Shadows re-awakening takes place past that time,then most of the "False Future" isn't so false. R-Shadow does destroy the world,but what of X and Zero?They were sealed up in capsules,hidden away,and protected from Rockman Shadow's rage.

And to add more to this theory,Dr.Cain finds X in a destroyed lab belonging to Dr.Light. Keyword: Destroyed! By Rockman Shadow many years (or decades,depending on your perspective) ago! X and his capsule remained intact while the lab was in ruin.

Rockman Shadow was clearly unaware of X and Zero's existence and only knew of Mega Man and Bass,thus believing them to be the strongest robots. So he goes back in time to challenge them.

And here's something else that I forgot about,more evidence comes from Rockman Shadow himself when he claims that in his time,there are no robots left in the world and that he was the only one. This seems to be the case,as there are ZERO mention of robots in the X Series prior to X's discovery. Meaning that Robots were decommisioned sometime prior to R-Shadow's re-awakening. Why? I really wish I knew,though it may have something to do with those "Robot Experation" Laws.

Ya gotta admit this theory holds water. Some of the enemies in the game look like a cross between Classic Series Mechanoids and X Series Mechaniloids. Plus,there's also the Batton Bone enemies,which appear in the game.

So here is how this event will play out.
The Future (The Real Future?)

After a final 10 year struggle,Dr.Wily Finally surrenders and is jailed. With peace restored,Mega Man is converted back into Rock again.

Dr.Wily from the Present comes to the future and quickly finds out that his future self has surrendered and that Mega Man had been converted back into Rock,Wily gets a nasty idea. He heads to his Future self's Lab to create a futuristic Robot that can help him Kill Mega Man. He creates a Mega Man clone to help him,but abandons him after a programming error.

So,instead of fixing up the Mega Man clone,Dr.Wily just finds and reprograms the Mega Man of that time period. Dr.Wily captures Future Rock and turns him into Quint,to prevent a time paradox. After Dr.Wily fixes the Time Skimmer,both he and Quint return to the Present,where the events of Mega Man II GB will take place.

Quint returns to the Future and Future!Dr.Light turns him back into Mega Man. Dr.Wily escapes prison to continue his wonderfully wicked work. Mega Man continues to fight for everlasting peace.

Protoman helps his brother when needed. Bass continues his ways,though he still opposes Wily from time to time. Bass' mission to destroy Mega Man and become the strongest Robot continues. And Roll tries her hand at fighting evil.

Protoman eventually dies due to his faulty core. Years later,Mega Man,Bass,and Roll all die of "old age".

In early-21XX(very early),Dr.Wily completes Zero,his Ultimate Creation. Upon activation,Zero goes crazy and starts destroying everything. Zero is eventually stopped thanks to a sharp pain in his head that shuts him down. Dr.Wily seals Zero up in a capsule,with plans on fixing him later. Dr.Wily grabs a nap and then dies in his sleep.

Just a single year later,Dr.Light completes His Ultimate Creation,Mega Man X. Concerned about X's potential as a threat,Dr.Light seals him up and begins a 30-year "test" of his reliability.

After delivering a message to the people of the future,Dr.Light retires. He dies a year later. Now,a month after Dr.Light's death,the abandoned Android comes to life and is angry and self loathing. He rebuilds himself into a Super Fighting Robot known as Rockman Shadow. He then recruits 7 Prototype Robot Masters that Future Dr.Wily had created,but never used.

Looking for a battle challenge,Rockman Shadow seeks out Mega Man. He fails to find him,so he seeks out Bass instead. Again,he fails to find them.

He then hears that both Mega Man and Bass have died. Pissed off about the lack of strong opponents,Rockman Shadow takes his anger out on the Planet,completely unaware of X and Zero's existence. R-Shadow decimates the World with the aid of his Robot Masters,now known as The Dimensions.

Soon after the near-destruction of Earth,Rockman Shadow decides to go back in time to fight Mega Man and Bass,who were the worlds strongest at the time. After stealing an experimental time portal creator from the Chronos Institute,Rockman Shadow and his Minions head into the Past (our present). This leads into the events of Rockman and Forte: Challanger from the Future.

Rockman Shadow never returns home. A few years later,the survivors begin rebuilding the world.

These events are a combination of the "False Future" and the "True Future". However,it should be noted,that the events of Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future and Rockman Shadow himself,may or may not exist within the Main Timeline.

I dunno about you,but I think Rockman Shadow's era taking place between the Classic and X series has merit. It just kinda makes sense.

Before,I wrap things up,a lot of you are wondering why I don't call Rockman Shadow,Mega Man Shadow? After all,here in the west all Rockmen are known as Mega Men.

Well,it's because he's from a Japanese-Only game on a Japanese-Only System.

Well,any other questions reguarding this topic? No? Then,I'll be going.

Until Next Time,
Stay Gold,Space Cowboy

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Captain N Reboot #2! Captain N: Game Enforcer Take 2!

Last night I had another idea for a Captain N Reboot,however unlike the last one,this one will be Nintendo exclusive,so No 3rd Party Characters. I'll be replacing all 3rd Party Characters that appeared in both the original Captain N and my 1st Reboot.

For example: Simon Belmont is replaced with Samus Aran,The Count will be replaced with Medusa,and Mega Man and Dr.Wily will be replaced with 2 OC's,a Heroic Laser Gunner and a Mad Scientist.

R.O.B. and Mike Jones will be part of the initial N-Team as well. Zoda will be a member of Mother Brain's League of Darkness. Kirby joins later. Mario,Donkey Kong,Little Mac,and Link will become allies to the N-Team later. As the series goes on,More Nintendo franchses will be covered.

The story will go like this: In the Nintendoverse,The war between good and evil has reached a standstill. However,that all changed when the New Mother Brain(the original was destroyed by samus) formed a The League of Drarkness,comprised of various villians from other worlds. She recruits The Dark Goddess Medusa; Medusa's bumbling main minion,Eggy the Eggplant Wizard; King Hippo,the nasty,yet dumb,mutant Boxer; Zoda,the space demon; Ridley,Mother Brain's ruthless general; And The evil scientist,Dr.Willy,who's from a (made up) Unreleased 1987 Nintendo Light Zapper game.

To counter Mother Brain,Princess Lana Yamauchi,the ruler of the Nintendoverse,gathers a team of available VideoHeroes. Her recruits are: Famed Bounty Hunter,Samus Aran (as a part-time member); Angel Hero,Pit; R.O.B.,the Robot; Mike Jones,teenage hero of C-Island; and Kid Zapper,who's from the same (made up) unrealesed game as Dr.Willy.

But that wasn't enough: For 7 Months,the League of Darkness and the N-Team battled for the fate of the Galaxy. Unfortunatly,the League had a slight advantage,thanks to Mother Brain's awesome abilities. In order to turn the tide,the N-Team is gonna need an Enforcer. Princess Lana recalls a prophisy that a great warrior from another Universe will come and be their Game Enforcer. Palutena offers to lend a hand.

Meanwhile,on 1990 Earth,Kevin Keene,avid Nintendo Gamer and Adventure Lover,is chosen by Palutena and brought to the Nintendoverse via Ultimate Warp Zone. When he gets there,Kevin is shocked and in disbelief. He later accepts his destiny,however,as Captain N: Gane Enforcer.

Now to list some of the Similarities and Differences between This Continuity and the previous 2.

Some Similarities between this Reboot and the Original Series Include:
- 3 Core members of the N-Team (Kevin,Lana and,Pit)
- With the exception of Dr.Wily,All core members of Mother Brain's Legion of Darkness.
- Most Nintendo worlds that were featured in CN:TGM.
- Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo are Mother Brain's 2 bumbling minions.
- Medusa resembles a not-so attractive middle-aged woman (for a while,at least)
- Princess Lana rules the Universe.
- For the most part,Kevin and Lana look as they did in the show.
- Link is still Kevin's favorite Video Game Hero.
- Kevin is from Northrige High,in Northridge California.
- Mother Brain has her temper.
- The Ultimate Warp Zone
- Kevin's dog,Duke,follows him through the Ultimate Warp.
- Some of the Captain N: The Game Master exclusive characters exist in this continuity,though
- Mother Brain's Huge Base,Metroid.
- The Palace of Power,which still serves as the N-Team's base.
- The Power Pad and Zapper.
- Lana's Older Brother,Lyle.
- Pit's various arrows

Some Differences between this Reboot and the Original Series Include:
- Takes place in 1990 instead of 1989.
- Mother Brain being much much more of a threat.
- Samus Aran appears as a part-time member in this continuity,in the 80's show she didn't appear at all.
- Medusa is a main character and gets a mid-season upgrade. Said upgrade resembles her more modern form.
- King Hippo is the same color he was in the games.
- No 3rd Party Characters and Worlds.
- Lana is Japanese-esque. Surnamed after Hiroshi Yamauchi.
- Kevin's hair is different.
- R.O.B (R.O.B.) and Mike Jones (Startropics) are part of the N-Team.
- Medusa (Kid Icarus) and Zoda (Startropics) are part of the League of Darkness.
- Character Development
- Lana's Father died before the 7 Month War.
- Lana's Mother died even earlier.
- Lana's parents were both Japanese-esque
- Duke gains the ability to fully understand humans. He gets this ability after coming through the Ultimate Warp.
- Palutena is a big part of this Continuity,where in the Classic Series,she seems non-existant.
- Donkey Kong is 6 Feet.
- In fact,The Whole Kong Family is Featured.
- Mt. Icarus is called Mt.Olympius located in Angel land.
- Famicom Island,the country where the Palace of Power is located.
- No Gameboy (the character).
- Worlds and Characters not seen in the 80's Show.
- The Captain N exclusive Characters personalities were altered abit.
- Nintendo-based Characters have their personalities from the games. Mother Brain,King Hippo,and Eggplant Wizard are the Only exceptions.
- Pit is called Pit Icarus here And he speaks normaly. No "-Icus" here people.
- Mother Brain's Huge Base,Metroid,is shaped like a Giant Flying Metroid.
- Lana's Brother Lyle is a bit different from his 80's counterpart. Here,Lyle is a pacifist who Loves sports and puzzles. He ran away to some sports world when the War began. Lyle isn't as awkward or clumsy in this Universe.
- Worlds and Characters are much more game accurate. Even Kongoland,which is based on the 1st 2 stages in Donkey Kong Jr.
- The War began 7 Years Ago in the 80's series. In this continuity,it's 7 Months.
- Lana's mother is mentioned. She isn't in the 80's series.
- Mother Brain is a typical SatAM villian in the 80's show,plus she doesn't have psychic abilities. In this Continuity,MB is very evil with psychic powers,and thus a real threat.
- No Stupid Plots or Plot Devices!
- Kevin doesn't get any upgrades.
- No Mike Jones,Zoda,or R.O.B.
- Kongo Land is bigger and called the Kong Kontinent
- OC's Dr.Willy and Kid Zapper don't exist.

Some Similarities between this Reboot and My First Include:
- Everything except for the 3rd Party Characters and Worlds,which don't exist in this new continuity.
- Pit's various arrows.
- Mother Brain is far more evil and dangerous. Plus she has Psychic abilities.
- Kirby becomes a member later on.
- Kevin gets upgrades later on.
- Palutena plays a big role.
- Some of the Plots.
- Famicom Island
- The Palace of Power being on Famicom Island

Some Differences between this Reboot and My First Include:
- Not much,though there are no 3rd Party Characters and Worlds.
- The King is dead before the series starts,he's not trapped in a Mirror or anything,
- No Gameboy.
- Mike Jones and R.O.B are part of the N-Team in 2nd reboot,where in the 1st,they weren't even seen or mentioned.
- Kongo Land is bigger and called the Kong Kontinent
- No OC's,so Dr.Willy and Kid Zapper don't exist.

Now to list the various Game Worlds that would be featured in this Reboot:

- Planet NES (not a legit game world,but home to famicom island and various game lands)
- Famicom Island (houses the Palace of Power.)
- Famicom City (not a legit game land. Located on Famicom Island)
- Zapper Land (not a completely legit game land,but home to Dr.Willy,Kidd Zapper,and all of the NES Zapper games. Located on Planet NES)
- Angel Land (home of mount olympius. Located on Planet NES)
- C-City (Located on Famicom Island. Home of Mike Jones)
- C-Island (Located on Planet NES,near Famicom Island.)
- Kong Kontinent (home of Kong Island,Crocodile Isle,The Kremisphere,and Kong City. Located on Planet NES.)
- Metroid (mother brain's huge starbase)
- Planet Zebes (Home to Mother Brain and the Space Pirates)
- SR388 (Planet that's home to The Metroids)
- Unknown Planet (home of the The Galactic Federation and Samus)
- Punch-Out (a continent located on Planet NES. home to the punch-out guys)
- Planet Pop Star (Kirby's home planet)
- The Land of Hyrule (a country located on Planet NES)
- Planet Toadstool (home of the Mushroom Kingdom,Sarasaland,Mario Land,Wario Country,Subcon,Dinosaur Land,The Yoshi Continent,and many more.)
- F-Zero (a continent located on Planet NES)
- Fire Emblem (The world of Fire Emblem)
- Planet Corneria (home of Fox McCloud and Co.)
- Planet Mother (the world of Earthbound)
- Pokemon World (the world of Pokemon)
- Planet NES' Various Sports Themed Lands (self explanitory)
- Smash Realm (the realm of Super Smash Bros)

And finally some Notes:

- Takes place in 1990
- Game Boy's role in This continuity is more or less filled in by R.O.B.
- Kevin gets upgrades later in the series,the first of which will be The Super Power Pad (a wrist-worn SNES controller) and The Super Scope.
- Samus is only a part-time member of the N-Team and won't be on that many missions with them.
- Mother Brain will be the "Disc 1 Final Boss" and nothing but.
- Canidates for Mother Brain's replacement are: Ridley,Hades,Medusa,Giygas,Ganondorf,Bowser,Nightmare,Zoda,Master Hand,Crazy Hand,and Tabuu.
- Planet NES is a Big Planet,even bigger than earth.
- Time flows differently. One year in the Nintendoverse is equivelent to 1 day on Earth.
- Planet Toadstool is the setting for Mario Bros. and the Donkey Kong Trilogy. (in this universe anyway)

That's all I'm gonna list right now,but trust me,this is just the tip of the iceburg.

Well,that's all I have. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Until next time,
See Ya,Space Cowboy!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Real Life Really Really Sucks! It's also the reason I've been posting less lately. I'm gonna try to find some time in my new schedule to do stuff online. I'll get chances to do things,so don't worry.

I've recently also come down with some Block,so I don't have any idea what to do next. I may continue my RS Mega Nan CD Data Base,but I'm not sure. There's also the stuff on the To-Do List,but I don't feel like doing those right now. Anyway,I ask everyone to be patient with me. Trust me,I'm Far from finished with my blogs.

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rockman/Mega Man Multiverse (Post-Mega Shadow Incident)

The Rockman/Mega Man Multiverse was a victim of a tragic incident. The Incident,known as the Mega Shadow incident,lead to the total erasing of the Multiverse.

However,like with all Universes and Multiverses that are erased,they are reborn sometime after. Now,Giga Fiction is proud to present: Rockman/Mega Man Multiverse mk. 2.

BTW,incase you forgot,Mega Man Shadow is the Original Ruby-Spears Mega Man turned evil.

Anyway,on to the Universe list.

Universe #0 (The Concept Universe): This universe is where all of the Rockman Concept characters live. 

Universe #1 (The Rockman Universe): This is the Rebooted Rockman Universe. This Univese is the home of Mega Man’s Japanese Counterpart,Rockman. This Universe is also the Prime one. Without this Universe,the others woudn’t exist. 

Universe #2 (The Mega Man Universe): This Universe is basically the Rockman Universe only with some major and minor differences. The City of Monsteropolis also exists here. It’s in North America.

Universe #3  (The Ruby-Spears Universe #1): This is the Rebooted Universe of the Ruby-Spears Cartoon Series. Made by me.

Universe #4 (The Mega Man/Rockman Universe #2) This Mega Man/Rockman Universe is another version of the Mega Man Universe. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X takes place in this Universe’s future. Other than this,not much is known about this Universe.

Universe #5 (The Ariga Universe): A Universe based on Hitoshi Ariga’s Mangas. Gigamix exists here too.

Universe #6  (The Crossover Universe): Home to the various Capcom VS. Games. not nessessarily a Mega Man or a Rockman Universe,but Mega Man/Rockman characters reside here.

Universe #7 (The EXE Universe): It’s the Rockman.EXE Universe basically.

Universe #8  (The Battle Network Universe): An alternate version of the EXE Universe. Most Names and Character personalities are Different. It’s basicaly another Mega Man version of a Rockman Universe.

Universe #9 (The Ruby-Spears EXE Universe): A Ruby-Spears-ised/Americanized version of the EXE Universes.

Universe #10 (The Megarchie Universe): The Universe of the Archie Mega Man Comic.

Universe #11 (The SD Universe): The Universe of Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up.

Universe #12 (The Mega Man/Rockman PC Universe): Home of the Mega Man PC games,as well as the Asian Rockman PC games. This includes Rockman Online.

Universe #13 (The Ikehara Rockman Universe): A Universe Based on Shigeto Ikehara's Rockman Manga that isn’t done by Hitoshi Ariga.

Universe #14 (The Iwamoto Rockman Universe): A Universe that’s based on Iwamoto Yoshihiro's various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #15 (The Izuki Rockman Universe): A Universe that’s based on Koji Izuki's various Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #16 (The Manga Universe): A Universe that’s based on various other Official Rockman Manga’s.

Universe #17 (The Doujinshi Universe): A Universe that’s based on the various Rockman fan Manga’s.

Universe #18 (The Legacy of Metal Universe): A Rockman Universe created by a fan fic writers,Maelgrim,Erico,and Magnus523.

Universe #19 (The Recut Universe): The Universe of Mega Man Recut,a fan fic series that’s a reboot of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man show. This is a fanmade Universe created by BlackRussian.

Universe #20 (The Mega Man Defenderverse): The Universe of Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race,another fan fic series that’s a reboot of the Ruby-Spears Cartoon. This is a fanmade Universe created by MegaBauer. Commonly known as the Defender-verse

Universe #21 (The Neo-Ruby-Spears Universe): A Universe based on SailorSaiyan93's Mega Man Ruby Spears: The Missing Episodes.

Universe #22 (The Radix Universe): A Mega Man Universe created by General-Radix. In this Universe,both Mega Man and non-Mega Man characters live together.

Universe #23 (The Giga Man Universe #1): A Universe that’s almost a reverse of the Mega Man Universe. The Universe contains an evil red Mega Man called Giga Man,who battles against Dr. Vladmir Asmov,a good scientist and his good Robots. Another Universe created by me.

Universe #24 (The Giga Man Universe #2): A Ruby-Spears version of The Giga Man Universe. Giga Man is stronger and more nasty here. Yet another Universe created by me.

Universe #25 (The EXE Anime Universe): The Universe of the Rockman EXE Anime. Ryuusei No Rockman Anime exists here as well,just in the future.

Universe #26 (The NT Warrior Universe): The Universe of Mega Man NT Warrior,the Rockman EXE Anime Dub. Lots of differences. In the future,this Universe will be the home of The crappy Mega Man Starforce Dub.

Universe #27 (The EXE Manga Universe): The Universe of the Rockman EXE Manga. The Ryuusei No Rockman Manga exists here as well,just in the future.

Universe #28 (The Bad Box Art/Nintendo Power Universe): This Universe is populated by the various Bad Box Art Mega Men and the various Nintendo Power versions. This Universe also includes the SFxT Megaman,who's considered a Rockman,not a Mega Man.

Universe #29 (The XOver Universe): The Continuity of the Game Rockman XOver.

Universe #30 (The MegaMission Universe): The universe of the Rockman Mega Mission Cards. The story for these cards are only canon to this Universe. The 20XX era of this Universe is unknown.

Universe #31 (The Roll-Chan Universe): A What-If Universe Roll becomes the Super Fighting Robot rather than Rock.

Universe #32 (The Super Fighting Robot Roll Universe): Same as my Rebooted RSMM Universe,except with Roll as the hero. Created by me.

Universe #33 (The Captain N Universe): This Universe is a Universe I created for my Captain N reboot. Mega Man is blue,but still has some yellow to his costume. he’s a bit taller,lacks the “Mega” speach impediment,and looks a bit more like his Official Counterpart. Again,this is not a Mega Man Universe,per-se,but Mega Man is in it.

Universe #34 (The Eddie Lebron Universe): A Universe based on Eddie Lebron’s fan films. Not a Mega Man Universe per-se,but Lebron’s version of Mega Man resides here. Created by Eddie Lebron.

Universe #35 (The Man of Action Universe): The Continuity of the Man of Action Animated Series.

Universe #36 (The Mega Girl Universe): Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #37 (The Super Fighting Robot Mega Woman Universe): An RS Mega Man Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #38 (MegaGirl EXE Universe): A MegaMan.EXE/Battle Network Genderbent Universe. All Male characters are Female and all Female characters are Male. Created by me.

Universe #39 (The Mega Mirror Universe): Everything’s the opposite in this Universe. Unlike the Giga Man Universe,this Universe has the same characters as the Mega Man Universe. Mega Man and Dr.Light are evil and Dr.Wily is good. Created by me.

Universe #40 (Dr.Wily Universe): A What-If Universe,where Dr.Wily Wins.

Universe #41 (The Mega Pooch Universe): Everyone’s an Anthropomorphic Animal in this Universe. Mega Man is a German Shepard and Dr.Wily is a Buzzard. Created by me.

Universe #42 (Nega Man Universe): A What-If Universe. Dr.Wily succesfully reprograms Mega Man during thier first meeting,turning him Evil. Roll is converted into a warrior robot to Combat Wily and to bring Rock back to Light’s lab. Created by Me.

Universe #43 (The Mega Rush Universe): In this Universe of ridiculousness,Rush becomes a Super Fighting Robot Dog and battles Dr.Wily. Created by me.

Universe #44 (The Mega Soldier Universe): This Universe is home to a Military version of Mega Man. Think of this Universe as Mega Man meets G.I.Joe. Created by me.

Universe #45 (The Mega Galaxy Universe): A Universe where the Mega Man series takes place in Space. And Mega Man is a Cosmic hero.

Universe #46 (The Mizunoverse): A Universe based around Keisuke Mizuno's works. Rockman X-Kai exists in this Universe.

Universe #47 (The Henshin Universe #1): A Henshin Hero Universe. Mega Man is a human teenager who uses a special device to become Mega Man. Like the MoA show,but way cooler.

Universe #48 (The Henshin Universe #2): Another Henshin Hero Universe. This one's a Mega Man version of Gokaiger/Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Humans use special items to gain the powers of various Mega Man. Similar to the ZX series,only with Every Mega Man/Rockman.

Universe #49 (American Henshin Universe): Takes place on a distant planet where Tech and Magic coexist. It's more or less Mega Man fused with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,with Rock becoming a blue-clad Barbarian Hero via a Magic Sword.

Universe #50 (The MegaMania Universe): A mostly Wrestling-based Universe. The cast of Mega Man,reimagined as Pro-Wrestlers. 

Universe #51 (Sailor Light Universe): Not only are most 'normaly male' characters female in this Universe,but Rock and friends are also Sailor Soldiers.

Universe #52  (The Rock Right Universe): A Universe where Mega Man is just a fictional character,played by Actor Rock Right.

Universe A (The Kiron Konquest/Doropie Universe): The Continuity of Magical Kids Doropie aka Kiron Conquest. Not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but it's very similar.

Universe B (The Rokko-Chan Universe): The Continuity of Rokko-Chan. Not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but it's very similar.

Universe C (The Mighty Universe): The Continuity of Mighty No. 9 and Red Ash. Again not a Mega Man/Rockman Universe per se,but close enough to be counted. Gunvolt might exist here too.

Cool,huh? And these are just 55 Universes of almost 100 Million.

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